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5445 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Sep 2002 at 4:48 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-07 10:39:56 PM  
I thought Legally Blonde was a pretty entertaining movie.
2002-09-08 03:03:25 AM  
Why, who got naked?
2002-09-08 03:49:22 AM  
Much funnier than I thought it would be. I could think of many movies that have garnered sequels that are much less deserving.

Election is still her best movie though.
2002-09-08 04:51:27 AM  
How long till the next photoshop goes live ??
2002-09-08 04:52:24 AM  
I have to pee
2002-09-08 04:55:09 AM  
3 hours, Trader
2002-09-08 04:57:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-08 04:57:39 AM  
mother-farkin repeat
2002-09-08 05:00:03 AM  
3 hours ?.. ahh god .... Fark - how can you live with yourselves * shakes angry fist*
2002-09-08 05:00:38 AM  
Sancho, laughing my ass off!
2002-09-08 05:14:57 AM  
screw hollywood, check out the latest from Hayao Miyazaki (princess mononoke, my neighbor totoro)
spirited away
2002-09-08 05:16:19 AM  
2002-09-08 05:20:02 AM  
I'm still waiting on The Princess Bride 2.
2002-09-08 05:22:39 AM  
Oh, I see how it is. I post an original link to an awe-inspiring flash animation that is probably the best cartoon ever made: (not safe for dial-up) and of course, Drew overlooks it and allows a repost to slip through his fingers.

Farkin' typical. ARGH!

2002-09-08 05:24:07 AM  
They made Blade II, didn't they?...

And Starwars, Episode I II.

So shut up and take it like a man... er, like a blond girl in a suit.
2002-09-08 05:25:36 AM  
Isn't this the Katherine Harris story?
2002-09-08 05:26:54 AM  
repeats suck
2002-09-08 05:27:12 AM  
Spirited Away looks awesome, I can't wait for it to come out, I'm a huge Miyazaki fan. I'm happy this is getting the proper theater treatment but it kinda pisses me off that Disney is just using it as their next cashcow. It made me mad just seeing their name on the trailer; all the kids who see it are going to think its just another Disney picture not giving any respect where it is due.
2002-09-08 05:29:30 AM  
That whole post I just made was refering to Spirited Away in case anyone is confusting what I'm saying with Legally Blonde.
2002-09-08 05:34:20 AM  
Im just waiting for the next pee-wee herman film! heh
2002-09-08 05:37:55 AM  
*stabs eyes out with a fork*
2002-09-08 05:41:55 AM  
Legally Blonde 2 link 2...FARK is ou...Oh you know the rest
2002-09-08 05:44:32 AM  
Barf. Japanimation. I'm glad some people like poorly animated toons with bad dialogue and no real "point." I'm all for employment and bad artists and writers need jobs, too.
2002-09-08 06:03:15 AM  
Thanks Wldncrzy14, I made that when I was a little "non-sober".
2002-09-08 06:05:03 AM  
I saw Spirited Away at a convention... like most anime it makes absolutely no farking sense to anyone not from japan
2002-09-08 06:15:53 AM  
You're welcome to state you're opinion, but make sure you are able to make an educated argument when you do so. If your only exposure to anime is the crap they show on cartoon network, such as Pokemon & Dragonball, then your opinion is understandable. But please try not to insult an entire genre of film based solely on your limited knowledge. To say that all anime is poorly animated is asinine, yes it is different from what you may be used to, but it is far from poor; I recommend you watch Metropolis, Blood, or Princess Mononoke, and get back to me on that one. And to say that they have no real point is the silliest thing I've heard in a long time, if by point you mean plot & story then most anime is so thick in it that it puts most mainstream live-action films to shame. Anime is an acquired taste, either people enjoy it, or they don't. So I can accept the fact that maybe you dislike anime, but if you're going to make accusations as you did then make sure you do a little research on the subject before you start trolling again.
2002-09-08 06:17:32 AM  
Japanime fight! WooHoo!
2002-09-08 06:18:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-08 06:19:10 AM  
Bishop6 - that was awesome. I am supposed to be working on an animation project for uni, and now I feel like the French.
2002-09-08 06:26:33 AM  
Bishop6: Dude that flash isn't even broadband friendly. Its capping at 40k a sec, and already at 16megs. Only seen 1 minute so far, but damn, that's gotta be the best flash animation I have seen.

Oh, and mad propz to all the homies in the anime fight. I'm predicting anime kiddies take the lead early on, but then get smashed by the anti-anime farkers by the end of the day.
2002-09-08 06:33:44 AM  
Nah, I can't stand any Asia-mation. I've lived with a few Asian guys (Thai, Japanese,, not a bad porn movie...I just worked in Seattle for a software company...) and they've all been hooked on the crap. What's the one about vampires? I can appreciate the fact that some people like it... It's too dark and uninteresting for me. I'll agree they are pretty deep, but I will not concede that the animation is of high quality. Don't confuse holding one image while moving the background or flashing strobes with high quality.

Now, we can also get into Asian Video Games if you like. Pa-pa the Rappa...
2002-09-08 06:48:13 AM  
Aren't most video games asian?
2002-09-08 06:49:53 AM  
The flash is 40 megs, but has incredible animation and music.
2002-09-08 06:56:47 AM  
That flash was pretty, uh, interesting
2002-09-08 07:14:11 AM  

occassionally theres one about badass robots or something, but to me it mostly just seems like school girls taking showers then getting raped. and occassionally they throw in a guy with a big sword and a mechanical arm, thats about it though.
2002-09-08 07:15:38 AM  
Regarding the anime, everyone jump on Kazaa right now and download all 6 episodes of FLCL (Furi Kuri). Watch that, take 2 bongloads, and call me in the morning.

There is a shiatload of good anime out there. Pokemon, Dragonball, etc. are not one of them. Porco Rosso, Mononoke Hime, Ninja Scroll are all very good movies that i've seen lately, and there is no shortage of great half hour long series' either. It doesn't need to have tentacle sex to be considered good.
2002-09-08 07:19:39 AM  
It doesn't need to have tentacle sex to be considered good.
but it usually does.
2002-09-08 07:22:01 AM  
Good point. Or not.
2002-09-08 07:27:07 AM  
If you liked Legally Blond, feel free to cull your no-taste ass from the gene pool. It's people like you that will go see the sequel and ensure a "Legally Blond 3".

to accessorize her rights, take on the political establishment and initiate legislation in the name of her beloved dog, Bruiser.

What the hell??? Who greenlights this shiat??

Suspension of reality is one thing. Taking reality and doing a mexican hat dance on it is better left to the professionals (like shrub and asscrack).
2002-09-08 07:28:42 AM  
japanese are pervs.

poorly drawn 11 year old taking shower does not equal entertainment.
2002-09-08 07:30:49 AM  
ya, legally blonde did cause me to enter my self mutilation phase.
2002-09-08 07:30:53 AM  
I get the impression that every anime clip you've seen was accidentaly downloaded while looking for lolita underage rape pr0n.
2002-09-08 07:34:03 AM  
actually, i stay away from internet porn(dial-up) just the movie that my brother once rented from blockbuster during his anime also had a panda in it or somerthing i think

and moslty im just generalizing.

seriously though, i think anime is just a tool for nerds to pretend there superior to us normal folk with.
2002-09-08 07:36:42 AM  
Trollin' trollin' trollin, keep those trolly's trollin'...
2002-09-08 07:37:39 AM  
oh plus the hentai game reveiws on those are pretty funny.
2002-09-08 07:43:40 AM  
While I cant comment on japron-a-mation cause I just have not seen very much, I can say that everyone I know who is into it seriously is a social tard. Just strange people.
2002-09-08 07:45:04 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-08 07:54:17 AM  


Bash bush, gun control, women's rights, legal pot....

keep on trollin rawhide!!!!

(cracks whip)
2002-09-08 07:58:16 AM  
Yep, we gotta git these 450 head 'a' trolls on down to the Legally Blond-turned-japanimation thread b'for sun-up. Yeehaw!
2002-09-08 08:09:24 AM  
Japr0namation is for fags!

*whip cracks*

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