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(Salt Lake Tribune)   Prosecutors decide not to charge woman gardening in bikini   ( divider line
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1683 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2001 at 6:26 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-18 06:36:44 PM  
Not to charge them is one thing... could they oblige them?
2001-07-18 06:49:56 PM  
This ruling was a no-brainer... :)

-= rei =-
2001-07-18 06:54:58 PM  
....... Since news reports about the episode, Davis County sheriff's Lt. Dan Horton said dispatchers had received numerous prank calls from people reporting their neighbors also were gardening in bikinis.

Hmmm, I wonder how many people that called the police were reading this on FARK, and just wanted to have fun the cops.
2001-07-18 07:01:42 PM  
Nissan: if I think fun, I don't think cops.
2001-07-18 07:07:53 PM  
Utah still sucks.
2001-07-18 07:38:05 PM  
OOPS, I meant have fun with the cops

Sorry, I am a programmer not a spelling wizard
2001-07-18 07:55:24 PM  
What the heck is wrong with the Utah-ese? First that lady complaining about Victoria's Secret posters, and now folks calling the cops over a regular bikini!

Sheeshum what a bunch of prudes..

"Smell my finger"
2001-07-18 08:20:47 PM  
you would be calling too, look at this piggy
2001-07-18 09:35:02 PM  
um, we need like pics or something
2001-07-18 09:56:29 PM  
"Derian said Monday that her neighbors called the police on her because she runs Black Rose Enterprises out of her home. The company, which Derian says is the only one of its kind in Utah, sends topless maids to private homes to do light housework."
2001-07-18 10:08:15 PM  
And... you're just now catching that?

-= rei =-
2001-07-18 11:49:07 PM  
411: has a pic.
2001-07-19 12:09:08 AM  
No Rei, I quoted that so the people who did not finish the article could see that more issues are at stake than 'butt-floss'.
2001-07-19 01:23:26 AM  
I honestly think Scientologists are after her.


Smell my finger.

Stinky Pinky
2001-07-19 03:20:27 AM  
I'm a proud Utahn. Life behind the "Zion Curtain" is peachy. :-)
2001-07-19 03:38:02 AM  
Gawd: Are you one of those Scientologists..?

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Smell my finger.
2001-07-19 03:39:20 AM  
Gawd I feel so bad for you.

Utah is such a naturally beautiful place that is sort of like a gorgeous young woman.

Then the Mormons come along and anally rape that woman.

How horrible is it to watch the Earth be farked by the locals who have failed to realize that they have a valuable resource at their fingertips? Since they believe the world will end soon, why bother recycling? Why bother conserving resources? Why bother protecting the pristine canyons? Answer: don't bother. The world is ours to use.

Stupid morms. Oh yeah, the term is not "Utahns", it's "Utards".
2001-07-19 05:41:14 AM  
Crazy Americans. Wanting to prosecute a woman for wearing a bikini, tssk, tssk.
2001-07-19 05:53:08 AM  
Lechas I hope you mean "crazy mormons", not "crazy Americans".

Most of us love bikinis. Utah is the epicenter for this type of shiat.
2001-07-19 06:20:06 AM  
OcterDoctopus: My mistake, i needed to say mormons or was it morons?? Not much difference in that actually. I will retrackt my 'Crazy Americans' comment.

"Just because we don't use electricity, doesn't mean we are technologcally impared." - Wierd Al Yankovich, Amish Paradise (non relevant, just funny)
2001-07-19 07:20:58 AM  

"I would rather dive naked into a huge pile of thumbtacks....stick my nostrils together with krazy glue...etc.etc.. than spend another minute with you"

Or something to that effect. Also Weird Al, of course.

Actually, my quote is quite relevant. It's what I'd do before I moved to Utah. And you can add "scoop my ovaries out with a fork." No, I'm male. I guess that would be intestinal.
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