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(Insomniac)   Man goes to bed because his legs hurt � wakes up a week later to find them amputated   ( divider line
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21469 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Sep 2002 at 1:51 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-14 01:54:10 PM  
2002-09-14 01:55:16 PM  
That is a bit scary... If I ever go to England I'll remember to not sleep.
2002-09-14 01:55:56 PM  
That guy is lucky someone found him in time.
2002-09-14 01:55:56 PM  
at least it wasn't his balls that were sore
2002-09-14 01:56:14 PM  
Your legs or your life!
2002-09-14 01:56:32 PM  
Nibbles, you scare me.
2002-09-14 01:57:08 PM  
First we hear about spontaneous human combustion. Now people go to sleep and their legs walk away.
2002-09-14 01:57:43 PM  
Sh*tty deal.
2002-09-14 01:58:03 PM  
what a minute. somethings not right here. oh. wtf? where are my goddamned legs?!?! that's what i would have been saying. (after checking to see that my balls were still there of course)
2002-09-14 01:59:20 PM  
anyhow, I reckon 8-10 years and stem cell research mixed with cloning and they will be able to grow him some new legs made out of his own DNA no need to get totally depressed...
2002-09-14 01:59:31 PM  
yeah, i might have even said WAIT a minute
2002-09-14 02:00:55 PM  
Oh man... my legs hurt right now... I better not go to sleep.
2002-09-14 02:00:56 PM  
...wakes up a week later to find them amputated..
I'm glad he found them after they were amputated.
2002-09-14 02:01:57 PM  
*note to self: brother has to sleep at some point.
2002-09-14 02:02:58 PM  
thats farked.
2002-09-14 02:03:53 PM  
WiI: lol
2002-09-14 02:03:54 PM  
What's up Wil?
2002-09-14 02:04:39 PM  
I got a headache...I better lay down for a bit

2002-09-14 02:05:03 PM  
England scares me, don't touch my legs torie!
2002-09-14 02:06:05 PM  
Maybe he's being replaced with a Body Snatcher, bit by bit, every time he goes to sleep.
2002-09-14 02:06:09 PM  
/me adds to the list.

* Don't go to Africa if you need a blood transfussion.
* Don't go to any third world country for major surgery.
* Don't go to England to sleep when legs hurt.
2002-09-14 02:06:25 PM  
Actually...things like this makes me wonder

does he get to keep the legs...have em stuffed or something...they would make a great lamp or something.
2002-09-14 02:07:17 PM  
His wife poisoned him. Just wait.....I sense a Followup.
2002-09-14 02:07:26 PM  
He had blood clots in his legs but was bleeding from his mouth? WTF?
2002-09-14 02:09:15 PM  
in all seriousness, blood clots are serious business...if in a major vein, that sucker can dislodge and shoot to your brain...just as effective as a bullet in the head.

which ain't none too fun...unless of course you got 72 virgins waiting for you to break them in on the other side.
2002-09-14 02:09:42 PM  
Wake up...

Something is amiss...

Something is afoot...

Someone is missing a foot

Or two.
2002-09-14 02:10:02 PM  
He has an amazingly great attitude, guess he just feels lucky to be alive.
2002-09-14 02:11:15 PM  
Nibbles I repeat Ionozacuzo sentimentality, you scare me.
Although... Get some nice pair of shoes...

This is why you shouldn't drive for long periods of time, either. If you don't stop every few hours and walk around, you could get blood clots in your leg, and this situation will occur.
2002-09-14 02:12:56 PM  
Nibles scares me cause he posted at the exact same time as I did.
2002-09-14 02:13:41 PM  
there are added benifits of not having legs:

No honey, I cant take out the trash...I HAVe NO LEGS! Tea please


No honey, I WONT be doing the yard work needs make me a pie!


Housework? heh, right...lemme just start painting the ceiling...not too much butter on the toast dear...and you missed a spot.

or get the picture.
2002-09-14 02:13:46 PM  
Now all the guy does is bum around...
2002-09-14 02:16:22 PM  
well, with some training and control, he could hop around like a pogo stick...

I will let you figure out how

ok, my reign of terror is over...I am going home
2002-09-14 02:17:35 PM  
Nibbles, ever play Return to Castle Wolfenstein? There are some effective legless monsters in that game.
2002-09-14 02:22:07 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-14 02:23:25 PM  
Wow... I'm glad he's alright. I don't know what I would do if I found my fiance lying in bed with blood coming from his mouth and dead-looking legs... Thank goodness she got to him in time and they were able to save his life. He's one lucky guy.
2002-09-14 02:29:44 PM  
With regards to Superman up there, does becoming paralyzed mean you age faster or something? He's looking like he's 80, bald and wearing a seriously bad toupee.
2002-09-14 02:30:02 PM  
That picture of Christopher Reeve looks like Kryten.
2002-09-14 02:31:10 PM  
That's a bad picture of Superman up there.

He look like Not-So-Superman
2002-09-14 02:32:04 PM  
Glynn Shaw: "Feels like they're still there.."
Doctor: "Yea, well they're not."
2002-09-14 02:37:16 PM  
True Story--
Five years ago I was convinced by my buddies to go see the Star Wars re-release. I was going to go and check it out with my fiance, but they convinced me I should come out that night.

We had some time to kill so we stopped into the arcade, and we fired up Virtua Fighter 3, and while I felt a little weird, I stepped up to the plate. I felt increasingly bad, and got my tail whipped a coupld of times by my buddy Tony. He was just turning to ask me what the hell was wrong, because normally I destroyed him in the first few seconds. That's when a mule kicked me in the chest. Tony and my buddy Neal say I flew back six feet from the machine, twitching.

I don't remember that. I woke up with a paramedic standing over me, and shining a light into my eyes and asking me lots of questions. He asked if I had a heart condition, and I told him I'd had a repaired coarchtation of the aorta. I felt woozy, but thought I'd just passed out.

The paramedics were already getting ready to wheel me away and stopped me from getting up off the stretcher. I told my buddies to tell my fiance what had happened, she was at work.

The trip into the hospital I remember. I promptly passed out as soon as we crossed the threshold, but the paramedics kept me talking for the ambulance trip. They were very busy. I just felt weird, but had to trust them.

I woke up a second time when I was being taken to another ambulance. I remember waking up because it was sleeting, and I was cold. I stayed awake for this trip too--and was worried as hell because I could feel the ambulance sliding all over the road, and I was wondering why in the hell the driver was going so damn fast.

I promplty passed out as soon as we got to BayState Medical Center.

I woke up 49 hours later. I heard folks talking about how I'd probably never wake up, and how I'd most likely be a vegetable, and not to get anyone's hopes up. I'd gone through 27 and 1/2 hours of surgery, 267 units of blood, and the surgeon who's worked on me had already put in a 10 hour day when I was rolled in. He was at his car, ready to head home when he got paged to come to the ER.

I suffered an aortic dissection. The aorta split like a bad seal, and ripped away a good portion of the valve it was attached to. This was caused by a blood clot. An anueryism. Happens in your head, you have a stroke and possibly die, or maybe you lose those piano lessons. You have one in your aorta, and you've got a 99.95% mortality rate in the first twenty minutes. It was forty minutes for me and BayState's finest cardiac surgeon. (Yes, I was one lucky bastard. Lucky because the coarchtation had caused the vessels in my neck to grow much larger than normal, and that they suspect is the only reason that I was able to maintain a large enough supply of blood to my brain during the four times my heart just simply gave out and had to convinced to start back up again.) If you get one in your leg, you say, "Owww, this feels like a bad charlie horse!" or you go to bed and pass out.

Here's the fun part--it can happen to just about anyone. Blod clots are nasty, because they just happen. A bit of nasty bacteria get in, and form a little cluster, and a clot forms around them, BAM! Fellas lucky to be alive.

Fun fact: Arnold Schwarzenegger had the same condition, and was diagnosed early that he might possibly suffer from a dissection--the tissue was stressed, in part due to the co-archtation, in part because of his steroid use in the past--and he had the same surgery done, though in less drastic circumstances. He opted to have a transplant though, and in a few years will have to be popped open again, either to replace the transplant with a fresh one, or with a lovely dacron unit like I've got. It's spiffy, it clicks in a reassuring way, and should last another fifty years or so, when I hope surgeons will be able to fix the dang thing better.

Fella's lucky. Very lucky to still be around.
2002-09-14 02:45:08 PM  
at least it wasnt his clock & balls
2002-09-14 02:51:14 PM  
you know that sensation you get when your legs fall asleep? well he feels like that all the time.
2002-09-14 02:52:41 PM  
my legs fell they're gonna be up all night

/steve wright>
2002-09-14 02:56:57 PM  
Amazing story hubiestubert!!!! Glad to hear you made it!

What about the Star Wars re-release?? Did you get your tickets refunded? I hope your buddies at least snuck a camcorder in the theater for you!
2002-09-14 02:57:45 PM  
Hey Buddy, Where Ur legs go, hahaaha...

COmon come over here and KICK my a$$, heh =)
2002-09-14 02:59:12 PM  
That is one freaky ass story man. Doesn't that weird you out telling that story seeing though u nearly died?
its 5am here and the whole blood clot thing is playing with my head....
I was laughing my ass off at Nibbles posts, but yours has put my in a paranoid state.
Glad that you made it through though man. :)
2002-09-14 02:59:20 PM  
Steven Wright is hilarious
2002-09-14 02:59:27 PM  
2002-09-14 03:01:34 PM  
*back to laughing a the lamp leg joke*
2002-09-14 03:01:46 PM  
At least he didn't wake up in a bathtub full of ice. I wonder what the market is like for feet?
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