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(ABC News)   If you like eating glow sticks, but were worried they were bad for you, fear no more.   ( divider line
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11398 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Sep 2002 at 3:55 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-13 09:24:01 PM  
I used to put them in my freezer so they'd last forever, only they never did. I probably should have eaten them instead.
2002-09-13 09:37:36 PM  
I love those things. Very tasty.
2002-09-13 09:47:19 PM  
Hungry ravers breathe a sigh of relief.
2002-09-13 09:53:36 PM  
I'm outraged. If anything needs to be toxic it's stuff that glows.
2002-09-13 10:25:17 PM  
So, can you only take them orally?
2002-09-13 11:17:26 PM  
Sure. The problem is that your farts would be phosphorescent.
2002-09-14 04:00:14 AM  
I think I speak for ALL of us when I say: Whew!
2002-09-14 04:01:10 AM  
I've never had the urge to eat a glow stick. But once, when I was six years old, I ate a Chap Stick.
2002-09-14 04:01:21 AM  
Those things are sooo cool! Think of all the fun you can have in the bedroom now that they are confirmed non-toxic!
2002-09-14 04:01:52 AM  
Ingestion of light sticks...ivan onlee if....You wanna be a full star~~~~~!!!!!!!
2002-09-14 04:03:41 AM  
McBotulism, that's nothing. I ate some dog biscuits when I was a kid.
2002-09-14 04:03:50 AM  
mmmm..think of all the Blake Edwardish fun that can be had...
2002-09-14 04:04:41 AM  
That's probebly the first and only chemical found at raves that's actually non-toxic.
2002-09-14 04:06:39 AM  
what do they say? "nuke 'em till they glow and shoot 'em in the dark" or maybe just feed some terrorists a bunch of glowsticks until they're ready for nighttime target practice.
2002-09-14 04:10:33 AM  
Not long after the Chap Stick, I ate a handfull of dirt. Salty. Overall, though, I've not eaten too many weird things.

But my niece ate the contents of the built-in armrest ashtray of my mother's Oldsmobile when she was younger. She seemed to really like it. Had ash all over her mouth. I still tease her about it.
2002-09-14 04:16:09 AM  
"Chemical Contents of 'Glow Sticks' Appear Non-Toxic"

Chemical Contents what the hell is that? Is the stuff in Glow Sticks so top secret that they can't tell us what it is or is it some stuff like "SUPER HAPPY FUN BALL"?
2002-09-14 04:18:52 AM  
Do not taunt Super Happy Fun Ball.
2002-09-14 04:19:37 AM  
Hell yeah! I love dancing at raves with the glowing goo all over me!
2002-09-14 04:23:21 AM  
In bathtubs and other closed containers they just bead up, but in water that's slightly moving or expansive, they create intense glowing fractals
2002-09-14 04:27:43 AM  
Time to grub!
2002-09-14 04:28:03 AM  
McBotulism, hehehehe...damn, that's hilarious! the contents of a car ashtray?! and she's still alive?
2002-09-14 04:28:16 AM  
I accidentally used a glue stick as chapstick, does that count?

i've never seen/heard of these "glow stick" things, much less know they weren't poisonous. what do you do with them?
2002-09-14 04:29:22 AM  
Back when I was a kid, we didn't need raves as an excuse to do drugs. We did them for the hell of it, and we damn well liked it!
2002-09-14 04:36:22 AM  
Mrs. Krabappel and Principal Skinner were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me
2002-09-14 04:37:48 AM  

Raves better, max.
Ecstazee bad, if you don't do the dancing and touching.

£v11 5+6R eez 6|\| 133+.
2002-09-14 04:38:55 AM  
Do not taunt Super Happy Fun Safe For Kids Apparently Non-Toxic.... Stick.
2002-09-14 04:43:05 AM  
Eh, forum, anyhere know if drinking that will make my piss glowing? That can be of an use in the bathroom, at night, y'know?

fullstar is an elite :-)
2002-09-14 05:00:59 AM  
Centrum multi-vitamens will make your pee so green it ALMOST glows.

Just FYI.
2002-09-14 05:07:05 AM  
I'm a bit worried about the people who apparently swallowed the glow sticks themselves. Those things are a good six inches long gotta hurt coming out. It disturbs me that they won't tell us what's in the damn things. What, alien dna or something? Come clean you damn massive government conspiracy!!
2002-09-14 05:17:13 AM  
This link totally sucks. I was expecting recipes.
I heard the contents were close to anti-freeze... which wouldn't be safe to consume. Ethylene Glycol I believe. Sweet... but deadly.
2002-09-14 05:24:23 AM  
A glow stick recipe:
1. Bake a turkey
2. Baste that sucker with glowstick juice
3. Enjoy!
2002-09-14 05:25:06 AM  
Piss glows under a blacklight...

2002-09-14 05:26:41 AM  
09-14-02 05:07:05 AM Kr@t3r
I'm a bit worried about the people who apparently swallowed the glow sticks themselves. Those things are a good six inches long gotta hurt coming out. It disturbs me that they won't tell us what's in the damn things. What, alien dna or something? Come clean you damn massive government conspiracy!!

well they have these new tiny clue sticks that are like an inch or less long and really skinny that alot of club kids put in their mouths as they roll on X. and since you grind your teeth and chew hard on anything in your mouth while you are rolling I'm sure quite a few have bitten into the damn things. I never did tho.
2002-09-14 05:32:08 AM

ok here is a site to ease your minds on the mysterious being that is a glowstick
2002-09-14 05:35:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-14 05:41:05 AM  
it's the stuff out of glow-worms tails, isnt it..?
as for the nontoxicity, pshaw, anything glowing has got to have -something- about it. local nightclub has recently banned the things after one broke, the goo got in a guy's eye... he couldn't see for a week.
2002-09-14 05:41:54 AM  
Are you radioactive or just happy to see me?
2002-09-14 05:42:58 AM  
the tech of a glowstick

test clickable link :)
2002-09-14 06:23:03 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Glowsticks at their most painful moment.
2002-09-14 06:29:31 AM  
I think people just say they swallowed the whole glow stick, when in actuality, they just got it stuck in their ass when they couldn't find a carrot or plunger nearby. I thought long and hard about this. Long and hard...
2002-09-14 06:30:23 AM  
That glow stick looks so much like a novelty dildo it's not even funny. Shame on Marshall Brain and his sick, sick mind.
2002-09-14 06:47:33 AM  
09-14-02 04:01:21 AM Minxy: Those things are sooo cool! Think of all the fun you can have in the bedroom now that they are confirmed non-toxic!

Oh Minxy you little scamp! While I can think of a few things, it would sure be swell if you would come over and give me a demonstration of what you had in mind!
2002-09-14 06:54:28 AM  
to make your urine glow, drink antifreeze and examine urine under a woods lamp (UV light). it glows! can only do it once though. deadly, and all that.
2002-09-14 06:56:53 AM  
Year 12 camp. I took a few cause I was into military cadets/camping etc.

so nightime sitting on some creek rocks with some hot girls with torches and I crack and shake my glowsticks. They went off!. Ohhh cool light etc. passed them around, tied string to them and dropped them into the crystal clear water... finally decided to cut them open and flick everyone with the glowing liquid. Thousands of green and orange and yellow glowing dots over people and glistening rocks. The glow spread apon contact witht the water. A cool luminescent film covering everything... we sat with all the torches and I was king! with the girls!


teacher/camp ranger dude came down to see what all the noise was about..

totally lost it at me. Convinced these things were some hell toxic shat that was going to destroy the ecosystem for a thousand miles.

I got sent home. Banned from camps. Big story about it etc. I tried in vain to find info about the contents but this was pre-net and thus had no evidence...I think I even wrote to the company but they just sent me a free sample mini one...

i think i still have it...
2002-09-14 07:01:28 AM  
and for a shopping list of rainbow urine colors go here...

sorry, i got no html.
2002-09-14 08:35:57 AM  
2002-09-14 08:36:48 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-14 08:38:07 AM  
Swallowing the contents of a broken glowstick is very dangerous. This is due to the fact that there are glass shards left over from the capsule inside being broke to release the hydrogen peroxide solution into the Phnenyl Oxalate Ester and Fluorescent Dye. If you have ever broken a glow stick, you'll know that it makes noise when you shake it because of the shards.
2002-09-14 08:54:47 AM  
I saw someone break a glow stick in her mouth. It was dark out, so her entire mouth was glowing green. We all were laughing until she started saying, "It's burning!". It's still kinda funny looking back at it, though.
2002-09-14 09:29:27 AM  
Ahhh. Glowsticks. Two stories.

First involves several drunk friends at a drive-in movie. Slice open glow stick, splatter on selves, walk around outside. Really freaky to see that..

Second, at a concert, slice open glow stick, pour on frisbee, and toss. It generated a really cool dispersion pattern through the air, and left a trail on the people below. Unfortunately, the trail lead right up to *US*. We had to find something else to do that evening after the usher did his job.
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