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12790 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Sep 2002 at 7:42 AM (12 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-09 10:25:53 PM  
funniest weener evah
2002-09-10 07:45:05 AM  
2002-09-10 07:47:49 AM  
ummmm....okay. This is just not even close to being a good weener. Plus, he's probably gay.
2002-09-10 07:56:14 AM  
2002-09-10 08:05:31 AM  
Now THAT is George.
2002-09-10 08:07:56 AM  
Try again....
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-10 08:14:28 AM  
Watch out for that wood?
2002-09-10 08:16:36 AM  
Oh this thread is just unnecessary
2002-09-10 08:22:09 AM  
If this is what straight women like for pron it's no wonder straight female pron is non-existent.
2002-09-10 08:25:41 AM  
DaCricket: Oh yummy....thank you, thank you!
2002-09-10 08:27:50 AM  
FLA Chickie, You are very welcome.

Swingbozo, it's not.
2002-09-10 08:30:25 AM  
Why is all porn marketed for us really just warmed-over gay porn? We should lobby Congress. Or something. Maybe make our own.
2002-09-10 08:33:52 AM  
So what do women want in their porn?
2002-09-10 08:41:09 AM  
We want real men!!! I agree, they all seem to be gay dudes, nothing wrong with that mind you, ( lucky guys )but I want manly men!!!!!
2002-09-10 08:57:46 AM  
Swingbozo, I'm with you. The male organs aren't nice to watch (in pictures), so women's pron is non-existent.
2002-09-10 09:00:42 AM  
HAHAHHAHAHHA that made me laugh so hard!!! That was awful - yeah the funniest weener ever is right. But wow, Brendan Frazier...owie owie owie.
2002-09-10 09:03:33 AM  
I love weeners, and the male anatomy is a gorgeous thing to me, but its really tough to find good pr0n for girls, thats for sure. Its hard to decipher what would be considered 'good' pr0n, since we girls are convinced that there is no such thing as a straight man with washboard abs (ha ha ha ups to Margaret Cho) you know? So its really an unexplored grey area I think.
2002-09-10 09:09:08 AM  
As a gay man, I found that pr0n a major turn-off. Looks more like a cheesy straight guy had a "posing for porn" fantasy.
2002-09-10 09:10:57 AM  
And there is no way that guy was gay. Check out gay porn, and you'll see. Or you can take my word for it. Gay porn-guys are hotter, generally. Even the amateur stuff.
2002-09-10 09:15:22 AM  
GOD!!! WTF was that? LOL its way to early to be siked out like that. I was thinking something more like what DaCricket had lol. Thanks DaCricket for helping me get over that awful weener lol. More coffee needed!!!
2002-09-10 09:19:01 AM  
Bizarro: Gorgeous? Male anatomy? Two words that don't belong in the same sentence...
2002-09-10 09:20:40 AM  
*sigh* Too bad my 'Brend' of george is safe for work.
2002-09-10 09:36:17 AM  
DaCricket, Bizarro: I TOTALLY AGREE.....Brendan Frasier rocks!! He's at his best with long hair, don't you think?
2002-09-10 09:37:55 AM  

Is it just me or does that chap you posted a picture of have a really weird belly button. Sort of flappy bits hanging around in it. Euchh. You'd have thought they'd have surgery for things like that.
2002-09-10 09:54:04 AM  
what's he doing to that stuffed lion???!!!
2002-09-10 09:56:21 AM  

You're fired.

That 'chap', is Brendan Frasier. And I like his belly button.


Oh yeah.
2002-09-10 09:57:41 AM  
Lareine, please don't go there.
2002-09-10 10:00:54 AM  
Its hard to decipher what would be considered 'good' pr0n, since we girls are convinced that there is no such thing as a straight man with washboard abs (ha ha ha ups to Margaret Cho) you know?

So, good female porn would be... Ron Jeremy?
2002-09-10 10:02:03 AM  
Mmmm Brendan... yum. I'll take him over that goofy looking stuffed animal tamer any day... Rowr! ;)

2002-09-10 10:02:23 AM  
That link was cheesey. Looks like someone's weird boyfriend who thinks he's hot stuff. Pics taken in a backyard with stuffed tiger. Oh hot stuff...bleh.

Thanks for the Frasier pic though...he can swing from my bedposts anytime!
2002-09-10 10:03:18 AM  
YOU'RE RIGHT! I didn't click on the link - definitely an ugly straight guy. There was a gay guy in the advertisement.

BTW - who found this?

And also - I think our idea of a male fantasy is supposed to be Ron Jeremy - how many movies has that guy been in anyway?

2002-09-10 10:04:34 AM  


Eeeewwww, yuck, and HELL farkING NO!!!!!
2002-09-10 10:09:14 AM  
BTW that isn't a belly's a shotgun wound
2002-09-10 10:15:28 AM  
The Farkettes (and us Farkgots) haven't had a decent Weeners link in well over a week. And now we get this?

That guy's definitely straight. Cuz he's fugly and has a small weener.

And that stuffed tiger just weirds me out. This borders on a bestiality fantasy.

Worst. Weeners. Link. Ever.
2002-09-10 10:16:44 AM  
Yeah, Yeah...but go here to see what I'd hit! (not safe for work!)
2002-09-10 10:18:05 AM  
DAMN IT ANYHOW! That link was supposed to be
2002-09-10 10:28:45 AM  
Here's what I'd like to see in my porn:

1) Women who don't look like they're molded plastic.
2) Men who don't look like Ron Jeremy. *shudder*
3) Real sex where people look like they're actually getting off. Even the woman, and she gets to be an active participant instead of pounded into oblivion before being spewed all over.
4) Much less fake squealing, fake moaning, and badly faked orgasms.
5) No more drug addicts who are obviously there only to finance their next hit of whatever.
6) Actors who can't act realizing their dearth of talent and shutting up.

As far as porn in photo form, I want it to be erotic instead of ridiculous. No stuffed animals, please.
2002-09-10 10:33:31 AM  

Sounds good to me.
2002-09-10 10:37:00 AM  
Check out Mikes Appartment. Well, I thought it was pretty cool anyway, worth the $4.95 it costs to get the 3 day trial membership and download the whole site. I don't think it is specifically aimed at women but my girlfriend liked it.
2002-09-10 10:48:02 AM  
((I love reading the Weeners threads.))
2002-09-10 10:48:45 AM  
Thanks, Scud. I'll check it out. My fiance says it's like BangBus with more rooms, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.
2002-09-10 10:53:12 AM  
Hehe, you may, or may not like it but it matches your 6 criteria pretty well.
2002-09-10 10:56:35 AM  
So where'd the Trailer Trash Fabio come from anyway?
2002-09-10 10:57:51 AM  
I'm going to puke!
2002-09-10 11:04:46 AM  
Just checked out BangBus and yes, Mikes Apartment is along the same lines but better shot, less dude-speak and slightly more attractive people.
2002-09-10 11:05:57 AM  
Is it just me, or does that guy's head (the one on his shoulders) look like it doesn't belong on his body? It's too small, or something. Ugh. And while normally I like guys with long hair, this dude needs a buzzcut, fast.
2002-09-10 11:10:21 AM  
Trailer Trash Fabio! LOL! That's a good name for him.
2002-09-10 11:11:19 AM  
ArcticFox: Dontcha think he kinda looks like He-Man? (not in a good way)

ScudEast: Thanks for the update. I'll check it out anyway. =)
2002-09-10 11:23:42 AM  
Ahaha, that was farking hilarious!

Femme, did you find this?
2002-09-10 11:32:46 AM  
Hooray for Krue! That list sums it up perfectly! I'm big on historical settings, too, but that's just my thing. lol And this guy...damnit, we get one straight long-haired guy on here and he's some weirdo molesting a stuffed tiger. *shudder*
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