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2002-09-11 04:35:01 AM  
Original Image to get things started:

2002-09-11 03:09:00 PM  
sorry folks, but I'm not going to pass. I made this little animation for my website a couple months ago, so here it is. And no, I'm not a cold, heartless bastard. I just mourn diferently I guess.

2002-09-11 10:16:45 PM  

Vote for dog balls :)
2002-09-11 10:19:41 PM  
2002-09-11 10:32:03 PM  
2002-09-11 10:33:40 PM  
Your neighbours to the north are with you today.
2002-09-11 10:41:03 PM  
This guy knows where the action is
2002-09-11 10:41:46 PM  

Farkers declaring a Photoshop to be in bad taste? My God, the terrorists really have won.
2002-09-11 10:48:11 PM  
2002-09-11 10:52:13 PM  
2002-09-11 10:53:52 PM  
2002-09-11 11:01:21 PM  
Roger, Target Acquired

If only it could have gone down this way.
2002-09-11 11:10:40 PM  

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Stopped Worrying and Lightened the Hell Up
2002-09-11 11:12:59 PM  
2002-09-11 11:17:03 PM  
2002-09-11 11:21:27 PM  

a former winner
2002-09-11 11:26:31 PM  
Once more, hopefully with the image this time.

2002-09-11 11:35:44 PM  
2002-09-11 11:35:44 PM  
Updated. (Subtle?)
2002-09-11 11:36:56 PM  

2002-09-11 11:39:51 PM  
2002-09-11 11:41:20 PM  
2002-09-11 11:47:43 PM  
Oh, and i got nothin. thats why i havent photoshopped anything. ive seen it all done before. but if you must insist...

2002-09-11 11:58:36 PM  
2002-09-12 12:08:56 AM  
can't believe nobody did this one yet.
2002-09-12 12:13:19 AM  
Trying again..

2002-09-12 12:15:54 AM  

Separated at birth? YOU Decide!
2002-09-12 12:16:54 AM  
Yes, like 95% of the rest of you, I was deeply disturbed by the terrible events of one year ago. And it still does get to me sometimes. But now, I feel like this:

I watched too much tv after 9-11 and heard way too many stories from widows about their lost loved ones, and other tales of sorrow. Look, it was terrible. But, honestly, I didn't know anyone that died, and continuing to torture myself with feeling the sadness and horror of the events isn't going to do anyone any good. I didn't listen to the radio today, or watch any tv. I want to move on, whether or not Peter Jennings thinks I should.
2002-09-12 12:28:28 AM  
I'm not a cat person:

Its the evil winged kitty of the apocalypse!
2002-09-12 12:32:00 AM  

Have you seen Pfannekuchen?
2002-09-12 12:48:37 AM  
Some things are sacred.

God Bless America.
2002-09-12 12:49:35 AM  

Again, trying to lighten the mood. You're ALL still Ackbar, okay?
2002-09-12 12:59:31 AM  

I made a smaller version but it just didn't look right
2002-09-12 01:08:59 AM  
Here I was at noon on the 12th last year. Moment of silence...
2002-09-12 01:16:51 AM  
damn, I missed the party again, oh well

2002-09-12 01:38:06 AM  
What gives, mods? Was this pic NSFW? I figured I should try to repost it, since I think it's one of the few things on this thread that a lot of us can agree about.
2002-09-12 01:45:11 AM  
props to all you who didn't post.

i am proud of you. it isn't THAT funny of a picture, while it does (the original(ps'ed)) image does state creativity it isn't that great today.

I am getting ready to serve this country.
2002-09-12 01:45:55 AM  
Here is my entry. I call it "Arguing About The Tourist Guy Makes You Gay".

2002-09-12 02:11:56 AM  
2002-09-12 02:37:09 AM  
2002-09-12 03:00:43 AM  
Jesus Christ, what a bunch of morons. I think this was a great PShop thread submission. If you can't laugh at your own pain you'll never be able to get on with your life.

And so I laugh away, every day, because I'm not going to change one minute detail of my life because some Canadians decided to blow up the Sears Tower. If I change, the Scandanavians will have won.
2002-09-12 04:04:38 AM  

Yes I know full well I'm going to hell for this one.
(with voting this time!)
2002-09-12 04:11:35 AM  
2002-09-12 04:14:28 AM  
2002-09-12 04:16:35 AM  
2002-09-12 05:04:43 AM  
now with voting

Joke you if you can't take a fark
2002-09-12 05:07:19 AM  

I'm sorry, but I've got a soft spot for the Photoshop that became reality.
2002-09-12 08:23:16 AM  

That baby is totally gonna get it!

This got deleted yesterday either A, because it was winning, or B, because yesterday it was too risque.

I just want to thank all the pu$$ies who all of a sudden found they have something to prove. U2 rocks. Whatever.
2002-09-12 08:30:05 AM  
My post was a lot funnier yesterday. While everyone was bickering about bull-crap, I held my guns (can I say that?) and photoshopped anyway. As much as i want to follow suit with Drewischillin, I can't. I like this site too much. But hell...

2002-09-12 08:46:52 AM  
censorship offends me too...but photoshops in bad taste offend me even more.
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