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(Local6)   Disney increasing ticket price to $71 for one-day visit   ( divider line
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9113 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Aug 2007 at 8:38 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-08-03 09:01:37 PM  

Shut up! (said a la Jay Leno)
2007-08-03 09:02:06 PM  
Thank heavens the dirt-cheap restaurants within the park make up for the steep admission price!

Oh, wait.

/Disney World sucks
/Why is Disney World two words but Disneyland one word?
2007-08-03 09:02:50 PM  
Yeah, that $4 is going to affect the people that go there like every 5 or so years, after spending a grand or so on airfare, hotel and rental car.
2007-08-03 09:03:43 PM  
So, how much more will it cost me to rent a Rascal to ride around the park all day?
2007-08-03 09:04:35 PM  
for that price im havin my way with Minnie....

/and Snow white....
2007-08-03 09:07:26 PM
2007-08-03 09:08:36 PM  
Bomb Head Mohammed: The dollar is the new peso.

uh, it would cost 777 pesos to get in. More like trains are the new Disney.
2007-08-03 09:11:27 PM  
I am riffraff so I am really getting a kick out of these replies.
2007-08-03 09:12:29 PM  
This increase brought to you by the pussified family who sued Tigger
2007-08-03 09:13:05 PM  
Does anyone go for one day?
2007-08-03 09:14:37 PM  
The best deal, if you live in Florida is the Florida resident annual pass. No blackouts and if go a lot like I do with my family, it's a bargain. I live two hours from Disney.
2007-08-03 09:15:38 PM  
itsfullofstars: Does anyone go for one day?

Dunno about Disneyworld but Ive been to Disneyland for a day
2007-08-03 09:17:47 PM  
This really sucks, they should lower the price. If you think about it, lower prices means more screaming irritating kids at disneyland, and fewer wherever I am at.
2007-08-03 09:19:36 PM
2007-08-03 09:22:08 PM  
What are they trying to do, keep the riffraff out?
2007-08-03 09:23:06 PM  
AirForceVet: I submitted this with a funnier headline. :-(

Lately, my Fark greenlight rate has been like my dating life.

Your dating life has a funny headline, and keeps the riff-raff out?

/but will it work for Disney?
2007-08-03 09:24:34 PM  
Never been. Never going.
2007-08-03 09:25:37 PM  

i'm pretty sure a 4 day pass won't cost 20 dollars.
2007-08-03 09:26:24 PM  
"But Cleo, we don't have enough dough to get in!"
2007-08-03 09:27:59 PM  
Mickey Mouse was born in Hell, his head is the size of a recliner, and her scares babies.

Disneyland is a totally human controlled environment, like something out of "The Stepford Wives," and the employees are weirdly happy, but the same time harboring horrible fantasies of destruction both towards the company and the folks who attend the park.

The Disney empire is nothing more then a hideous caricature of the "good life," as envisioned by someone from Luxembourg, which overlays a monstrous, soulless machine, filled with the human gears of sorrow. Saving little elf people is more important to the Disney empire then protecting anyone, serving anyone or helping children to enjoy the thrills of childhood.

Their last few films have devolved into racist satires that extoll the virtues of patriarchy, heirarchy and aristocracy.
2007-08-03 09:31:44 PM
2007-08-03 09:32:01 PM  
I was there in June. I'm thinking, "wasn't it already that high?"

Nothing beats getting stuck on Tower of Terror for ten minutes and then them telling you they are still going to drop you...
2007-08-03 09:34:57 PM  
Did anyone mention that this might keep the riffraff out???
2007-08-03 09:37:43 PM

Noooo Charlie.... we can go to Candy Mountain for free!!!
Yeah! Candy Mountain Charlie! Candy Mountain!
2007-08-03 09:45:31 PM  
If I pay extra can I be guarenteed to not have to go to Epcot?
2007-08-03 09:46:33 PM  

I paid $25 for student discounts to Cedar Point. Best park in the country, too.

2007-08-03 09:48:23 PM  
In other news, the increase in ticket prices will most likely prevent the riff-raff from attending.

/Ric Romero reporting from Orlando, FL
2007-08-03 09:49:36 PM  
i guess ol' Walt's cryogenesis fees went up and theyre trying to make sure he doesnt thaw out. that or theyre trying to save up for lawsuit payoffs on roller coaster deaths.
2007-08-03 09:53:50 PM  
Do they have the common damned courtesy to include a reach-around?
2007-08-03 09:54:19 PM  

I second that. Who gives a screaming shiat? Don't like it? Don't go. Geez Subby you were either bored, or desperate for a green light.
2007-08-03 09:56:05 PM  
oh, and Deezney can suck it. i won a 4-day paid trip there one time, 2 days spent in the air and checking in/out, 2 days waiting in line for rides/epcot/pleasure island/house of blues. i had more fun on escalators.
2007-08-03 09:57:16 PM  
This might keep the riff raff from scooter-jacking the Rascals.
2007-08-03 10:01:01 PM  
I went a few years ago. Each park had its on price to get in and each park had 1 or 2 cool things in it. It was a rip off at $50 a ticket. And dont get me started about all the riff-raff walking around there.
2007-08-03 10:03:06 PM  
More and more, we're 2 societies. The ones with money and the rest. You can fake being in the first group for a while, but more and more people are dropping out of the middle class every day.
2007-08-03 10:05:02 PM  
2007-08-03 10:08:42 PM  
For $71, that rape better include lube.
2007-08-03 10:09:24 PM  
In order to save a couple hundred bucks, I went to one of those damn timeshare things. The sales guy was cool but his boss came over after I didn't buy just to call me a cheap bastard. lol
2007-08-03 10:11:55 PM  
Mad Scientist-For $71, that rape better include lube.

Rape is free...I'm sure 3/4 of these farkers would do that for you. May charge you for the lubricant though.

/cheap bastards
2007-08-03 10:20:24 PM  
I remember reading about a survey done of the customers in Disney World years ago. They had two main complaints: (1) too crowded, (2) too expensive. I couldn't help thinking: "I bet Disney doesn't see either of those things as problems."
2007-08-03 10:20:44 PM  
Whatever it takes to keep the riff-raff out.
2007-08-03 10:21:17 PM  
i'd shot poke my eyes out w/ a hot poker before i would ever go to disney. this does nothing to dissuade me from my stance
2007-08-03 10:25:14 PM  
The only people who go to Disney go there for the same reason that Mickey filed for divorce from Minnie.

/ obscure?
2007-08-03 10:25:45 PM  
2007-08-03 10:25:58 PM  
Disney World is like a right of passage for a child. When you go you usually go for a week and spend good money. For all the idiots that waste their money on Total Fark, you could go and interact with people in the real world.
2007-08-03 10:26:10 PM  
blondiegrrl007: /Why is Disney World two words but Disneyland one word?

Because it's Walt Disney World.

Been twice in the past year, and going back twice more before January. Love the place.
2007-08-03 10:27:00 PM  
So trumps
2007-08-03 10:27:29 PM  
portscanner: The only people who go to Disney go there for the same reason that Mickey filed for divorce from Minnie.

/ obscure?

When are you farking goofy people going to learn that nothing on Fark is obscure?
2007-08-03 10:28:08 PM  
Give me Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio any time
2007-08-03 10:28:23 PM  
To me, this is like the price of a Paris Hilton CD going up. This affects me how????

I can't stand anything Disney...
2007-08-03 10:30:26 PM  
Confabulat: I've had a buddy that works for Disney since high school and haven't had to pay to get in since then.

I can't imagine paying that sort of money to get in.

It's not that big a deal.

Back in the early 80's, maybe longer, they offer Florida resident discounts in January. My whole family of five could get in for around $100, IIRC. The park isn't really any better today than it was then. I can't fathom paying $71 per person.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio isn't exactly cheap. Yet when I go there, the place is filled to the gills with white trash and trash of other colors. They arrive with their seven kids who just roam the park. No idea how they afford it. Maybe they skip a trailer payment or have finally paid off their used Kia.
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