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(Some Guy)   How to make your car invisible to radar and laser   ( divider line
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3957 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2001 at 8:49 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-18 08:53:46 PM  
There's nothing new about this....

-= rei =-
2001-07-18 08:54:03 PM  
down with the po po!
2001-07-18 09:06:32 PM  
What the hell? Is this the way that accepts advertising dollars on the sly? This exact same link ran on 6/29. What's more, this product does not work and in fact increases the visibility of your car to RADAR (one source)
2001-07-18 09:17:51 PM l F2.html
2001-07-18 09:18:28 PM  
How to make your car invisible to radar for $350.

No, thanks. I'll rely on my acute field of vision.
2001-07-18 09:21:09 PM  
Oops, sorry about that last post. Here is some more information about the scum-sucking pathetic POS known as "Rocky Mountain Radar":

Link One
Link Two

And just in case you want to find a real way to "jam" photo radar, here is an interesting countermeasure:

Photo Radar Jammer
2001-07-18 09:21:28 PM  
$350? that's more than a few tickets.
2001-07-18 09:27:10 PM  
I have never seen any independent reports that this thing actually works at all. The only things that I have seen are that it does not work at all. This product is a joke. I would like to see anyone fly past a cop with one of these things on. I know that person would be pulled over. Why not just get a REAL jammer?
2001-07-18 09:31:44 PM  
and if you believe that I got a nice bridge in Brooklin and some groovy Arizona seaside property to sell ya...
2001-07-18 09:36:12 PM  
Repeat... and bullshiat. Check the previous post for links to independent articles about how it doesn't work.
2001-07-18 10:15:04 PM  
You know, I have submitted a bunch of articles that never get posted(the most recent being the FBI losing close to a thousand guns and computers), yet we have repeats of false advertisement. Is the FBI losing guns really less interesting than this?
2001-07-18 10:15:15 PM -- now with 20% more SPAM!
2001-07-18 10:21:55 PM  
Geez, did anyone else find that bouncing coupon to be as annoying as X10 pop-unders? What will they think of next?

If you want to avoid a ticket, follow the advice given by my friend Ernie. He's gotten lots of positive feedback from officers saying he is right on the mark with his "essay".
2001-07-18 10:45:06 PM  
X10 must die a slow painful death for their crimes against the internet!
2001-07-18 11:49:52 PM  
2001-07-19 12:34:41 AM  
Try NoAds. Relatively mild-mannered supressant for X10 and the like. I haven't seen any of those little buggers ever since they were placed in the "Add to Targets" list. When I need to speed, I try to settle for being the second or third fastest, but then, I hate to pay tickets really bad.
2001-07-19 12:53:49 AM  
Agreed, Jenius. I found out about noads from another poster to Been using it a few weeks now, and I don't know how I ever lived without it.
2001-07-19 01:05:27 AM  
Our navy recruiter in HS told us about a buddy of his that stole some equipment from the Army and put it in his car. Long story short, it would literally fry out the components of radar and laser detectors. He eventually got caught when he fried out some cop's radar and he was the only car within 2 miles :)
2001-07-19 02:10:02 AM  
Not exactly Wonder Woman's invisible plane, is it?

Not sure if these things are even legal in the UK...
2001-07-19 03:22:28 AM  
Tribs Nothing is legal in the UK. You guys live far from freedom.

I prefer to outrun them pigs. CBR baby!
2001-07-19 05:53:21 AM  
Nohing is legal in the UK, which is why we all start drinking at 18 - to block out the constant crushing totalitarianism of everyday life.

Oh, no, hang on - it's because we can. Cheers!
2001-07-19 06:10:31 AM  
Yeah, Rob,

I actually dig the UK. I had many an enjoyable time in London pubs drinking stouts and espresso at 1 PM. It was nice to get the ol' Glasgow kiss on my forehead from a huge skinhead on new years eve in Trafalgar square. My brother fell underneath a cop horse. Cool! Many bottles were broken. But we got crazy.

Some punk biatches tried to fight myself and my two brothers in Soho. I was 20, bro was 22 and other bro was 24. We're all about 5'11 and about 170-180. Not all that badass. Just kind of aggro, no stranger to busted lips, both are taken and given. About 6 kids who were maybe 18 tried to fight us. One kid rolled his dress shirt sleeves up above his paltry biceps. He seriously looked like a Monty Python rubberbooted, braces wearing farmer. He even took his belt off and started swinging it at us.

But we're all American. We know that frequently, fights come down to death, at least in the states. You never know who had a gun in the states. Everyone has access to guns, anyway. So my bros and are ready to fight. By this time, there was a huge crowd around us. Nobody wanted to strike first, but these guys accosted us, so we taunted them relentlessly to hurry up and attack. They backed down. They were little kids. We would have dropped the bomb on them.

After they left, a local who was next to us said:

"I've never seen a Yank back down from a fight."

Sorry so long, just though the truth had to be told...
2001-07-19 08:19:54 AM  
A good CB(usually under $70 US)and some friendly truckers will tell you where every cop is located for 100 miles in every direction. (and they're legal in every state) I've logged over 500,000 miles in my vehicles and never gotten a speeding ticket as long as I've been using it.
2001-07-19 01:14:14 PM  
Howabout a good coating of that stealth aircraft paint?
2001-07-19 02:01:26 PM  
Isn't this a re-run article? Hey Drew -- are you getting your kickbacks for this?? :-)
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