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(CNN)   General to soldiers in Afghanistan : Get a Shave, ya bums   ( divider line
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7848 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Sep 2002 at 8:02 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-13 10:26:49 AM  
Harmonia: Americans, unlike the French and British, are a persistant bunch. When the terror threat is eliminated and/or significantly reduced the war will end or subside. We didn't choose this but we must pursue it until our country is free of terroristic threats.
2002-09-13 10:34:52 AM  
And in the process create 1,000,000 new terrorists, good plan.

You dont seem to relaise that we Europeans have been dealing with terrorists for many years, London has been bombed more times than I care to recall.
2002-09-13 10:34:54 AM  
"When the terror threat is eliminated and/or significantly reduced the war will end or subside. We didn't choose this but we must pursue it until our country is free of terroristic threats."

So you won't be long then, I mean, this terrorism thing is only a year or so old. Shouldn't be too hard to combat. And no need to worry about the root causes, just sit back and bomb, it'll work for sure.
2002-09-13 10:35:45 AM  
Worled for in Ireland eh Blumph, flattening Dublin finished off the problem if I recall correctly.
2002-09-13 10:40:59 AM  
"Worked for in Ireland eh Blumph, flattening Dublin finished off the problem if I recall correctly."

Yeah, that bloody sunday action was a master-stroke, stopped terrorism in its tracks that did :)

See America, just kill people/things a lot and terrorism stops, just look at northern ireland and israel.
2002-09-13 10:42:12 AM  
Blumf:..... and the root cause would be?

Harmonia: Like I stated above, unlike the French and British we refuse to become victims. Of course london gets bombed all the time, thats what inaction and negotiations with terroists gets you.
2002-09-13 10:46:57 AM  
So what so you think the root cause is Albert?
2002-09-13 10:47:58 AM  
Male Muslim extremists between the ages of 17-40.
2002-09-13 10:51:50 AM  
And what are they angry about Albert, teenage angst?

have a read at this, from Britains second best selling tabloid (after the Sun)​=full&si teid=50143
2002-09-13 10:52:11 AM  
Harmonia = SSDD
2002-09-13 10:55:21 AM  
You mean ?

2002-09-13 10:58:45 AM  
This just shows exactly what is wrong with the US Military. A bunch of pencil pushers see a guy with a beard and the first thing that comes to their mind is "that's not regulation"! Never for a second considering the bigger picture that it might be helping these guys do their job.

The US military is based on the European class system where a young kid that's been in the military 90 days can outrank a master sergeant with 20 years of battle experience.

The US Military needs to get away from this outdated and insulting class system and go to the Israeli or German model where (for the most part) the only way into the officer corps is by being promoted through the ranks.
2002-09-13 11:18:23 AM  
Why does everybody assume that the General requiring his troops to shave and wear the uniform is Wrong?

RandomRandom, I'm sure that your many years in the armed forces have given you a deep unders... oh wait, you're talking out of your arse. nevermind.
2002-09-13 11:29:02 AM  
C'mon men, try and look more like those clean cut Russian soldiers. And what the hell are you doing? It's eleven am already, go rape some women and burn down houses. Blending in and establishing communication with the natives??? Pshh! What'd you sleep through boot camp?
2002-09-13 11:32:39 AM  
I read the Mirror article and it is complete rubbish. If I had the time I would pick it apart paragraph by paragraph.
2002-09-13 11:47:32 AM  
I was on M1/M1-A1 tanks in the army several yeas ago. One fune thing we did in Germany was to temporarily replace the 2nd ACR on the (then still standing) East/West-German/Czech border. At one point during that time we had a VIP who decided to come see how us dumb ass tankers were handling the border (we found 2 permanent observation towers on the opposite side that the 2nd ACR never saw).

Anyhoo, because this guy was a VIP (no idea who, I was out on patrol) we had to pretty up a tank for them to look at. The crew of that tank was given 2 cases of baby oil and told to use it all. Now, the horizontal surfaces on the Abrams tanks has a rough coating in the pain to provide a little additional grip for traction. All that baby oil made that tank real dark and purdy but it was so friggin slippery that they had to put rubber mats all over the top so nobody would break their neck. It took them a whole day to wash that stuff off too, they weren't the happiest crew.

On the other side, I had the pleasure of hosting General John Glavin at one point on my tank during a gunnery exercise (where we actually shoot alot of 120mm rounds). He fired a few rounds (hit the target too) and got to drive the tank down the tank trail to the end of the course and back up. I think he even drove it in and out of a firing bunker during a couple of shots - did a good job too, the brakes on the Abrams are hyper sensitive - you can do nosestands.
2002-09-13 11:49:21 AM  
"If I had the time I would pick it apart paragraph by paragraph."

Awww come on, you got the time to post on here. Go on, just a few points.
2002-09-13 11:52:31 AM  
"You look like shiat private"

"Sorry sir, I work for a living"
2002-09-13 12:09:48 PM  
I can't believe you're using the Mirror as a serious reference source.
2002-09-13 12:13:19 PM  
hey, I'm American, and I'm all for bombing people/places. That's what we american's do best right? but Harmonia and Blumnf have a point. You have two options:
1) destor the enemy entirely -> destor the arabic race and all muslims. I'm not implying that all Arabs and muslims are terrorists by any means, but you gotta be thorough right?
2) fix the cause of the problem, not the symptoms.
2002-09-13 01:01:42 PM  
Pope_Urban, You're actually defending the process of putting green college kids (90 day wonders) in charge of 20 year veterans? And of enforcing regs that make special forces stand out in the field? I guess it's all that black ops experience talking.

Oh, I forgot, you're writing this from work, behind a desk. Just like the pencil pushers that sent down these regs.... Who's talking out of his ass?
2002-09-13 01:12:04 PM  
I don't accept the argument that failed foreign policy is an excuse for terrorism. It helps explain animosity, anger and hatred, but it does not explain why it's ok for that hatred to turn into the murder of thousands of innocents. If we have to seek political solutions, and resort to violence only as a last ditch effort to end violence, why is it ok when they simply resort to killing, with no intention of EVER finding a political solution?

Maybe some people are just keen to live under 60 years of on and off bombing by a known terrorist group, like Harmonia. I don't have that kind of patience. On the same note, we gave approx. 2-3 months for the Taliban to hand over known terrorists, we did not carpet bomb Kabul on September 12th.

I wasn't sure if I supported our action in Afghanistan, but the more Harmonia talks, the more I support it. It's an unfair assumption to think that all arguments against action in Afghansitan are as poorly structured as Harmonia's but I can't help it.

None of this is to say that we don't need to drastically rethink our foreign policy in many different arenas, that is obviously a long term solution, and possible the only one. The war in Afghanistan is a short term solution to an instance of a wider problem, and has a chance of succeeding if handled right. To do so, it should probably be run by the professional soldiers that are intelligent, and not by some tight ass who doesn't like beards.
2002-09-13 01:54:33 PM  
I'm not going to pose like I'm some sort of GI Joe, Rambo Jarhead. I have actually been in the Army however, and I DO actually have some working knowledge about how it ACTUALLY works.

Think of it this way. You have Labor and Management.

Labor, those are the enlisted men, they make things blow up.

Management, those are the officers, do silly things like attend meetings.

Labor, freed from having to attend meetings actually get to blow things up.

Management, freed from getting dirty in the field get to attend more meetings.

The modern army is not like Beetle Bailey. It's not even like Platoon. The Army is a large corporation. Generally speaking those in charge know what the hell is going on. The primary purpose of 1st and 2nd Lieutenants is not to lead, but to learn HOW to lead, and to take orders from Captains, who then in turn take orders from Majors and so on.

Let me reiterate.
The primary purpose of 2nd Lieutenants is to take orders from those who are not 2nd Lieutenants. In theory a 2nd LT straight out of the Academy could walk up to the Command Seargent Major of the Army and give him a command. In practice it's entirely different.

Lieutenants implement initiatives from above. Around the time your average young lieutenant becomes a Captain (at around 3 or 4 years) he's given more and more responsibility, where he may ACTUALLY command REAL people. In return, he may actually recieve the RESPECT of the people he leads, namely Enlisted men. If he is not grossly stupid or inept, that Captain may rise through the ranks until he is given command of more people. Onwards and upwards. Until someday that man (don't kid yourself about equality, it's a man's army) someday becomes a General. General Halftrack, and Camp Swampy don't exist. The people that rise that far through the ranks know what the hell they are doing. They may have reasons for doing the things they do that seem silly, but they do have reasons.

There are exceptions, but over all the Army's system works quite well.
2002-09-13 02:08:33 PM  
The only way the guy in that photo could "blend in" with a society would be if we were subduing Vikings. Grizzly Adams should go ahead and shave.
2002-09-13 02:34:15 PM  
Anything shiatty about the Army I was going to say has already been said, so I'll leave you with the gem.

Fark the army.
2002-09-13 04:49:25 PM  
Heheheh, wow, I didn't think the headline would get that many responses! Sorry kids!
2002-09-13 07:18:34 PM  
Push a free people too far and little things such as the hundreds of fraggings of officers as happened in Vietnam occur.
2002-09-14 03:34:37 AM  
An agreement between the two commanders within the last week was made that special operations forces would return to the standard uniform.

Yeah, a Maj. Gen. is over a Lt. Gen. I like the term "agreement." As in, "if ya DON'T agree with my orders, it's tou ass LT. Gen!"

Besides, why would a proud American soldier WANT to blend in with a bunch uf farkin ragheads anyway? Sheesh.
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