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(HellraiserandBeerDrinker) Boobies Anybody have one of those 3d glasses sitting around collecting dust?   ( divider line 54
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2002-09-08 06:07:47 PM  
It's hard to drink beer out of 2 dimentional glass.
2002-09-08 06:16:29 PM  
Cool (Or is it kewl nowadays?).
I saved my pair from the Kiss "Psycho Circus" tour. It had a good effect.
2002-09-08 11:02:43 PM  
Heh. I do actually. They mostly work.
2002-09-08 11:05:23 PM  
wheres that pair that came with Rad Racer when i need em!

2002-09-08 11:36:54 PM  
Rad Racer owned.....and dammit I wish I had a pair o those glasses right now. DAMMIT ALL TO HELL!!!!
2002-09-08 11:37:03 PM  
Here they are:

2002-09-08 11:38:38 PM  
DisgruntledGoat: no, we're talking about the cheap plastic kind. I used to have some, but no more.

Also, rad racer was a pretty tight game.
2002-09-08 11:40:17 PM  
Btw, I've seen some "3d" porn where they just took two copies of the image, shifted one over and colored them blue and red. In other words, they would have looked flat in the glasses.

These seem to be real, though.
2002-09-08 11:41:12 PM  
Well, the Sega ones are better... because they're Sega.
2002-09-08 11:41:22 PM  
Yay! I knew I was saving mine for some reason or another! Now all those years of strife and hell my family will pay off! Thank goodness for my not-so-will-of-iron(+3).
2002-09-08 11:43:09 PM  
he he, I had to dodge a boobie, 3d KicksA$$
2002-09-08 11:43:09 PM  
I actually bought that stupid "Freddy" Box set and 3 pair came with it.... Needless to say they look better without the glasses, infocus would only have hurt my eyes...
2002-09-08 11:45:51 PM  
Oh, you can order some free red/blue Anaglyph 3d glasses from here.

(thank's google :)
2002-09-08 11:48:59 PM  
Dammit. I don't know what on earth happend to my Rad Racer 3D. But I knew those would come in handy someday.
2002-09-08 11:53:26 PM  
Lindsey scares me.
2002-09-08 11:56:12 PM  
Bah! Nothing stupid about the freddy box set. I picked that up a while ago, and have the glasses from that as well. Neat stuff.
2002-09-08 11:57:31 PM  
.68 cents is NOT FREE DAMMIT! At least I can still scrape 2 nickels together.

Thanks for the link Autopr0n
2002-09-08 11:59:20 PM  
That was pretty damned cool.
2002-09-09 12:08:28 AM  
74 cents is more like it. gotta factor in the government's inept monopoly and its constant rate hikes.
2002-09-09 12:17:41 AM  
Damn I just seen a pair of 3D glasses with my old stuff sitting at my parent's house should of grabbed them.
2002-09-09 12:21:16 AM  
It appears any picture can be shifted into this 3D transform by simply removing the color components, and skewing the background components into red and blue mirror offsets. The "in your face" parts are untouched, while the shifted colored mirrored images fall into the background. Fascinating.

This appears to be a fun form of photography to study. I suppose imaging software, such as the gimp can be modified to model 3D images.
2002-09-09 12:22:34 AM  
2002-09-09 12:27:55 AM  
wohoo... virtual filing cabinet!

"but I have yard work that needs to be done at home!"
2002-09-09 12:28:07 AM  
have 3-d glasses that came with the si swimsuit mag a couple years back.

i still get headaches.

(from the glasses, not daniela.)
2002-09-09 12:35:18 AM  
masturbating alone wont make you go blind, but masturbating with 3d glasses probably will. ow.
2002-09-09 12:40:18 AM  
my 3-d glasses came with the National Geographic Mars Lander issue
2002-09-09 12:46:24 AM  
I bought a Zappa movie (can't remember which one) that came with a set of 'NO-D' glasses.
This post doesn't make any sense? Neither did the glasses.
2002-09-09 12:54:52 AM  
i don't have the html skillz that y'all do, but after investigating the site a little, here's some for the unlucky masses without glasses: (copy and paste, the links are on the side)
2002-09-09 01:15:39 AM  
Wow this is cool actaully works! I first thought I was SOL! Then I remebered my Elvira Mistress Of The Dark videocassette! I had a pair stashed with the video! The Elvira tap featured a cult movie called The Mask really wierd but cool!
2002-09-09 01:20:35 AM  

ME TOO!!!!!
2002-09-09 01:26:33 AM  
Whups.. guess those letters I just sent out aren't going to make it anywhere but back to me.
2002-09-09 01:27:02 AM  
Kennyc: Me too, too!!!!!
2002-09-09 01:44:22 AM
Check this link out they have a program to make anaglyphs and its freeware!
2002-09-09 01:45:41 AM  
I just had to put in my own 2 cents and say Rad Racer did indeed kick some serious ass. I betcha I still have it hanging around here somewhere too.
2002-09-09 01:51:51 AM  
I feel a new kind of photoshop op coming on!
2002-09-09 02:18:50 AM  
Radralph : Me too!, Thats where I got mine from.
2002-09-09 03:08:13 AM  
Sodapop: Wow and here I thought I was the only person crazy enuff to buy that video! LOL
2002-09-09 03:12:35 AM  
So now all the geeks come one step closer to sex...

Love that Internet!
2002-09-09 03:47:41 AM  
I still have the 3D glasses I got free with my ticket when that 3D Friday the 13th movie was in theatres way back in the 1990's, and they're still in mint condition. :-)
2002-09-09 05:10:48 AM  
Goddammit! I love every form of 3D pictures EXCEPT FOR THIS GLASSES CRAP. Someone point me to some stereogram boobies! I'm missin out!
2002-09-09 05:16:01 AM  
2002-09-09 07:48:56 AM  

You can make a 3-D image from a flat 2-D image in photoshop (the free program linked above requires 2 stereo images). Here's a tutorial.
2002-09-09 08:06:29 AM  
the macguyver solution:

just get some seran wrap or seethrough material of any kind, and color the parts that correspond with your eyes red and blue(assuming you have red and blue markers)
2002-09-09 08:28:27 AM  
i got one on my profile...ahh yea
2002-09-09 08:34:07 AM  
Surprised me it took that long for some one to suggest how to make them, I remember making them at school (not for p0rn use however heh).
2002-09-09 09:09:56 AM  
Anyone with the 3-D issue of the National Lampoon (Stevie Wonder on the cover) has those glasses.
2002-09-09 09:15:48 AM  
I got my 3-D glasses for free from They have a ton more 3-D nudes also, so you may want to check them out.
2002-09-09 12:13:32 PM  
09-09-02 08:06:29 AM ImNotaBuddhist
the macguyver solution:

And don't forget some Tide laundry detergent, kerosene, and some twist ties.
2002-09-09 01:23:27 PM  
Rad Racer kicked ass. I loved to play the New York Corse. It was cheesy. WHy cant they make games like that.
2002-09-09 02:17:53 PM  
Arrgh!! Boobies give me headache. Must look. Arrgh!!
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