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(Yahoo)   Fox Family network (the home of the 700 club) to be bought by Disney   ( divider line
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443 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Jul 2001 at 2:37 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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Kat [TotalFark]
2001-07-22 04:51:06 PM  
i think fark should buy all the fraggle rock shows. then give them to me. i love fraggle rock :D
HPZ [TotalFark]
2001-07-22 04:59:22 PM  
Yeah. Right after Drew gets his new server.
2001-07-22 06:57:16 PM  
Oh Boy, now we get mickey mouse trying to sell us on his crazy religious ideas! ;p
2001-07-22 07:27:47 PM  
The 700 Club is not a Yeshua (also known as jeebus) following group anyway. They claim to be "christians" but really follow and practice almost 99% pagan customs and rituals - it is sad they are so decieved!

I know Yeshua love you all and you are only rsponsible for what you know!

Thank-you for your time!
2001-07-22 08:25:00 PM  
Lets see... we have 5 Disney channels now, all of which show the same farking thing. Its like Disney and Nick are stepping stones for another farking MTV generation. There is no God if he allows this to happen :(
2001-07-22 08:50:56 PM  
"There is no God if he allows this to happen."

There is no Nazzerov if they write sentences like this!

I think what you ment to say was, This proves there is no God if this happens - that would be a proper way of saying what you ment right?

Anyway, YHWH (known by most as God) would not like this in any form of fasion. It is sad, and very impersonal - Yeshua (known to most as Jezus) works on a person to person basis anyway. This seems so plastic and cold!
2001-07-22 09:10:05 PM  
"there's a big difference between kneeling down and bending over... " Frank Zappa
2001-07-22 09:10:50 PM  
Well, lets hope they throw the Nazis off the air!
2001-07-22 09:22:17 PM  
What are you talking about Jamman?
2001-07-22 11:35:10 PM  
Cool... does this mean the 700 Club will be having "Gay Days" too?
2001-07-22 11:37:46 PM  
They should they are not a Biblical orginization anyway!
2001-07-23 10:38:05 AM  
The 700 Club's keyboardist is ex-Yes member Rick Wakeman.That is too weird.
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