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(NYPost)   Opie & Anthony still getting paid from their $30 million contract   ( divider line
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8913 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2002 at 8:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-08 08:19:17 AM  
That's not The NYPOST, That's PAGE 6
2002-09-08 09:02:37 AM  
ok terrific
2002-09-08 09:06:00 AM  
zedrek - never mind that theres a ny post link and it says " and Page 6 are trademarks of NYP Holdings, Inc.
Copyright 2002 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights reserved."
2002-09-08 09:07:24 AM  
Page Six as in Page Six of the NY Post. It is the New York Post.
2002-09-08 09:10:04 AM  
We're still talking about those two?

2002-09-08 09:18:19 AM  
I am not a happy camper.

This big business never though that a couple of shock-jock Radio personalities might go to far? And never provisioned the contract to have a back door?

O&A will claim that they had full permission to do their stunt? Well, why not just show everybody the contract and prove that nobody had control over O&A?
2002-09-08 09:21:08 AM  
And for one who lives outside of America the signifigance is...
2002-09-08 09:24:13 AM  
It would be hard for Infinity to show that they didn't give permission since this was the 3rd annual "Sex for Sam".
2002-09-08 09:50:44 AM  
They'll be back, bigger and better. Give it time. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a balloon knot.
2002-09-08 09:57:39 AM  
"a blow-by-blow description of a couple having sex"

heh... heh heh...
2002-09-08 10:05:28 AM  
that's a scary amount of money for two radio dude losers to get....
2002-09-08 10:39:07 AM  
Oh theyll be back. Just ask The Greaseman.
2002-09-08 10:39:10 AM  
MY Gawddd you morons don't even understand the numbering system.
2002-09-08 10:44:27 AM  
If by "they'll be back" you mean "they'll drive off a cliff into a pool of exploding sharks", then I'm with you, brother!
2002-09-08 10:56:26 AM  
I hope thats what happens to them lol. I have a feeling they will be back but I know I wont be one of the idiots that bother with what they have to say.
2002-09-08 11:04:16 AM  

Sometimes capitalism pisses me right off.

Radio djs...(a largely useless job in the big picture)making that kind of cash, all because they can make more in advertising dollars.

I dont't know what is more depressing, that this is the economic system our country has agreed on, or that it works so well.
2002-09-08 11:07:58 AM  
After almost a week of thes Opie and Anthony links I can now say with compleat confidence,I DONT GIVE A shiat
2002-09-08 11:08:22 AM  
good for them. stick it to the suits.
2002-09-08 11:09:30 AM  
why the fark dosent span /span work in this frigging thread? Or have the html gods abandoned me today?
2002-09-08 11:11:05 AM  
$30 million for being local shock jocks? With that salary they should consider Major League Baseball as their next career choice.
2002-09-08 11:12:32 AM  
what retards listen to these guys anyway? or stern for that matter? djs should play the music and STFU.

2002-09-08 11:33:43 AM  
Right on, curious. I blame big radio cartels like infinity and clear channel for the proliferation of drive-time shock jocks. I listen to NPR or a cd in the car.
2002-09-08 11:46:13 AM  
HenryFnord, the $30 million is an estimate and they were nationally syndicated.

And this makes sense, because TECHNICALLY the duo were cancelled and not fired.
2002-09-08 11:46:40 AM  
In the battle of The Jerks vs. The Suits the winner will be the lawyers.
2002-09-08 11:54:21 AM  
Who and who?

Oh yeah, those are those guys who aren't on the radio in Los Angeles. Oh well, they don't matter then.
2002-09-08 12:25:37 PM  
I just sense a bunch of sour people who are jealous that they get paid significantly less for what they feel are more important jobs.
2002-09-08 12:25:48 PM  
Big deal.. the suits calculated this into the write-off when they cancelled the show. Basic contracts.
2002-09-08 12:27:12 PM  
Will somebody please think about JIM NORTON!!!! LIL' JIMMY WE MISS YOU.
2002-09-08 01:01:22 PM  
jim norton is a moron....
2002-09-08 01:12:31 PM  
Yeah, LA's got Danny Bonaduce- Bonadoochee- you've got that red headed guy who was once arrested here in Phoenix for beating up a hooker he'd picked up and taken home only to find out she's a man, baby. Oh, yeah, and he beat up Greg Brady, too. But that was apparently for charity.
I listen to him every time I head out there to hit the touristy places.
2002-09-08 01:15:27 PM  
Lonerancher while there is some validity to your point just how important are djs in the vast scheme of things?
2002-09-08 01:44:59 PM  
I just don't like talk radio, some of these clowns are mildly amusing, but I get tired of it in about 5 minutes.
2002-09-08 02:07:42 PM  
I don't care about shock jocks. The fact is, Opie and Anthony were more than shock jocks. Anthony was always funny and even Opie could be that way at times. Lil' Jimmy Norton is why I tuned in.

Stern will take credit for everything in show biz, but just because he was the guy who brought that type of humor into the spotlight, that DOES NOT mean he is the only one who could do it. Frankly, O and A were the most entertaining when talking about their respective childhoods and such.
There were times when they'd have about 4 comedians in the studio...all of it PURE GOLD. If that's not your thing, then tune in to NPR. Now in Dallas all that we have is Howard...his last show was great, but generally I tune out once the Stamos/stripper/porno stuff kicks into (yawn) gear.
2002-09-08 02:11:09 PM  
How important are djs in the grand scheme of things? Probably about as important as teachers or the president or any other job because in the grand scheme of things Earth means nothing. So quit crying about how important some job that earns 50 grand a year is and how that job should be making 30 million. fag.

fark a Duckk
2002-09-08 03:04:56 PM  
Someone please put Armour All on thier tires.
2002-09-08 03:18:27 PM  
fark that 30 mill? for some howard stern wannabe look how much we can say boobie and penis on air hacks

what the fark!
2002-09-08 03:35:12 PM  
what I think is funny is they were punish yet WE ARE STILL biatchING ABOUT IT! its like a guy murders some people they kill him in the electric chair and do it again and again and again till it becomes a Cliche on Fark.
2002-09-08 03:36:23 PM  

Newsflash, Howard Stern has more boobie/penis references on his show than O and A ever did. That's why he sucks, for the most part, now. For all his bragging, Stern seems to rely on tits & ass or celebrity gossip to keep his ratings up.
2002-09-08 03:41:24 PM  
09-08-02 11:11:05 AM HenryFnord
$30 million for being local shock jocks? With that salary they should consider Major League Baseball as their next career choice.

Sure if you count local as 18 citys nationwide...
2002-09-08 03:42:57 PM  
If you want funny, listen to Bob and Tom.
2002-09-08 03:55:13 PM  


I grew up listening to those guys in Indianapolis on Q-95 (in case you didn't know where they broadcast from). It's cool they're syndicated now. I'm really glad to finally be able to get them down here in North Carolina.

So, I flip back and forth between Bob and Tom and NPR on my commute. It's somewhat surreal.

Strange that almost a year ago, I heard about the first plane hitting the WTC on Bob and Tom, flipped to NPR to hear what they were saying, and flipped back to Bob and Tom to hear them announce the second plane had hit.

2002-09-08 04:02:05 PM  
I was listening to Stern on 9/11...the station cut the broadcast so they could go to a CBS news announcement. One thing I will say for Stern--he stuck around for about 6 hours to keep his listeners informed on what was going on...and he works right out of Manhattan.
2002-09-08 04:10:29 PM  
Los Angeles doesn't have shiat for syndicated radio, especially when that AM sports station cancelled Bob and Tom.
2002-09-08 04:12:36 PM  
Here in Dallas we basically have Stern in the morning. There is a local guy who is pretty popular in the afternoon, but other than nostalgia, I don't get the appeal.
2002-09-08 06:56:10 PM  
Scatpack-greaseman isn't back here in atlanta, and thank farkin god for that. He's got to be the most annoying POS to ever sit in front of a mic.
2002-09-08 07:25:29 PM  

Nobody could be a bigger POS than Tom Lickass.
2002-09-08 08:11:09 PM  
So many of you hate O&A but must read the article and comment. It's pretty pathetic. Half of you never get any facts straight and think you know it all. They aren't dj's for the many of you say they are. There's a difference in being a dj and being on a talk radio station. And for the one guy who didn't care because they weren't on in LA is truly retarded. Last I checked NY was the number 1 market in the country so fark off and fark LA.
2002-09-08 09:53:49 PM  
Trader_of_shots: You're not supposed to care. fark off.

If I see one more story from the Post characterizing that bit as a "blow by blow" account of a sex act...assholes. Of course Infinity is keeping them on the payroll. They weren't fired, only cancelled. The second Infinity lets them go, O&A will be picked up by someone else, most likely Clear Channel (I don't care what that company's line is; as long as Infinity still has them under contract and the heat's still on in the court of public opinion, they'd be fools to say anything else. Doesn't mean it's true.)

CP: Good for Stern for sticking around, but you have to give credit to O&A for seeking out another station from which to broadcast and going on with the show instead of getting the hell out of Dodge.
2002-09-08 10:00:06 PM  
Jordy: You're an ignoramus if you think O&A was all about the tits and freaks. You have confused them with Howard Stern's show.
2002-09-09 02:17:12 AM  
O&A rule.
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