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27231 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Jul 2007 at 8:00 AM (9 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-07-28 03:02:35 PM  
IRobot: I can has capshuns??

At your service.
2007-07-28 03:02:45 PM  
I got one for dogs!!!!


/*grabs kitteh and runs*
2007-07-28 03:03:13 PM
2007-07-28 03:03:29 PM
2007-07-28 03:03:34 PM
2007-07-28 03:05:24 PM  

my 'rent's kitties... birds come up and sit there at the door all the time. funny to watch and listen to the 2 cats go nuts. 2 rabbits live in the backyard too.... man, the white cat really, really wants the bunnies.

my boy...

have fun captioning!

2007-07-28 03:09:09 PM
2007-07-28 03:11:57 PM
2007-07-28 03:12:07 PM
2007-07-28 03:13:14 PM

I painted my cat
2007-07-28 03:13:19 PM  
Every week? Seriously? You guys want to do this every week?
2007-07-28 03:15:02 PM  

yes... yes I do
2007-07-28 03:17:19 PM
2007-07-28 03:17:33 PM

2007-07-28 03:17:38 PM  
Chastain86: Every week? Seriously? You guys want to do this every week?

yes.... every single week.

bring the catz
2007-07-28 03:18:44 PM  
Nice to see that this Caturday still has some steam left in it :)
2007-07-28 03:20:19 PM  

2007-07-28 03:20:21 PM
2007-07-28 03:20:42 PM  
Chastain86: Every week? Seriously? You guys want to do this every week?

Correction, we do it all week long (mostly). This thread has been sitting in the Upcoming queue since Wednesday.
2007-07-28 03:23:33 PM  
why you ask, 2 Dogs farking?
love that joke ...

I had my phone in hand.... he doesn't stay like that when I get up to grab a camera, he'd roll over and get up too...
2007-07-28 03:24:44 PM  
Chastain86: You guys want to do this

well it's a break from the Islam/Jew flame wars and the "OMG the goggles do nothing" teacher/student threads
2007-07-28 03:25:08 PM  
2007-07-28 03:27:09 PM  
vegasj: love that joke ...

Thanks! I collect classic jokes (pops)
2007-07-28 03:27:41 PM  
Chastain86: Every week? Seriously? You guys want to do this every week?

everyday. shhhhhhhh.
2007-07-28 03:33:54 PM
2007-07-28 03:34:15 PM
2007-07-28 03:35:03 PM  
hillary and Two Dogs Farking

haha! much thanks! :D
2007-07-28 03:43:08 PM
2007-07-28 03:43:51 PM
2007-07-28 03:46:23 PM
2007-07-28 03:47:27 PM
2007-07-28 03:55:52 PM  
My first attempt at a gentle!
2007-07-28 03:59:25 PM
2007-07-28 04:02:54 PM  
Hey! SoothinglyDeranged! F**k no. DIAF

I think...



And if that doctor-person wants to be humane to his eerily human-like kitty, why doesn't he just ease her suffering and let her go? She must have endured a great deal of pain until now, but unlike humans, she can't ask him to please stop this treatment. He wants to keep her alive because she pleases him or whatever, farktard, and pats himself on the back and claims it's all in the name of being humane. It's unreal what degree of self-delusion people are capable of.
2007-07-28 04:11:25 PM  
Man, I understand not paying 11k for a pet...depending on the circumstances of course, and the financial situation of the owner. Me, I have insurance on my cat. I did that after paying 5 grand to fix a problem. Hell, I might not even spend 11k on myself if I got sick... Besides, my saturday mornings consist of scolling through the caturday thread while my cat sits on my lap... thats worth some money to me.

Also on the indoor/outdoor cat thing. My cats are indoor cats. There are coyotes where we live, and they tend to eat cats... or dogs.. or just about anything smaller then them. So, no outside for the kitties.
2007-07-28 04:13:53 PM  
I will act like a cat....I can meow.
2007-07-28 04:14:15 PM

"I dont trust cats, theyre snakes with fur."
2007-07-28 04:16:42 PM  
Without the photo, that just sounds creepy. I thought I did everything right. Argh!
2007-07-28 04:27:30 PM
The catnip revenue service has arrived.
/"Quality control...people!"
2007-07-28 04:30:53 PM
2007-07-28 04:33:45 PM  
2007-07-28 04:33:59 PM  
In other news, is there some sort of place to get a blank motivational poster-type dealy?

Not sure if anyone posted this for you yet, but go to Lolcat Buildr (pops), they'll take care of all your motivational poster needs.
2007-07-28 04:34:28 PM
2007-07-28 04:34:29 PM  
reillan: Is it bad I recognize and appreciate the Hugh Laurie pic?

What's sad is I've only ever seen the Blackadder millennium special or whatever it was. Glad you like it, though.

/still waiting for someone to acknowledge my Can't Have a Pony Girl adaptation (I call it: Serious Rejection. Everyone else calls it creepy.)
2007-07-28 04:35:02 PM

..and I believe this is deserving of a proper caption...
2007-07-28 04:42:04 PM
/cindy finally cooperated!
2007-07-28 04:48:05 PM

these are our two cats: lightning and poptart. poptart (the fat ass to the right) is my cat. lightning in the foreground, is my brothers.

lightning is a diabetic. cats can get diabetes. he needs insulin shots twice a day. in enters my dad. thats his favorite activity every day: shooting up his cat. and if he is off by a couple of minutes, he freaks out. quite funny.

lightning is now treated like an indoor dog: you call, he comes. you lay down food, then shoot him up. i dont even want to phathom the annual cost of insulin and treats to coax him in to get the shot plus medical bills for the vet to shoot up the cat while were out of town...
2007-07-28 04:48:25 PM
2007-07-28 04:49:01 PM  
2007-07-28 04:51:36 PM  

So you wasted the five minutes of your life it took you to type those nine characters (including checking the dictionary because you weren't sure how to spell "suck") because..........?
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