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4433 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Sep 2002 at 7:11 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-07 07:13:07 PM  
slow news day, eh?
2002-09-07 07:15:11 PM  
Bah. There's no purple blood spattered on them.
2002-09-07 07:16:10 PM  
Do they come with the led in the tips or without?
2002-09-07 07:17:22 PM  
Damn. I was always hoping Barney would beat Wil... then he could go on to fight Mike Tyson...

Oh wait... Barney has no ears.
2002-09-07 07:22:31 PM  
A free TotalFark membership should be given to any farker who wins those
2002-09-07 07:27:54 PM  
free totalfark for life...
2002-09-07 07:29:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-07 07:30:05 PM  
I bid two fluid ounces of my man butter.
2002-09-07 07:30:16 PM  
Saturdays suck at FARK.

Do worthwhile news stories just cease happening on Saturdays or what?

Every Saturday I rot at work looking for something to see, waiting for something to happen...

FARK saturday.
2002-09-07 07:34:16 PM  
Wouldn't buy them, someone's scribbled all over them.
2002-09-07 07:35:51 PM  
On a related note:

When's that Wil vs. Serena Williams bout supposed to kick off..?

I don't know 'bout y'all, but my dinero's on Serena...
2002-09-07 07:41:13 PM  
can someone explain to me why the fark wil wheaton is so damn special?
2002-09-07 07:44:24 PM  

Don't know. He is part of the FARK community, so I would suppose that's enough.
2002-09-07 07:45:52 PM  
He slayed Barney. That is good enough for me.
2002-09-07 07:48:05 PM  
Wil is all things to all men, Do not underestimate the power of Wil.
2002-09-07 07:48:43 PM  
The only memory of Barney I haven't managed to block out is when he got his ass kicked by Charles Barkley on Saturday Night Live. Now that gentlemen, was some good shiat.
2002-09-07 07:51:44 PM  
Why is this in : Collectibles:Pop Culture:Promo Glasses
2002-09-07 07:58:24 PM  
Thanks for the child support payments you prick!
2002-09-07 07:59:37 PM  
current bid is 152.50. who would pay that much for this? i mean, you're a cool guy and all, wil, but still.
2002-09-07 08:02:29 PM  
Well since the money is going to EFF then whatever the price it's a good deal,
Basically it's a donation with a free gift
2002-09-07 08:06:37 PM  
If he put his communicator up for auction, I'd be on it like a fly on shiat.
2002-09-07 08:06:50 PM  
Am I the only one who'd like to see Wil enter the Octagon of Death in the UFC?
2002-09-07 08:07:15 PM  
Heh, BastardSonOfFb I've not noticed your name on here before. Are you one of these...
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-07 08:10:21 PM  
Yeah, that's about right.
2002-09-07 09:20:56 PM  
can someone explain to me why the fark wil wheaton is so damn special?

Go read the FarQ.
2002-09-07 10:03:31 PM  
And where exactly has Will been recently?
Speaking of young Ensigns (not that Wheaton has been typecast or anything), I just got the ST:TNG Season 4 DVD set yesterday. I was finally able to see Best of Both Worlds from the season 3 set. I had been waiting so I could see both parts 1&2 consecutively.
Good stuff!
2002-09-07 10:14:25 PM  
Wow, do you mean I can win the boxing gloves used by an out-of-work actor whose last big movie was in 1986? Sign me up!

2002-09-08 04:57:20 AM  
Hey leave will alone man or i'll cut your tounge out.

Dig it

Hey any one - Ebay says Will is a "Internet Activist-Extraordinaire" - what backs this up ??
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