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2001-07-20 09:14:54 AM  
shiat right. I can't turn on the TV without hearing about this girl. Guaranteed if I ever think my life is in danger I'm going to fark a Congressman ASAP. That way if I disappear, that's the only time the news will care.
2001-07-20 09:23:28 AM  
I agree with you, Peaches. If was any of us farkers, no one would give a rat's ass. We wouldn't even end up on Unsolved Mysteries!
2001-07-20 10:41:07 AM  
fark it, Condit killed that chick and I want to see him go down. They should get every cop in the country on this case.
2001-07-20 11:30:29 AM  
The strange thing is that the cops are just searching in Washinton DC buildings. Every Washinton, DC building. It seems an incredible waste of manpower if you consider that if in fact she was kidnapped or killed, they could've just driven her to BFE 60 miles away just as easily. Maybe she drove herself and her car went off in a ditch somewhere in BFE. Who knows?
2001-07-20 11:30:51 AM  
At least it's giving Faux News something to do.
2001-07-20 12:12:56 PM  
With all the other 100000 missing person cases, wtf is it that makes this one so special? So she was a Washington intern -- so what? Not to be harsh here, but BunnyBir is right -- if any of us Farkers were missing, nobody would give two shi+s.

This case reminds me of the Jonbenet Ramsey murder case -- what the hell was so special about that particular case that made it so much more important than all the other unsolved child murder cases we have? Don't tell me it was because her parents were wealthy, because that's a piss poor reason for elevating that case above all the others.
2001-07-20 12:35:00 PM  
Jonbenet? It's because her parents were wealthy and she was a child beauty contestant. If she had been ugly and poor, no one would have cared.

Are Chandra's parents wealthy? I don't know. But since she was a Congressman's (now missing under mysterious circumstances) mistress, that's news! That, and Condit is being rather evasive about the whole thing.
2001-07-20 12:41:42 PM  
And this whole, "Condit has decided to cooperate" thing really pisses me off. Were I suspected of murder/ kidnapping, would I have any choice but to cooperate?
2001-07-20 01:24:26 PM  
That's just it Skwidd. I admit I haven't paid attention to every new little piece of info on the case, but when I last read on it, there was NO evidence of any sort that would help explain what happened to her. No kidnapping evidence, no murder evidence, nothing. In fact, the congressman for a while wasn't even listed as being a suspect.

Under those conditions, yes, you do have a choice to cooperate. If you aren't a suspect, and there is no evidence to suggest a crime being committed (other than two people having an affair) then you don't have to let the police search your house or hook you up to a lie detector. They have to label you a suspect to do those things, and have a search warrant, etc.
2001-07-20 03:51:14 PM  
I can't believe they haven't found her yet.
2001-07-20 06:57:40 PM  
Police hope to make public Friday a list of the Web sites Levy visited on her computer.

this will be interesting.
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