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(Reuters)   Survivor pig killing prompts new Australian law   ( divider line
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1971 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jul 2001 at 8:47 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-19 08:53:47 AM  
Did they actually eat the pig? Will the law require all aussies to be vegetarian? WTF?
2001-07-19 08:58:25 AM  
OK, I can see making it illegal to butcher animals on camera for sheer entertainment value, but in this case it was for eating. Please understand that I hate survivor and the absured copycat crap it has spawned, but in this case I just don't get it. Watch ESPN outdoors on Saturday and Sunday mornings. They show hunters killing all sorts of animals every week. Guess they'll have to cancel that Outback safarri huh.
2001-07-19 09:09:53 AM  
Here is the actual law:

"And it is now stated that should another reality TV show come to the Australian outback from the United States with various annoying cast members that should any cast member chase down a pig and kill it with a knife and eat it then he shall be punished with a severe hand burning."

I'm sure it will come in handy.
2001-07-19 09:11:35 AM  
The real question is the nature of "Star" status. Was that pig a star? Could we pick it out of a lineup, (Well, if it wasn't just a carcass now...), or name the pig by looking at a picture? Did the pig play an integral part in the show? I'd say the pig was an extra, and therefore not a star. He just happened to be a very tasty extra.
2001-07-19 09:24:23 AM  
So actors in the animal world have to be treated better than all the other animals? This is stupid, they are just doing it to get brownie points in the polls. As long as it isn't done in front of a camera go ahead and slaughter. Why is it that politicians keep trying to change media into some fantasy world. As much as I hate reality shows, at least they didn't censure stuff. Sex happens, cursing happens, killing happens, stop trying to pretend it doesn't.
2001-07-19 09:42:07 AM  
So that's ehy the next one will be in Africa. Even less "regulations" to worry about.
2001-07-19 09:50:57 AM  
I don't get it, pigs get slaughtered every day to be eaten. Did they do it in any unusually cruel way or something. And please remember, the way pigs are slaughtered is (at least) slightly cruel.
2001-07-19 10:03:44 AM  
good for the least some one has some common decency!
2001-07-19 10:08:22 AM  
I remember watching a "Crocodile Hunter" in which The Crazy Bastard killed a pig on camera to use as bait for a crocodile. I guess it's OK as long as you're a Aussie national treasure and all...
2001-07-19 10:18:52 AM  
i tried out in Minneapolis for Survivor 4 yesterday, i did 2 minutes of cat noises for my audition
*crosses fingers*
2001-07-19 10:35:32 AM  
When I was in college I ate a pig on camera
2001-07-19 11:33:05 AM  
Next time, they kill him for his glasses.
2001-07-19 11:46:06 AM  
Sucks to your auntie, Clusterfark
2001-07-19 12:55:48 PM  
Maybe someone at CBS should have thought more during editing...then there wouldn't be a stink about it.
2001-07-19 12:57:01 PM  
2001-07-19 01:25:16 PM  
There's a difference between really being stranded in the outback and having to kill for food, and being 4 feet way from a camera crew that has plenty of food for everyone. That pig wasn't raised for slaughter; it was an animal out in the wild that would never have been destroyed for human consumption if this roving bad off idiots from CBS hadn't invaded his territory. Now if you'll excuse me, there's ham sandwich with my name on it.
2001-07-19 02:22:49 PM  
We're talking about a bunch of doughy-ass white people who KNEW they were going to be on Survivor and STILL didn't take the time to learn how to make fire! If this is any evidence of their survival skills, it's pretty easy to assume that CBS planted that pig there, perhaps even after drugging it, so that someone would kill it... Sort of like encouraging a retard to beat a crippled old man to death with a lead pipe. The pig just happened to wander over to the camp, a place that smelled like fire and humans, and stand around 20 feet away from the guy who had been talking about hunting for pigs. The only thing it didn't do was lay down on a platter of vegetables with an apple in its mouth.

I have no problem with killing animals for food, and I looove ham, but this whole affair just seemed creepy on so many levels. They should have made that guy get off his ass and actually hunt for the pig instead of leaving it on his doorstep like a flaming bag of poo. It also creeped me out about how excited that dude was about getting to kill the pig (and how he used the excuse of killing it "for food" to do it), even though there's no way CBS would have let them starve to death, but c'mon, it looked like he wanted to gut the thing and fark the carcass. The whole thing was just a lil' shady.
2001-07-19 02:35:08 PM  
Jinkeez, thanks for the tip

when i'm on Survivor 4, my luxury item will be horse tranqualizers
2001-07-19 02:35:42 PM  
I kind of wondered about the pig too. Lots of kangaroos runnning around, the people were damn near kicking goannas out of the way and the guy didn't kill anything until the pig just happened to wander in camp and then run in circles instead of busting ass off into the brush? I don't really blame the guy 'cuz roast pig is good but get real.

Other points. None of these morons bothered to learn how to make a fire before they got there (Jinkeez), they were really stupid in building camp in a dry riverbed during the rainy season and they didn't have a clue that they could have built a fishtrap in the river in about 2 hours that would have been continually catching fish while they lazed around and lusted after Jerri... bunch of idiots.
2001-07-19 04:13:50 PM  
I posted this on the "rabbit sniper" forum but I think it applies here as well...

I was having dinner with a friend of a friend the other night, and as she was about to take a big bite of her hamburger, she started spouting off about how she'd "like to take one of these hunters and mount their head on a wall and see how they like it" because they "go out and kill innocent animals with their, their rifles or whatever they use"...ignorant bunny-huggers can be great fun when you plow down all their silly emotion-based arguments until they have nothing left but to say "but they're so cute"...
2001-07-19 04:57:12 PM  
Unless someone is an absolute vegetarian who organically grows their own food, they have no place to complain about anyone eating meat since even organic vegetable production farms kill herbivores that raid the place.
2001-07-19 05:12:14 PM  
I don't see why the Aussie's even care about the killing of the pig. Pigs are not a native species, and have done an immeasurable amount of damage to the continent. I would have expected the Aussies to have provided pig hunting equipment to everyone in the hopes that they could kill a few more!
2001-07-19 06:03:35 PM  
If the Australians had any sense, there would be new legislation banning the filming of "reality" TV shows...for the good of pigs and people everywhere.
2001-07-20 01:39:02 AM  
Sheeit, if the dude was hungry enough that he ran down the pig and killed it himself, I say, toss a log on the fire, shove a stick up the oinkers ass and Bar-B-Q! More power to him. Don't know 'bout you all, but I damned sure rather munch on roasted pig than kangaroo or lizard! Fark it, I'm waiting to see the next Survivor. (smiling) I wonder if the new survivors are gonna have to wrestle the starving natives for food? Now, that'd be damned entertaining!
2001-07-20 03:03:40 AM  
But roo tastes SO good! And lizard is supposed to taste like chicken (KFC anyone?).
2001-07-20 06:53:37 AM  
PIG + WEAPON = Food!
PIgs ain't actors though many actors are pigs!
2001-07-20 12:28:57 PM  
Vrykoul is right, pigs are feral and a noxious animal in Australia, shoot the damn thing and do us a favour. Even better, eat it, because the damn thing will be so full of diseases it might take out a few of the idiots in that stupid tv show.
"Outback" my ass, it was 3hrs from a bunch of major cities on a freaking river.
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