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(Anchorage Daily)   Ohio church group goes hiking and has to be rescued. Again   ( divider line
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1877 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jul 2001 at 12:44 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-20 12:54:09 PM  
Where's your messiah now, huh?
2001-07-20 12:58:12 PM  
Stuck on a mountain somewhere.
2001-07-20 01:04:27 PM  
damn city folk
2001-07-20 01:07:41 PM  
"What we really hope to do is challenge the teens to help them build trust, faith in God,"

Yup, well instead you taught them to distrust church elders, and have faith in rescue choppers. Way to go.

Organized religion; Will the comedy ever end?
2001-07-20 01:08:18 PM  
Reminds me of a joke:

A very religious farmer woke up one day to discover the river overflown it banks and was flooding all the farms.
One of his neighbors came by in a 4x4 and offered to drive the farmer away from the flooded area.
"No thanks" said the farmer, "God will save me.
The water was rising very quick so he got a ladder and climbed up to the roof of his home.
Another neighbor came by in a boat and offered to row the farmer to safety.
"No thanks" said the farmer, "God will save me.
Soon the water was at the top of the roof and the national guard showed up in a helicopter, offering to bring the farmer to safety.
"No thanks" said the farmer, "God will save me.
A while later the farmer drowned in the flood waters.
When he got to heaven he found God and started ranting.
"I've believed in you all my life! I've spread your word! I've prayed to you! And when I needed help what did you do for me! I ask you again WHAT!"
And God said, "Well, first I sent a truck, then I sent a boat, and then I sent a heicopter."
2001-07-20 01:12:15 PM  
You'd think that a religous group would be able to see when a higher power is trying to tell them something.
2001-07-20 01:15:32 PM  
Chick needs to do a tract about this. Something about how jeebus can lead them through the wilderness or some other bogus shiat.
2001-07-20 01:17:27 PM  
jeebus? J e s u s .
2001-07-20 01:19:46 PM  

What we really hope to do is challenge the teens to help them build trust, faith in God."

"Attitudes started changing... Major panic started with some of the adults and spread to the kids."

2001-07-20 01:23:46 PM  
So J-E-S-U-S is now translated as jeebus?
2001-07-20 01:23:48 PM  
"What we really hope to do is challenge the teens to help them build trust, faith in God."

And 911.
2001-07-20 01:36:35 PM  
What gets me about this article and lots of others is when they say it cost the Coast Guard $24,000 or so-and-so $'s not like they're volunteer firemen getting paid per fire. There's no way in hell they spent $24,000 on fuel which is the only extra expense I see.
2001-07-20 01:37:38 PM  
Cheeseburger: "So J-E-S-U-S is now translated as jeebus?"

But I don't even believe in jeebus!
2001-07-20 01:51:45 PM  
Make 'em pay the bill.
2001-07-20 01:52:09 PM  
2001-07-20 01:52:40 PM  
ha, another excellent filter
2001-07-20 01:53:01 PM  
If they had any genuine faith at all they would hurl themselves off a very tall building and wait for their god to supply the giant bowl of Jell-O to land in. This kind of stuff happens all the time in the bible. "Military is for suckers-Did you know that these so-called volunteers aren't even getting paid!?"
2001-07-20 01:57:38 PM  
Their from ohio, what can you expect.

"What we really hope to do is challenge the teens to help them build trust, faith in God,"

Yes this is a great lesson for kids. "Hey look, you can be totally irresponsible and you won't die, now here is the keys to a sports car, have fun."

Oh and as far as not getting paid, of course not, the reward of showering with a dozen pubescent kids is reward enough.
2001-07-20 01:58:10 PM  
Here's another link to the hiking group, this one with pics:
Church hikers
2001-07-20 02:01:13 PM  
My first impression is that it seems a little childish. Guess it might be good for a few laughs...
EASY laughs.
2001-07-20 02:15:01 PM  
The leader of the hiking group, Paul Miller of Stow, had led a different group from another church two years ago into the same area of Alaska, and the Coast Guard had to rescue that groupfrom the mountain, Wilson said.

Perhaps it isn't the *group* after all.
2001-07-20 03:02:43 PM  
Does any one know what the Darwin Award Group Catagory number of winners is ?
2001-07-20 03:15:20 PM  
Well, this goes into my personal Book of Nevers, right next to the sagacious advice of NEVER - under any circumstances - aceept a ride on a Fundamentalist Summer Camp bus, returning home after the holiday. Damn things are ALWAYS goin' over cliffs or luring freight trains into collisions. Feh!
2001-07-20 03:30:08 PM  
Dewd, they had to make like 6 trips! Do you think helicopters get the same mileage as your Honda? And aviation fuel, prolly J5, aint $1.50 a gallon. I'm surprised it didn't cost more! They probably only factored in the fuel and crew costs, cause CoastGuard pilots sure as shiat aint doin it fer free. And lets not forget the ground crew costs and insurance!
They should most certainly make the Church pay for it especially since the jackass didn't bother to take an orienteering course since the last snafu.

"Jeeze, I just wanna get INTO heaven, I'm not running for Jeebus."
2001-07-20 03:40:22 PM  
U.S. Coat Guard > God
2001-07-20 04:10:42 PM  
The CG choppers used for rescue cost about $1,500/hour (a small 2 person private VFR chopper costs around $150/hr) just to operate so there's $9,000 for the flying time. They then add in the cost of what it would cost to use a civilian flight and ground crew. It adds up quick.
2001-07-20 04:24:31 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-07-20 04:42:33 PM  
2001-07-20 05:06:41 PM  
Uuuhhh..couldn't post to the Forum. Guess I'll try again here:

Timothy, Drew: I think that the filtering of the word J e s u s is a mistake. The derogatory bastardization of a name was called "trolling" when Jelloboy did it ("Cyberfag", "fagRedux", etc.). What's it called when the Board does it for you? I understand that this is Drew's baby, and that he can rock it as he sees fit. No problem. But....

I think that it lowers the overall quality of this Board. Some people use the term "jebus/jeebus" to make a point!(their disgust, distaste, whatever) It's hard enough to try and get a point across, or have it interpreted as intended, w/out playing BYPASS THE FILTER.

Just my opinion.
2001-07-20 05:12:46 PM  
Oh...DaveX...good one! Wow!
2001-07-20 05:20:30 PM  
I agree with Cheeseburger. Not only because I like saying what I mean, but also because "Jebus" is such an old, modly cliche that makes me feel embarrassed for the user rather than awe struck by his comic genius.
2001-07-20 05:30:06 PM  
Will these kids turn up their noses at the dead god the Christians worship, and start worshipping the Coastguard as their eternal savior?
2001-07-20 06:39:09 PM  
lmao...what a bunch of dicks
2001-07-20 07:00:14 PM  
2001-07-20 07:44:00 PM  
No wonder thay got lost again...look at all the women in the group.
2001-07-20 10:23:22 PM  
Perhaps next time these enlightened souls will bring less bibles and more Holy GPS Units.
2001-07-20 10:44:19 PM  
jeebus Christ... ??
Allah... ??
2001-07-20 10:44:31 PM  
Sorry, just checking...
2001-07-20 11:11:34 PM  
I think these guys just like riding in helicopters.

I mean, otherwise maybe they'd have done something like, um, maybe bring a nice GPS unit or two?
2001-07-21 01:38:19 AM  
fark jeebus shiat ass boobies
2001-07-21 01:38:43 AM  
2001-07-21 01:39:04 AM  
all your base are belong to us
2001-07-21 01:39:17 AM  
guess not
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