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(Some Guys)   Geeks everywhere bummed, creators of Farscape announce show's cancellation. SciFi channell puts another notch in its' belt   ( divider line
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6185 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Sep 2002 at 3:33 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-07 03:35:16 AM  
holy shiat, I'm first!!!!!

farscapes sucked anyway!!!
2002-09-07 03:36:31 AM  
Farscape was alright in my book.
2002-09-07 03:36:51 AM  
They canned invisible man, first wave, and now far scape - the only good shows they have. Why? So they can spend millions on things they play once every couple months... late weekend nights - like Mind Storm, or that second Fire Starter movie.

Oh, and to continue Lexx for one more season (which is now cancelled, isn't it?). Or to pump into obviously stupid shows like the Chronical... but I'm not bitter.

Remember when sci-fi use to be good? About a year ago, when you could watch I-Man, Fire Wave, Farscape, AND Lexx all in a row?
2002-09-07 03:37:58 AM  
Yes you are first Onion. And yet you still suck. Why do you think that is?
2002-09-07 03:39:03 AM  
You try living in Australia !

We got four episodes of Lexx and they cut it ! .. Lexx rocked arse !

We had one season of earth 2 - then they played the second season in reverse order !

We have 6 episodes of Crusades and they cut it ..

I am bitter... ..I am very bitter
2002-09-07 03:39:17 AM  
Sci Fi is turning into another Fox -- only without their own version of the simpsons to save the network's ass. Looks like their latest marketing ploy is to show Beyond Belief, year old episodes, in the same time slot as... Fox... which shows brand new episodes. With less comercials. Hmmm...

Why can't they just let Alan Rickman have his own network? Things would be so much better then....
2002-09-07 03:39:18 AM  
The only article I could find there was saying it would be back for season 4 in january.
2002-09-07 03:40:21 AM  
Onion13 You are farking loser .. nice post dip shiat.
2002-09-07 03:40:34 AM  
I stopped watching Sci-Fi Network when MST3K ended.
2002-09-07 03:42:28 AM

This has all the information from the chat session with the producers of the show.
2002-09-07 03:42:29 AM  
I finish watching the first episode of Farscape, a show that up until about an hour ago I had never even heard of, check out fark, and the first link tells me it's been canned.

2002-09-07 03:43:24 AM  
Yeah, but they said that about Invisible Man and Fire wave, too (well, second and third season). If Sci Fi doesn't say it has plans for a fifth and sixth season, that means the show isn't going to last until then. That channel loves to brag about what is going to happen on their one or two good shows. I hear they are picking up more episodes of John Edwards, too. Who watches that crap? Almost as bad as Being John Malkovich.

Hmm, now I'm getting all worked up over a goddamn t.v. network run by goddamn idiots. I need a Faux news article to balance my Steve Ballmer-esqe super-rage.
2002-09-07 03:43:30 AM  
heh. lexx is canadian. go canada.

i have never even heard of this farscape shiate, the only thing i use the space channel for is buffy the vampire slayer/angel.

stupid space channel.
2002-09-07 03:44:15 AM  
I just don't care.
2002-09-07 03:44:21 AM  
The first season of Farscape was great. Then it slowly began to become almost 'the suck'. the recent episodes have strayed from the neeto scifi stuff that people love and started to try and be high-brow mind trippy bullshiat.

more space battles.. more gun fights... more hot alien babes getting naughty. much less 'what is the unbearable existance of being?'
2002-09-07 03:45:52 AM  
Hercules in Space is better.
2002-09-07 03:46:11 AM  
That sucks...

I think we should all boycott tv, that'll show'em! Wait, no... too many idiots watching american idol.
2002-09-07 03:47:27 AM  
Bullshiat until proven not bullshiat..

A link to homepage with no damned news about it and someone else in the thread posting a link to a therotical "chat" session about it don't mean anything. Can anyone else find anything out?

Oh, yeah. Good show.
2002-09-07 03:48:10 AM  
But we have to wonder what they could have done next. They've killed off and resurrected like every character. what great writing. Almost as horrible as Stargate.

I say such hateful things because I miss SG, so pay no attention to me.

...maybe I'll go sit on that help erika thread and talk about panties.
2002-09-07 03:48:33 AM  
You're going to feel mighty stupid when you find out the truth, woodchipper.
2002-09-07 03:50:05 AM  
just had to jump that my dipshiat whistle blowing is over (even made a special dipshiat hat)

Sci-fi Channel in general has grown pretty weak over the past few years...Although I still watch the occasional 3rd run sci-fi movie or some of their original programming. That Dune remake rocked, but just about everything else is pretty crappy.

They are caught in a pretty bad position: they have no money (basic cable) and sci-fi tends to be the most expensive series/films to produce. I feel for them, but really Farscape did suck pretty bad...and Lexx (even with the T&A)is horrible. They run the original star trek, so why not get the north american rights for Dr. Who? or Battlestar Galactica, hell even 80's Buck Rogers (with Ms. Erin Grey....rrrrrrraaaaaoooorrrrr.....)
2002-09-07 03:51:43 AM  
They are combining the remaining books into a sequel for their Dune remake. Looks to be pretty kick-ass.

Then again I really hated the original. Hard to mastubate to bald nuns.
2002-09-07 03:55:58 AM  
You know, I've never seen Farscape. Then again, I've never had cable TV installed in the majority of my existence. Doesn't effect me.
2002-09-07 03:57:30 AM  
I've always found Sci-Fi to be the most consistently disappointing of all the cable channels. They'll actually show some load like Pythons 2 and act like it's a big deal. The fact that they cancelled MST3K is enough proof for me that there's something terribly wrong over there. Okay, so maybe it wasn't the most watched show on television. Are they telling me that more people would rather watch Pythons 2? Do I seem bitter?
2002-09-07 03:57:34 AM  
Farscape was an awesome show...I would actually be enough of a dork to cancel plans or meet people late on Fridays just to catch the new Farscape episodes. True, the series got weird after the second season, but it a very unique series and very well-done. I'm going to miss it dearly. Bastards!
2002-09-07 03:58:41 AM  
Pythons 2? Saturday to Sunday be Alligator 1 & 2 time, lamer!
2002-09-07 03:59:24 AM  
Never really got into Farscape, I caught 2 or 3 episodes and they just didnt make much sense.

Although, Ill get on the bandwagon here and say down with scifi channel. So far, Im not sure I like what they are doing with StarGate. Sure a few of the episodes have been good, but some of them have been kind of weak, and downright bad so far.

I do however like the X-303.
2002-09-07 04:00:40 AM  
Their Dune production was pretty unremarkable--I am glad they tried it but it was not that great or that faithful and was kind of boring (i rented the DVD). They get a golf clap for giving it the ol' college try but that's about it.

As for Farscape, the damned king muppet character was absolutely retarded ( I only saw the first season and forgot his name). The show had potential but never really did anything with it. The whole 'lost astronaut' thing was way too Buck Rogers for me (now that was a great show--Erin Grey rowr)
2002-09-07 04:00:48 AM  
I'd like them to remake Dollman into a series. It could star Mai, the real doll.
2002-09-07 04:04:29 AM  
Heh heh. I was the Assistant Editor on Pythons 2. And yes, that movie does suck, as does anything that comes out of UFO Films.
2002-09-07 04:05:18 AM  
My first thought was this couldn't be legit - Farscape's their biggest ratings draw, won a couple of Saturns this year, and they've been kicking in a bunch of cross-marketing deals, so their partners can't be terribly happy with it. But I hunted down the chat transcript, and it looks like they really have declined to shoot season 5. It's too bad - I really couldn't give a damn about any of their TV programming, but it would have been nice to see a reversal of their general idiocy.

OTOH, it may be just a negotiating ploy. It's hard to tell what sort of reorganization might be in the works for USA Networks. USA's been trash for quite a while now, and has to be hemhorraging money. Then they sell Monk reruns (their first good show in years) to ABC, which is an utterly bizarre move. It could just be dumb, or it could be the first sign of a potential Disney buyout.
2002-09-07 04:06:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
The last best reason to watch Sci-Fi before the got rid of it.
2002-09-07 04:08:26 AM  
I have the Dune DVD set and love it. But you have to consider the other option - the campy 80s crap that has about as good acting and directing as a Lucas film. Dune is one of the few books I could pick up and just read without getting bored. Doesn't bother you with unnecessary crap like Lord of the Rings or... pfft, every Stephen King book.

Now look what you've done! I've turned from a movie critic asshole into a movie and book critic.. who also happens to be an asshole.
2002-09-07 04:11:39 AM  
I like Farscape, and Stargate, Outer Limits, etc. Odyssey 5 on Showtime is shaping up well, too. There just aren't that many choices for sci-fi on TV. Enterprise has, what, three episodes now?
2002-09-07 04:14:34 AM  
another australian show canned :(
2002-09-07 04:15:56 AM  
How many times a day is Quantum Leap on the Sci-Fi Channel?
2002-09-07 04:18:21 AM  
After looking into it a bit, I'm convinced. Vivendi Universal is in a huge amount of debt, and USA Networks is their easiest asset to liquidate. Disney was known to have some interest, in that they were competing with Vivendi to acquire USA in 2000. Combine that with the farming out of Monk and the cancellation of the Hensons' show, and it seems like they're throwing little bones Disney's way in preparation for a multi-billion dollar sale of USA Networks. So it goes. I wonder if they'll be any brighter than the current management.
2002-09-07 04:23:36 AM  
Onion, when the Sci-Fi channel started they had all those shows, and more. They even ran Dr. Who episodically! They also had original sci-fi, space, and technology shows, a lot like TechTV does now. They have turned to total crap since then.
2002-09-07 04:25:52 AM  
I only saw a couple episodes of Farscape. I didn't like it much.. Now.. If UPN cancels Enterprise, I'll go ahead and get pissed off. ;-)
2002-09-07 04:26:34 AM  
Farscape was good, but it started getting a little "tired".

We have 6 episodes of Crusades and they cut it ..

Crusade was good... it's a shame they were only able to make thirteen episodes before getting canned. Could have been a whole continuation of the B5 saga. :(

Looks like they're going to be showing it again in October.
2002-09-07 04:26:42 AM  
did anyone else ever see VR5 and think that it was cool? that got cancelled from fox after like one year and less than that on sci fi i think. and somewhere here in the midwest where i go to school some satellite netwrork still shows invisible man, and yes that did rock. they also don't show space above and beyond which was spiffy
2002-09-07 04:28:00 AM  
Link BTW...
2002-09-07 04:33:23 AM  
But Farscape is there Flagship show! It's their one hit! They just cam out with an RPG and they're about to come out with a video game. Nothing else they make even comes close! What the fu_ck are they thinking?! How stupid can you possibly be and still be ut in charge of a television company? Do they want to fail?
2002-09-07 04:36:11 AM  
I loved farscape, it's one of the few shows I actually watch on a regular basis. I was a skeptic at first, but a friend of mine dropped off a few episodes he recorded, and after watching them in the order they were intended, I became hooked.

The fourth season has had nothing but trash episodes so far though, nothing really advancing the storyline.
2002-09-07 04:39:14 AM  
A side note, Jeremiah, on I think HBO is pretty good. Gotta love the whole everyone over the age of 12 dying for no apparent reason. Some virus that only targets 12 and ups. Riight.
2002-09-07 04:43:28 AM  
The first 2 seasons were good, but then the writers must have run out of ideas or something. They began filling the main character's dialogue with nothing but cliche's (kinda like fark) *runs*.
*peeks around corner*
And yes, the fourth season totally sucked. Used to watch every episode, but the show lost it's originality.
2002-09-07 04:52:41 AM  
Damn. No decent GIS for the Simpsons' comic book guy when you need one. Bah.
2002-09-07 04:54:04 AM  
Ok, now THIS frelling pisses me off. Farscape, re-runs of B5 and the History Channel were my only reasons for turning on the TV. Now they can Farscape. BAH.

By the way, its not "Fire Wave" it's "First Wave" and MST3K still comes on Sci-Fi on Sat mornings at 9am est.

Does anyone know if you can get all of the old episodes on DVD? I can't find the shows before Doc Forester got rid of Frank and had that other guy. Evil 4am posts.
2002-09-07 05:02:37 AM  
Dr. Lawrence Erhardt. That's the other scientists' name. Thank you google.

Allthough I did come across this quasi disturbing link.
MST3K fan fiction?
2002-09-07 05:05:00 AM  
My opinion on everything:
I never got into Farscape.
Lexx sucked big time after the first season.
I liked the Invisible Man series, but it's gone.
Stargate has been good so far, but it could easily go downhill.
Dead Zone isn't too bad, but other channels get it first.
Babylon 5 is good, but it was only on when I was at work.
FatherG: I don't think any new MST3Ks are coming out. They're all reruns of the last season. I haven't seen any DVDs of MST3K. Don't expect to see old ones on Sci-Fi. I think Comedy Central still owns the rights to them.
Uh... so there.
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