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(AZCentral)   Man shoots nail into own head. Finds metallic surprise hours later (with pic)   ( divider line
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18636 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Sep 2002 at 3:16 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-07 03:19:38 AM  
Saw this on the news today. Freaky shiat. I wish I could have a t-shirt with his X-ray on it.
2002-09-07 03:20:39 AM  
I wish I could have an X-ray with his t-shirt on it.
2002-09-07 03:20:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Here's the pic
2002-09-07 03:20:55 AM  
Mom, dad, i would like you to meet my new boyfriend Enrique! Isnt he a dream boat!
2002-09-07 03:21:28 AM  
"Somehow, the nail managed to miss his eye and not cause any brain damage."

Are they sure about that ?
2002-09-07 03:22:17 AM  
The guy from Hellraiser is not impressed.
2002-09-07 03:23:00 AM  
"Somehow, the nail managed to miss his eye and not cause any brain damage."
Turns out you have to have a brain to sustain brain damage.
2002-09-07 03:23:05 AM  
2002-09-07 03:23:33 AM  
How in the hell do you NOT NOTICE a nail getting lodged in your head??? Especially when it passed through an eye socket!
2002-09-07 03:26:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's not unfetchable, you stupid filter.
2002-09-07 03:27:18 AM  
Someone help me with this...who in their right mind tries to nail metal? Aluminum sheets are ok to go through, and certainly thin metal is easily punctured, but isn't it a judgment call on whether a piece of metal is TOO THICK to be nailed?
2002-09-07 03:28:34 AM  
cricket- there was a hotter than hotness chica walking by?
2002-09-07 03:28:38 AM  
If punk ass Jared can get a subway spokesman deal out of it, this guy is perfect for Mike Hard Lemonade.
2002-09-07 03:29:11 AM  
First thing that popped into my head was this.
2002-09-07 03:32:16 AM  
I've heard of this at least a half dozen times before. Apparently there is space behind where the eye and nose meets that is safe for a nail to travel and not do any damage. I've heard of this happening with bullets, too.

I think the strangest thing was when a bank robber tried to shoot a lady, but the bullet ricocheted off her skull, went through her bone structure and lodged in her arm or thigh. She recovered enough to testify against her would be murderer.
2002-09-07 03:33:17 AM  
victoly- what popped into my head first was.. air..
2002-09-07 03:35:11 AM  
i have a question... what does god do to kittens when you shoot yourself in the head with a nail gun?
2002-09-07 03:36:07 AM  
Apparently there is space behind where the eye and nose meets that is safe for a nail to travel and not do any damage.

Yeah, its your sinus cavity. Anyone with allergies is waaaay to familiar with it, but still, the nail had to pass though some tissue to get there. And through an eye socket no less. My question stands.
2002-09-07 03:38:13 AM  
somehow listening to "the wall" makes it all alright
2002-09-07 03:40:29 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-07 03:40:45 AM  
rofl @ AngryInch
2002-09-07 03:42:31 AM  
we've all heard a dozen stories like this... nail in head... miraculously unhurt... but shiat, that thing went through dude's farking EYE SOCKET. how the fark can you not notice something other than your eyeball in your eye socket? wow. this guy deserves some kinda corny recognition, if only from a buncha creepy mad scientists.
does this mean nailguns are safe?
2002-09-07 03:43:52 AM  
i think the freakin' hole in your head should count as getting hurt.
2002-09-07 03:45:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I'd nail it.
2002-09-07 03:57:45 AM  
"we don't need no thought control"
"no dark sarcasm in the fark forums..."
"eh! buddy! Leave them nailguns alone!"
"all in all, it's just anothe nail in your skull"
-ala pink floyd
2002-09-07 03:58:04 AM  
Nail guns don't kill people, People kill...well, damn!
2002-09-07 04:04:48 AM  
Just think what would happen if this idiot bred:

duh, gee george, what does this trigger do?

Looking down the barrel of a (nail)gun, shoot a nail gun, shoot a nail gun...
2002-09-07 04:06:32 AM  
KOIL- Guns don't kill people, they just get the bullets going REALLY fast
2002-09-07 04:13:36 AM  
If he saw it in the mirror, wouldn't that mean that some of it was still sticking out? And if so, wouldn't he be able to see it, since it was, as has already been mentioned, right by his freakin' eye?

Gratwytninja It doesn't say he was nailing metal.

He could have been nailing close enough to an edge of something for the nail to go through/past (I did it a couple of times today) in which case, it could have hit anything in that general direction.

He could have been nailing through thin sheet metal straps, clips, or hangers, which isn't really recommended, but sometimes you decide to take three seconds with a nail gun rather than five minutes pounding a nail in a space where you have insufficient space to swing a hammer effectively. (Or sometimes, you are just lazy, and choose to take three seconds with a nail gun rather than fifteen to twenty seconds with a hammer.) Usually the nails go through the metal. Sometimes they don't. I did that several times yesterday (for the space reason, not the laziness one). I don't know where any of those nails went. I assumed that they didn't actually enter into my body without my noticing.

He could have been nailing sheeting that happened to have metal, such as nail plates, behind it without his being aware of that. In my experience, this usually results in a nail that bends in a half circle, with the end of the nail coming out about an inch from where the head is. Depending on the situation, though, I could see how it could ricochet.
2002-09-07 04:19:34 AM  
is the inviso-commentor. i think that only once in my commenting career have i ever been replied to. and that one was an insulting me. if only i could utilize this invisibility physically.
2002-09-07 04:30:34 AM  
that was odd, i just read a comment, but....its almost as if i didnt read it was invisible...
2002-09-07 04:32:11 AM  
is there anything like a girl's lockeroom on these forums? heheh
2002-09-07 04:34:56 AM  
Let me break your invisibilty streak, I would have responded, but was in the bathroom dropping the kids off at the pool...

Nailguns don't kill people either, eveidentally...they just lodge themselves in, and thus short circuiting, the "What the fark is sticking out of my head" area of the brain. Its tragic really....

Just imagine if he had caught it on something...

One more final comment and I'll shut up for about 2 min, but did NO ONE he was working with notice this?? Look at the stitcheshe had to get...there had to be some type of gaping wound.
2002-09-07 04:39:40 AM  
Nailguns don't kill people either, eveidentally...they just lodge themselves in, and thus short circuiting, the "What the fark is sticking out of my head" area of the brain.

Ahhhh, I finally understand....

2002-09-07 04:41:55 AM  
*continues to pretend she doesn't see Iska19*
2002-09-07 04:42:45 AM  
2002-09-07 04:50:40 AM  
yes, my existence has been temporarily validated muwaHAHAHA!
(listening to the wall kinda heightens the whole invisibility thing =)
2002-09-07 04:51:21 AM  
"Hernandez's brain surgeon feels that kind of luck is better than winning the lottery."

By the looks of this guy I don't think he would agree.
2002-09-07 05:13:09 AM  
Victor's link is insane! So is thie azcentral one! I think its safe to say nails between 1" - 3" are not an effective lethal weapon... who knew?
2002-09-07 05:25:51 AM  
physicsguy - depends if you are (hypoglycemic?)/bleeder. then even paper is potentially lethal. also i guess you could stick that nail in more vital places like aorta but i dunwanna think 'bout that
2002-09-07 05:27:06 AM  
I suppose it all happens so fast, there is (well, evidently) a chance you might not notice it.

But bloody hell.

Surely his head must have recoiled or something when the nail hit it. Maybe the sudden trauma coases some sort of brief memory slip or something.

I dunno, I'm just trying to rationalise this one.

2002-09-07 05:35:34 AM  
Haemopheliac. :-)
2002-09-07 05:57:01 AM  
No brain, no pain. Either that or he was blind drunk.
2002-09-07 06:18:20 AM  
Happened in holland once too. The guy who worked there couldnt take his cap off, then they found the nail which a college accidently put in there. He was lucky no vital parts where hit they had to take it out in the hospital.
2002-09-07 06:46:39 AM  
Okay... so you're all saying the nail in my head right now, shouldn't be there?

Oh crap, I just scratched around it and lost eighth grade.
2002-09-07 07:46:12 AM  
If there's a nail in your head, clap your hands.

Hey, that means YOU.
2002-09-07 07:57:57 AM  
2002-09-07 08:21:11 AM  
I can't. I nailed my hands together.
2002-09-07 08:47:18 AM  
What I don't understand is why the stitches on top of his forehead. If it went in through his eye socket, and he could still see part of it, then it must have still been sticking out of his eye and not his forehead.
2002-09-07 09:06:38 AM  
...stitches musta been from his previous-week incident with the lawnmower...
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