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(Washington Post)   General Accounting Office goes after Cheney about energy policy   ( divider line
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747 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jul 2001 at 8:21 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-19 09:07:50 AM  
Wish I knew what the conspiracy was. Too bad it'll all be edited out before we hear about it. You know how those things go in DC...hush hush now.
2001-07-19 09:17:29 AM  
This cracks me up. The Democrats belly-ached through all the probes into Clinton (which almost all of them turned up evidence of wrong-doing or illegalities). They said, "Let the President do his job", "Stop persecuting him", etc.

Now, they're not in power for more than a month or two and they're already on the Witch Hunt.

Just shows you how hypocritical the Dems are. Most politicians are hypocrits, but the Dems raise it to a new level.
2001-07-19 09:47:26 AM  
"The Democrats have continued on their course of the politics of personal destruction," said Mary Matalin, a top aide to Cheney and Bush. "They ought to stop wasting taxpayer money on phony investigations and start working on the energy policy we sent to the Hill."

No more hypocritical than the Republicans. They're all corrupt, and they're all hypocritical.
2001-07-19 09:54:31 AM  
Finally a probe about something other than Clinton fingering Monica with a cigar.
2001-07-19 09:54:45 AM  
GW should have just sent Laura into a top-secret meeting to determine the energy policy like Clinton did for his (read: her) nationalized-healthcare meetings. Then, Congress couldn't ask for anything.

The only difference between the Ds and the Rs is that it will take the Rs a week longer to spend my money because they aren't as efficient.
2001-07-19 10:23:59 AM  
Heh, You said "probe"...
2001-07-19 10:25:55 AM  
No more hypocritical than the Republicans. They're all corrupt, and they're all hypocritical

Not to this extent. Democrats take hypocrasy to a new level.

Besides, that's their plan.

The liberal agenda is to start all these little fights, have tons of scandals and dismiss it in the press until everyone is so sick of politics, no one pays attention. Then, while no one is paying attention, they pass a bunch of controversial bills that take away more of our freedoms until, eventually, we're Socialists or Communists just like the Liberals.
2001-07-19 10:37:31 AM  
don't worry America
Dubya will talk real slow, not use any "big" words and smile ....till u get it !

remember George W Bush is your big buddy!!
2001-07-19 10:49:31 AM  
"Just shows you how hypocritical the Dems are. Most politicians are hypocrits, but the Dems raise it to a new level."

Its pretty funny now that the shoes are on the opposite feet. It was the Democrates saying "just let our president do his job," when the Republicans were probing him to all hell. Now, its the Republicans saying "just let our president do his job," while all the Democrates probe Bush to hell. So, as you can see: BOTH SIDES ARE HYPOCRITES!

Favoring one hypocrite is still favoring a hypocrite... remember that. Most every politician is a hypocrite, but the Republicans and Democrates really take it to the next level (perhaps because they bought their way into a two party system, which isn't what was invisioned in the first place in our country).

I say probe Bush to hell. If Bush/Cheny doesn't want to have odd-ball conspiracies thought up, maybe they should stop buddying up to the oil companies, and electrical ones. Bush's and Cheney's worst enemies are themselves.
2001-07-19 10:51:54 AM  
Sort of makes all those presidential movies about scandles really funny. I bet Bush starts a war (or another china incident... not that he caused that in the first place) just to take public pressure off him and cheney, if they have anything to hide :)
2001-07-19 11:13:20 AM  
Um, please, all of you hyopcrite-mongers, please explain this one:

Why shouldn't those records be public?

-= rei =-
2001-07-19 11:13:23 AM that means duck, right?

Washington is full of hypocrites. That's a DUH! Anyone out there who doesn't know that needs to get a clue. It's who's in office that determine's the opposing Hypocritical Political Asshole Party for the next 4 years. We've had Reps on the platter for 8 years, now it's the Dem's turn to piss on the entree.

Bottom line is, they enjoy the controversy to pad the headlines of the media while their cohorts are passing bills through office that stripe us of one right after another. Daz was right in a sense, but they don't wait until we get sick of it, they do it right under our noses.
2001-07-19 11:56:55 AM  
Its simpler than that. They do this because they actually believe in it. The dems really did believe that the only reason Clinton was being persecuted was because the republicans were looking for an excuse, and would resort to a sex scandal if that was their only option. Likewise, they see this situation as Cheney covering up what could be a potentially huge, serious issue. The republicans saw Clinton as trying to deceive the American public, and honestly saw the situation as a case of perjury that would discredit the presidency. Undoubtably, they honestly see this situation as the democrats just trying to discredit the presidency as revenge.

Everything in this world depends on point of view. But, I can assure you, both sides are acting on sincere motives. They may be misguided in their motives (though, I have to side with the Dems on this one, this should be public information, and I find it hard to blame a person for lying about cheating enough to impeach), but they honestly are applying a consistant standard within their point of view. Its just a different weighting of values. Its not "to distract people".

Congress is an anti-conspiracy place. While individual representatives may have personal scandals at times, and organizations sponsored by congress may develop their own internal minor scandals, congress itself "leaks" information. It has holes which let conspiracies out, because, if there's anything consistant about congress, its that there's a *lot* of animosity between members. Even, sometimes, between members of the same party. Conspiracy requires cooperation; congress has so little cooporation that they actually have a organized system for trading votes which prevents the other party from backing out on their end ;) Conspiracy requires silence; representitives can only benefit, not lose, by exposing a conspiracy (often, even a conspiracy in their party, they will benefit from exposing - it aids the party in damage control). That's why Watergate was just amazing - it actually involved multiple people. (naturally, of course, it didn't stay a secret for too long ;) ).

-= rei =-
2001-07-19 12:00:23 PM  
I agree with Rei on this, mainly because I am part of the vast left-wing conspiracy. (*shh!!*)

Really, this all comes down to four words:

Payback is a biatch.
2001-07-19 12:04:31 PM  
Boy, REI, you have a lot more faith in human nature than I do if you believe that they are acting on "sincere motives". All I see is a two-party power struggle. It's no longer popular to sling mud while campaigning, so now they sling it in the media.
2001-07-19 12:17:42 PM  
My uncle was in congress (a republican, BTW), from Indiana (Ed Pease) (he left this term due to health conditions). I got a lot of views into what it was really like. You get to see what people come across as brash idiots, and who seems intelligent - from both sides. Who was carismatic and whos very voice just makes you want to strangle them. You get to see the incredibly long hours that they put in, the wear it does to their bodies. I lived in my uncle's new house - his retirement home he had just built before being asked to run. He had to sell it to a relative to be able to afford to run for Congress. He left that huge, two story house, with wonderful meals by my german grandmother, to go live in a tiny apartment in DC with no car (nowhere to park) and eat fast food. Waking up before sunrise, going to bed at midnight.

My uncle was a republican, and hated Clinton. Its interesting though, when we asked him what Clinton was like in person, he said, "He's the most charismatic person you've ever met. When you're standing next to him, he makes you feel like he's only there just for you.".

We got to see infighting. The day my uncle announced he wasn't going to run, another candidate, who my uncle hadn't even talked to about it, took up to run from the county - he mimicked my uncle's campaign exactly, down to having the exact same signs (with a different name), so everyone would think my uncle had endorsed him. Of course, my uncle couldn't say anything bad about him, because then the democrats would have taken the county.

Their lives are constantly being attacked, and defending their ideals. Most of them aren't familiar with the concept of "fun". The last time my uncle saw a movie in a theater was the original star wars, on its first release. (it was the night before his bar exam! heheee).

So, yes, I do know about what I'm talking about here. The republicans honestly did believe Clinton was a cheat and that his perjury, if not prosecuted, would be a travesty apon the nation. The democrats only saw the republicans as being vengeful.

I'm sure there probably was a subconscious element, guiding how their views on various issues came about. But, from their points of view, they're only fighting for what they think is right. And doing so at the expense of their health and happiness. Because they want to make a difference.

-= rei =-

"Standin' on a corner in Winslow Arizona, and I'm quite sure that I'm in the wrong song..." -- Tori Amos
2001-07-19 12:42:52 PM  
I still think Deep Blue should be the ruler of the U.S..
2001-07-19 12:47:40 PM  
While I'm not familiar with your uncle (so I won't pretend to judge him), I still think that the power ultimately corrupts even people who begin with good intentions.

Our system was not set up to be a two-party, career politician scenario, which is why I support term limits. The senators from my home state (Utah) are pretty much a joke (you know Orrin Hatch and Jim Hansen, right?). The are both republican and mormon, so they are assured of re-election every 6 years. It takes a minor miracle for a democrat or non-mormon official to get elected to any major office around here. IMHO, when you make a career out of serving in a politcal office, you stop concerning yourself with defending the public interest and you start worrying about defending your career.
2001-07-19 12:48:34 PM  
"Friday, Democratic congressmen will meet with the GAO to discuss an investigation into the White House's dealings with the Salvation Army over a regulation that would protect religious charities from anti-discrimination laws.

Hoo, buddy. You're right. Doesn't sound at all like grasping for straws. Have you seen what thos commie bastards in the Salvation Army are doing to are homeless?!

Soylent green is PEOPLE!!
2001-07-19 12:48:58 PM  
Deep Blue isn't that powerful any more. That new Japanese linux-based beowulf-like system would be a better choice :) Of course, you'd need to run something like CYC on it to give it common sense :)

-= rei =-
2001-07-19 01:07:46 PM  
<click> hmmm... common sense comes from Texas. My. The things you learn @ Fark.
2001-07-19 01:25:30 PM  
Whoops, my link was broken :)


-= rei =-
2001-07-19 01:50:47 PM  
(OK I exaggerated - it was a <click - editURL - hitReturn> kind of invocation)
Hmmm... maybe the GAO is hitting a 401 because they're using not specifying the proper protocol, either. But it probably is the White House not processing requests because it's too busy schmoozing with the energy industry - so it's more in the 500 range. I'd say a 502, or rather, a 402 masquerading as a 502.
(from the series "the dangers of multitasking")
2001-07-19 02:32:24 PM  
May the Republicans respond to this request with the same speed as Hillary's Health Care Task Force did to requests for its information.
2001-07-19 02:43:59 PM  
Never! Those Japanese robots are all about emotions! We need a cold, time tested killer of pawns! While the Japanese slowly work on ways to make robots with bigger, light sensitive eyes, Deep Blue will be burning the midnight oil thinking up the best ways to posistion our rooks so that we may invade Japan.
2001-07-19 02:46:33 PM  
Although that one Honda robot that walks is pretty amusing. Looks like a person, if you ignore the battery pack bigger than its body... and its square head... and its lack of eyes (a first for Japanese robots). Not to worry,though. Deep Blue won't need legs to walk, as the puny human slaves... er... i mean fully paid servants... will carry him around.
2001-07-19 03:24:59 PM  
"Open the pod bay doors, HAL."
"I'm afraid I can't do that, Dave."
2001-07-19 04:42:57 PM  
I am the thread killer supreme!
Worship me!
2001-07-19 09:34:42 PM  
Ok... let me point out that I am a Libertarian and think that both sides need a foot broken off in their collective asses but that is beside the point.

The facts are though that the Kenneth Star investigation of Clinton was pretty much a bunch of bull shiat. It was an investigation where Kenneth Starr was trying to prove guilt by association. The facts of the case though was that the Clinton's had tried helping out a friend on a land deal and they lost a lot of money because of it. How can he be guilty of wrong doing because he got fleeced by a friend of his? I don't see the logic in it.

Now if it can be proven that Cheney and Dubya have been letting campaign contributors decide the countries energy policy in their contributor's economic favor. Well then, that is VERY unethical (much worse than diddling an intern). That is defrauding the American people. Now I hope that no wrong doing is found, because I would like a peaceful 4 years. But I have a feeling that this will not be the case, and that we may be impeaching a second president in a row.
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