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(Some New Hampshire Thing)   Spend your summer day re-living the Titanic Disaster.   ( divider line
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4063 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2002 at 2:06 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-08 01:38:29 AM  
I don't need to. I know already that I am "King of the World".
2002-09-08 02:11:59 AM  
Hey I went down one of those once, quite fun.
2002-09-08 02:12:43 AM  
Does that come with a half frozen boy band reject clinging to the side?
2002-09-08 02:13:14 AM  
Not New Hampshire, Old Hampshire. The orginal Hampshire in England that they named the colony after.

Can we throw Leo off the boat about halfway through the movie? Then we hijack a U-Boat to make the damned thing go down faster and spare us the agony of that endless film.
2002-09-08 02:14:02 AM  
My guess is the same people that enjoy this are the same people that laugh at the part of Titanic when the guy hits the propeller. Pure comedy. That movie was hilarious.
2002-09-08 02:14:24 AM  
Super fun happy slide!
2002-09-08 02:15:11 AM  
Hey people have been making a living on other peoples misery.
I thought the slide was a marvel and fun ride. It's people who never forget and take life to seriously who make life on this planet no fun.
In short " Relax"
No inflatable boat can harm you, unless you take a dive on it.
2002-09-08 02:15:58 AM  

good call...where do we start??

2002-09-08 02:16:22 AM  
"I suppose that as long as they make money out of it..."

Once again proving that there is no bottom limit the the lows Americans will go to for money.
2002-09-08 02:16:39 AM  
Will we have to wait 90 years for the World Trade Center slide?
2002-09-08 02:16:45 AM  
That is hilarious.
2002-09-08 02:18:06 AM  
What next, people are gonna take away my Hindenburg Gas Grill?
2002-09-08 02:18:54 AM  
wouldn't it be a World Trade Center bungee jump?
2002-09-08 02:19:03 AM  
It offers a bouncy iceberg as an optional extra.
2002-09-08 02:22:45 AM  
wouldn't it be a World Trade Center bungee jump?

Called the WTC Plunge of Doom?
2002-09-08 02:23:09 AM  
If they took the name Titanic off of it I'm sure everything would be fine, because then it would just be some random ship sinking.
2002-09-08 02:26:30 AM  
I saw one of those at a summertime festivities thingy. Some little kid was yelling "Look at me Mommy! I'm dying!"
It was really funny.
2002-09-08 02:27:57 AM  
wouldn't it be a World Trade Center bungee jump?

Called the WTC Plunge of Doom?

Operated while playing the song "it's raining men"?
2002-09-08 02:33:04 AM  
let me think, my grandmother was born that year, so I suppose a tribute is nice. thanks hollywood, you sacks of shiat....
2002-09-08 02:34:08 AM  
"Operated while playing the song "it's raining men"?"

2002-09-08 02:41:58 AM  
Troy McClure
My guess is the same people that enjoy this are the same people that laugh at the part of Titanic when the guy hits the propeller. Pure comedy. That movie was hilarious.

I could not help but laugh when I saw that part. They even put a !bonk! sound effect when he hit it in the movie. I was rolling. If looks could kill, I would have been dead in a second in that theatre.
2002-09-08 02:43:22 AM  
Summer is almost over. :(
2002-09-08 02:44:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-08 02:52:08 AM  
ArmyOfFun: I hope they take away your grill before my Hiroshima brand garbage incinerator.
2002-09-08 02:59:22 AM  
This isn't new. This thing's been at Ohio fairs for at least five years.
2002-09-08 03:11:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Everyone's favorite ride, The Challenger!
2002-09-08 03:13:25 AM  
I'm king of the wo .... OH MY FARKING GOD AN ICEBERG ! WE'RE DEAD MEAT !
2002-09-08 03:48:29 AM  
oh please, get off yer highhorse and slide, dammit!
2002-09-08 03:56:15 AM  
Who cares? Its a slide. People can do whatever they want and its NO ONE else's business unless it physically HURTS them. Dont like the slide? dont ride it. Dont like this comment? dont read it. SIMPLE.
2002-09-08 04:01:50 AM  
Dont like this comment? dont read it

Yes, but I have to read the comment to know whether I like it or not. Plus, by the time I get to the part that says "Don't read it" I've already read most of it.
2002-09-08 04:02:27 AM  
People need to lighten up. The difference between the Titanic and WTC tragedies is that enough time has passed from Titanic that we can have a little fun with it. Nobody alive today was directly affected by the Titanic sinking, and if you were, you are too damn old!

Once enough time has passed, anything becomes fair game. Remember History of the World Part One?

The Inquisition (Let's begin)
The Inquisition (Look out sin)
We have a mission to convert the Jews (Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew, Jew)
We're gonna teach them wrong from right.
We're gonna help them see the light
and make an offer that they can't refuse. (That those Jews just can't refuse)
Confess, don't be boring.
Say yes, don't be dull.
A fact you're ignoring:
It's better to lose your skull cap than your skull (or your govalt!)
The Inquisition (what a show)
The Inquistion (here we go)
We know you're wishin' that we'd go away.
But the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay!

"I was sitting in a temple. I was minding my own business.
I was listening to a lovely Hebrew mass.
Then these Papus persons plungered and they throw me in a dungeon and they shove a red hot poker up my ass.
Is that considerate? Is that polite?
And not a tube of Preperation H in sight!"

"I'm sittin' flickin' chickens and I'm lookin' throught the pickins' and suddenly thes goyim pull down valls.
I didn't even know them and they grabbed my by the stoghum and started playing ping pong with my balls!
Ooh, the agony! Ooh, the shame!
To make my privates public for a game?"

The Inquisition (what a show)
The Inquisition (here we go)
We know you're wishin' that we'd go away.
But the Inquisition's here and it's here to-
"Hey Toquemada, walk this way."
"I just got back from the Auto-de-fe."
"Auto-de-fe? What's an Auto-de-fe?"
"It's what you oughtn't to do but you do anyway."
Will you convert? "No, no, no, no."
Will you confess? "No, no, no, no."
Will you revert? "No, no, no, no."
Will you say yes? "No, no, no, no!"
Now I asked in a nice way, I said, "Pretty please."
I bent their ears, now I'll work on their knees!
"Hey Toquemada, walk this way. We got a little game that you might wanna play, so pull that handle, try you're luck."
"Who knows, Toq, you might win a buck!"

"How we doin', any converts today?"
"Not a one, nay, nay, nay."
"We flattened their fingers, we branded their buns!
Nothing is working! Send in the nuns!"

The Inquisition, what a show.
The Inquisition, here we go.
We know you're wishin' that we'd go away!
So all you Muslims and you Jews
We got big news for all of yous:
You'd better change your point of views TODAY!
'Cause the Inquisition's here and it's here to stay!
2002-09-08 04:10:35 AM  
I think the general rule is that most of the people who were alive at the time of the tragedy need to be dead before we can snicker heartlessly at other's misfortune...
2002-09-08 04:25:46 AM  
hahahaha... we dont need to wait that long. Yes people died, yes people's lives were changed, but really, is that anyone else's business? NO! Basically these old people want people to feel bad for them. They dont get anything from me. Its not their time to be argueing with whats wrong and whats right. If someone made a WTC bungee jump tower, i really wouldnt care, and it hasnt even been a year. It's happened, its done, remember it, but also let it go. You cant do anything and you have to accept that. like i said, if you dont like it, dont use it, if you dont like what you are reading, ignore it. Thats one thing people need to learn to live life a little better. Of course if its something like bush bombing iraq (which most people wouldnt like), you of course have to criticize him since he is killing (and its the present not the past). You cant do anything to change the past, its physically impossible... keep trying if you would like :)
2002-09-08 04:55:03 AM  
Where's the Unlikely Tag when you need it?

"Operators are taking the tasteless attraction around fairs in England and it was America's number one amusement ride last year."
2002-09-08 05:39:27 AM  
I've seen that slide at many places around Minneapolis (in fact, the image on that page clearly has the Minneapolis skyline in the background), and I've thought that it was a little offensive, yes, but oh well. There's been worse. This lady should just hush and let the kids have fun. If it were an actual ship that actually slid into an actual freezing cold ocean, then you have a right to complain, but only for the safety of the children. God, won't someone please think of the children?!
2002-09-08 05:40:11 AM  
i probebly should'nt but when am i gonna be here again?
2002-09-08 06:19:56 AM  
The ninety year old woman who was offended by it was only NINE weeks old when she was on the Titanic. Jeezus, she probably doesn't even have a single memory of the event, but she lays claim that she can be offended.
Forget that, and let people have their sense of humor. Having a sense of humor is what makes a tragedy no more of a tragedy so that the rest of us could get on with our lives. Are we supposed to cry everytime we even hear the word "Titanic." I mean, it is not disrespectful in the least...
2002-09-08 06:48:20 AM  
How could they? Oh deary my! A disaster 6 ages old.... god damned woosy's.
2002-09-08 09:01:13 AM  
There was a "Titanic Disaster" here at the Floriduh State fair two years ago. The slide deflated and slightly injured a couple of people. Funny!!
2002-09-08 12:52:27 PM  
LOL, frankly when I worded the title, I didnt mean it like "oh no, re-live it and cry, etc etc". I just meant, for all those weird people like me, you could go down it screaming your head off about how your going to go freeze in the iceberg filled oceans. Or something. Ah well, first time I got an article posted, w00t
2002-09-08 02:12:28 PM  
Live free or die - in our fun new inflatable Titanic slide!
2002-09-08 02:22:24 PM  
So when is the WTC chamber of doom coming out?
2002-09-08 04:45:09 PM  
I can't wait until the Flight 587 roller coaster ride comes out!
2002-09-08 06:30:04 PM  
Here's hoping for the "Let's Roll (TM)" Ride of Heroism. Half of all proceeds go to the Lisa Beamer Pitying fund.
2002-09-08 11:33:02 PM  
You people make me sick. I honestly get depressed when I read these comments. Do you guys even realize how messed up we are? There is something sincerely wrong with our society.
2002-09-08 11:44:03 PM  
I've known that for a while, Meep. It's one of the reasons I'm pursuing an academic vocation, so I don't have to deal with the Great Unwashed on a daily basis.

So why am I on Fark? Good question. To make fun of the Great Unwashed, most likely.
2002-09-09 09:30:47 AM  
Danderzai: Woosy's? Are these people that are proned to motion sickness? ;-)
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