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27227 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jul 2007 at 8:00 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-07-27 02:48:21 PM  
I don't know who made it but I love it. I owe someone a lot of joy.
2007-07-27 05:17:53 PM  
This Is Bold Text: My black cat does that! If she's near my head when I yawn she sticks her head in my mouth.

She's not right.
2007-07-27 05:32:43 PM
2007-07-27 07:43:17 PM
2007-07-27 08:11:55 PM
2007-07-27 08:22:47 PM
2007-07-27 09:24:03 PM  

Ok...that was good.
2007-07-28 12:30:03 AM
2007-07-28 02:31:49 AM

i can haz capshun?
2007-07-28 05:08:38 AM

waits for it...

waits for it....
I gotz ur facez!

My friends cat attacking her mom...sent me the pics today. She knew it was caturday!
2007-07-28 05:23:48 AM
2007-07-28 06:01:18 AM  

No. Fail. Dogs != funny.

They do not do funny things like cats do.

In other news, is there some sort of place to get a blank motivational poster-type dealy?
2007-07-28 06:19:41 AM
2007-07-28 06:33:14 AM  
eddyatwork: I used to like cats until I came to Fark. Now I hate them. FARK CATS! I want to punch every cat in the face!

Just for you:
2007-07-28 08:07:28 AM
2007-07-28 08:09:57 AM  
stryker4526: In other news, is there some sort of place to get a blank motivational poster-type dealy? has a way to make 'em online.
2007-07-28 08:10:26 AM
2007-07-28 08:13:18 AM
2007-07-28 08:14:05 AM
2007-07-28 08:14:28 AM
2007-07-28 08:20:11 AM  
And remeber Farkers what Mikey always says "Ketchup is made from... tomatoes and Catsup is made from cats." (pops)

/We're all unique, that's all I'll say, We're all unique in our own special way.
2007-07-28 08:20:14 AM  
at least caturday on here has a much lower chance of someone posting z----cat (do try to figure it out)
2007-07-28 08:22:10 AM  
2007-07-28 08:23:34 AM
2007-07-28 08:26:23 AM
2007-07-28 08:27:11 AM
2007-07-28 08:32:51 AM

Serious art.

2007-07-28 08:33:15 AM  
Ten years ago, I had a sick cat that needed a CAT scan (har!). The proceedure cost $150. Last year, I had another cat that needed the scan. This time, it cost $950. Why the big difference? My theory is pet health insurance, which is growing in popularity. Just as in human medicine, health insurance is inflationary. If there is a third party payer, the health care providers are going to milk it for all they can. Of course, their agreements with the insurance carriers is that they will not charge non-insured patients less than what they carge the insurance company (to do otherwise is considered insurance fraud in human health insurance). So the cost of care goes up for everyone.

The writer states that cats have no concept of death. He should have been around to witness a younger cat of mine keep vigil for an older one that died last year. He spent the last day of the old girl's life rubbing her paw with his and nuzzling her. When she passed, he mourned for days. While it isn't right to attempt to personify their behavior, we can recognize that they are capable of emotion and have the same basic understanding of life that we do.
2007-07-28 08:33:27 AM

I love caturday
2007-07-28 08:37:02 AM
2007-07-28 08:37:37 AM  
I just want to address something from TFA if I could. It'll probably be ignored, but I think it should to be said.

But I was not fully aware of how the same wonderful but costly technologies for prolonging human life are also revolutionizing veterinary care.

It's sort of the other way around. Most of the wonderful stuff prolonging human life developed in the past few centuries was tested originally on animals. Thanks to our ever growing understanding of the relationships between human and non-human animal anatomy/physiology, our medical understanding has grown exponentially faster than it did a few hundred years ago. Even if it's not initially tested on common companion animals like cats/dogs, they can be easily adapted to them.

Also, Mr. Fuzzypaws, that is simply adorable. Is that your kitten? Does he/she have a name?
2007-07-28 08:43:59 AM
2007-07-28 08:44:56 AM
2007-07-28 08:46:00 AM
2007-07-28 08:46:29 AM  
There'll be no commenting on TFA in this thread. Only cat pics.

/gratuitously stolen from a few caturdays ago
2007-07-28 08:46:55 AM  
Kome: Also, Mr. Fuzzypaws, that is simply adorable. Is that your kitten? Does he/she have a name?

No, it's just some picture I picked up along the way.


Is anyone else having problems with ImageShack? I can't get into my account right now.
2007-07-28 08:47:09 AM

2007-07-28 08:47:17 AM  
at80eighty Hey there buddy! I see you. Don't be tryin' to bust up Caturday.

My personal favorite.
2007-07-28 08:49:56 AM
2007-07-28 08:50:15 AM  
11G in cat bills? A 22 rimfire behind the woodshed is a lot cheaper. Haz this guy not seen Old Yeller?
2007-07-28 08:53:36 AM
2007-07-28 08:55:05 AM  
Woot has gotten in on the Caturday.
2007-07-28 08:56:24 AM  

I see what you did there! LOL
2007-07-28 08:57:23 AM
2007-07-28 08:57:39 AM
2007-07-28 08:57:44 AM

These are my girls. I think I've posted these before, but WTF, most of these caturday pics are repeats.

\Would not spend $11,000 on vet bills
2007-07-28 08:58:41 AM  
redoctober65: Caturday in the Fark, I think it was the Fourth of July
Caturday in the Fark, I think it was the Fourth of July
People dancing, people laughing, a few criticizing
Whining about their dogs
Ampio gatti , Primo gatti
Can you dig it, yes I can, and I've been waiting such a long time
For Caturday

Points for the Chicago reference.
2007-07-28 08:59:06 AM
2007-07-28 08:59:29 AM  
LOLcats are a lot funnier when the cute/dumb l33t spelling is toned down. Yeah, it's part of the funny, but too much kills it.
2007-07-28 09:01:19 AM  
That's farkin' nutz! I love my cats, but I can't imagine using heroic measures at the vet. When they go, they go.
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