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(CNN)   Is Lance Armstrong Cheating?   ( divider line
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2784 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Jul 2001 at 7:56 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-21 08:28:30 AM  
come on for christ sakes
2001-07-21 08:32:46 AM  
Is Alexander Wolff scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for material? Yes
2001-07-21 08:43:10 AM  
It's a level playing field. They're ALL on drugs
2001-07-21 09:50:00 AM  
I, too, am on skeptoids...

pretty colors...laaaa
2001-07-21 01:14:06 PM  
He's only cheating if he is using a golf cart.
2001-07-21 02:35:40 PM  
How come whenever something good happens in the world of sports, everyone accuses the winners of cheating, or using drugs. Armstrong uses drugs, Dale Ernhart Jr was allowed to win by the other drivers, Cal Ripkin was tossed an easy pitch so he could hit a homer. Why can't we just believe that these people actually deserved to win and worked hard to get where they are at and not accuse them of illeagle activities all the time.
2001-07-21 02:38:32 PM  
there was an article in the new yorker a couple years ago about this. in the 19th century bikers would get loaded up on champaigne and beer (no joke) before competing. now many top bikers take injections that can include a mix of cocaine, heroin, caffeine, and a bunch of other drugs i can't remember. it is called a dutch cocktail or something. anyway, these guys are so high they could bike to the summit of mont blanc and not even be out of breath.
2001-07-21 02:54:25 PM  
It does seem sort of superhuman what they can do, but then again they train like muthafarkers.

It seems like the complaint is: he cheats better than the rest of them.
2001-07-21 03:01:03 PM  
Lance only has one ball... it makes him more aerodynamic.
2001-07-21 03:03:50 PM  
I agree... just accept that he's a badass and move on.
2001-07-21 04:18:24 PM  
Zarniwhoop has a very good point. This is truly a jaded world we live in, if when anything good happens we look for a shady reason behind it.

Why can't we just go back to trashing Dubya, and looking for the shady reason behind BAD things?
2001-07-21 05:09:07 PM  
Maybe its just me, but if they could just get Lance to carry a letter addressed to someone at the end of the bike tour it would really make the post office team theme work.
2001-07-21 06:42:02 PM  
I really think it would be entertaining to see races and such with athletes that are completely drugged out. or when the technology reaches the necessary level, have cybernetic assistance. Can you imagine how fast person could run if they were stronger than two men. Or how far a long distance runner could run if they had a more efficient heart or lungs. That would just be cool to see.
2001-07-21 06:57:10 PM  
The damn French bring this crap up every time Lance does well (they would never say it one of theirs would win). It's one more reason to hate them.

These guys are tested pretty thoroughly to make sure they're not on this stuff. And they do ocassionally come up positive, but Lance never does. I think it really is because her is that good.

Lance took the yellow jersey today. Let's hope he keeps it...
2001-07-21 07:39:14 PM  
I think that the funniest thing to come out of the Tour de France was the guy who smashed into the wall face-first. That's not the funny part. WHat's funny is that one of the chase cars followed him into the wall and the two guys in it were taken to hospital.
2001-07-21 11:39:16 PM  

Clearly he is cheating.

His cancer was self induced in order to have his one testicle removed for weight reasons. As we all know in racing it's always a matter of power to weight ratios, and you can slide up or down that scale. After reaching his maximum potential for training he did the next logical step -weight removal, however minor can make the difference in a race.

- I guess you could say he'd give his left nut to win that race.

2001-07-22 12:14:07 AM  
Lance Armstrong is definitely one of the greatest athletes on Earth right now.
The guy that wrote this piece of crap is a dickhead.
2001-07-22 12:27:01 AM  
I was planning to write a little schpeal on the weight of the average human male testicle, the power ratio of the average Tour De France cycle, etc. But I couldn't find concrete information on how much a testicle weighs.

However, in my quest, I came across this page, which I thought you all might find interesting:​o​ ml

Testis (L. testis, a testicle). The male gonad. Testis meant witness. The testis are so named because they are evidence (witness) of virility. Under Roman law, no man was admissible as a witness unless his testicles were present.

They must be present, but not attached necessarily.

So this guy walks into the courtroom with a jar under one arm, and a salami under the other...
2001-07-22 02:00:41 AM  
LordOfTheFlies: I just pissed myself....good hit
2001-07-22 03:16:51 AM  
it is obvious that LA is cheating. he may not be taking EPO (the standard easily traceable drug) but perhaps hes on PFC the new untracable drug

sides the cheats are always 2 steps ahead of the testers.....
2001-07-22 05:58:37 AM  
Thanks for being the one to pee in the punchbowl, TaZ... You're exactly the kind of person I'm talking about.

Let me guess.. You're the kind of person who sees "doping" when Rulan Gardner kicks the Russian's ass in Sydney, or the guy who screams conspiracy when (to coin a phrase from Orel Hershiser's book) out of the blue, the Dodgers win the pennant with a stellar season in '88...

Who cares how they do it? Just be happy that they did it and it made people happy.. It's people like you who still keep Pete Rose from being in the Hall of Fame like he rightfully deserves.
2001-07-22 01:46:22 PM  
Despite what the liberal public school education has indoctrinated most of you with, people really CAN exceed and excel out of their obstacles and achieve greatness with little or no help from anyone else.

No, really, you can achieve things like this WITHOUT the Government providing the necessary assistance!
2001-07-23 06:26:05 AM  
What the HELL does that crap have to do with Lance Armstrong?

Liberal public school my ass...

Why do people like you use the term "liberal" like it synonomous with demonspawn?
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