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(The Smoking Gun)   Investigators knew immediately after 2pac's murder who did it   ( divider line
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16384 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2002 at 12:35 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-06 12:37:56 PM  
Should be a HERO tag...for the guy that capped 2 PAC's ass.
2002-09-06 12:37:57 PM  
I'm just guessing....was it Iraq?
2002-09-06 12:38:07 PM  
It was puffy, throw him to jail...
2002-09-06 12:38:12 PM  
obviously, but withhold to tell anyone for obvious reasons..
2002-09-06 12:38:13 PM  
Great now people wont stop talking about all this crap again.
2002-09-06 12:38:45 PM  
Like who the hell cares... let them kill each other.. 'd be fine with me!
2002-09-06 12:39:06 PM  
Who cares?
2002-09-06 12:39:38 PM  
Why did they stop? Can't they just keep shooting each other 'til that sorry excuse for music goes away.


2002-09-06 12:40:41 PM  
to a cop, there's no mystery to the streets. if you find a guy dead and you think his brother did it, chances are you're gonna find out you're right.
2002-09-06 12:41:13 PM  
2002-09-06 12:41:13 PM  
Wow ! Smart dudes. Hope the cops are this quick when Moby finally pops a cap in Eminem's arse.
2002-09-06 12:42:29 PM  
....In a related story, AT&T CEO guns down SBC excutive in turf war, and U.S. Navy Admiral strangles U.S. Army General for bombing Iraq before he could.
2002-09-06 12:43:07 PM  
It's bad enough when The Man tries to tear down black men every time they taste some success (OJ, Tyson, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Nate Newton, etc.)

But to try and destroy the legacy of Biggie when he's dead, is reprehensible.

Why, oh why, is AmeriKKKa so afraid of blacks accomplishing something with their lives?
2002-09-06 12:43:26 PM  
Funny how you can give these guys all the money and material possessions in the world and they still have to run around and kill eachother like theyre fighting turf wars for their share of the local crack market.

Its sorta like that saying in the Marine Corps: "You can take the men out of the marine corps, but you cant take the marine corps out of the men".

You can take the guys outta "da hood" but you cant take "da hood" out of the guys.

I guess they be keepin it real with their peeps and stuff.

Im sorry did my scorn for the gangsta lifestyle come through there?
2002-09-06 12:43:57 PM  
Once again, whitey just trying to keep the brothers down.
2002-09-06 12:44:44 PM  
Biggie to 2Pac: My unrelalistic cultural facade is better than your unrealistic cultural facade.
2002-09-06 12:45:20 PM  
Biggie to 2Pac: My unrealistic cultural facade is better than your unrealistic cultural facade.
2002-09-06 12:46:50 PM  
Can't we all just get a.....

oh yeah, right.
2002-09-06 12:48:30 PM  
Why can't all these gangsta brothas settle their differences with lip-licking contests or see who can say "You know what I'm sayin'" more times in a paragraph.
2002-09-06 12:48:44 PM  
Michael Jackson no longer qualifies as either "Black" or "Man"
2002-09-06 12:49:20 PM  
Who, besides 2pack's Mother really cares?!
2002-09-06 12:50:07 PM  
I didn't read the article. Was it OJ?
2002-09-06 12:50:50 PM  
Rappers affiliated with gangs? I am shocked, just shocked.
2002-09-06 12:50:50 PM  
I'm sorry but rapping about violence is not accomplishing anything with your lives. Black or White. Its only making the problem worse. You think these rappers are dead because they accomplished something with their life? I think not.
2002-09-06 12:51:30 PM  
"I see no changes
Wake up in the mornin' and I ask myself
Is life worth livin' or should I blast myself"

Go for it, dude!
2002-09-06 12:57:05 PM  
So the story about Biggie owing the guy who shot him money sounds about right. Biggie should have paid his debt then he'd still be alive. And Fark all you all who think rap music sucks, rap music is some cool drama, and like any drama make sure you remember it's BS. The problem is these guys start believing the BS, and we end up with dead people.
2002-09-06 12:57:30 PM  
it was OJ
2002-09-06 12:58:19 PM  
I'd love to see one of the "field interviews" referenced in the affidavit. I hope there are a lot of heads being smashed in to car roofs and such.
2002-09-06 01:01:00 PM  
These men grow up in this crappy, horrible ghetto lifestyle. Then they get a chance to escape, through music, or sports; they get an opportunity to lead by example.

Unfortunately, often they don't take advantage of the opportunity.

Spike Lee should make a movie about it.
2002-09-06 01:01:30 PM  
It was what little art that was left in music. I have no sympathy for rappers who "sing" about violence and live the gang life-style, tell kids not to do it (which doesn't work), and then die because they are dumbfarks.

My first suspect of who killed him was the little art still left in music. I mean, wouldn't you kill a no talent choad like 2pac if you were art? He and other recent rappers are responsible for the popularity of thug life in kids (you know, those 8 year olds with roughly the same intelligence of those 30 year old rappers). I normally wouldn't have a problem with this because under any normal circumstances, these dumbfarks would kill each other off. But there are too many of them to kill each other off... well, until they get their hands on some biological weapons.

But I'm rambling. In short, art > rappers. Or rappers for the most part. I've heard some that are farking hilarious, and some that (*gasp*) actually tell a story other than gang bangin' some ghetto booty and then capping some pig-ass motherfarker in the crips.
2002-09-06 01:01:52 PM  
Live by the sword...
2002-09-06 01:02:59 PM  
Of course they knew. But when *everyone* who "witnessed" the attack clams up and refuses to talk to police (and then complain that the police don't do their job) the police can't do anything without lawyers coming at them.

Is this about the "off duty" cop who was involved with the record company and hid his car and all that crap? Who cares at least he's dead.
2002-09-06 01:03:19 PM  
slayerswine: Amen. Someone give me a compelling reason why I should care beyond the fact that two violent criminals are off the street.

Tlbreer: You want some cheese to with that whine? OJ, Tyson, Michael Jackson are your examples of upstanding black men who've been held down by the man? OJ was a national hero for DECADES, until he decided to dismember his ex and her boyfriend. Legacy my ass. Patton left a legacy. Biggy left a rap sheet.

That sucking sound you hear is your ass trying to suck more of your head in.
2002-09-06 01:06:51 PM  
TLBreer, (I'm assuming you're trolling, but I'll take the bait = )

>It's bad enough when The Man tries to tear down black men every time they taste some success:

> (OJ

You can't blame "The Man", because OJ did it. In fact, "The Man" let him off.


Again, not "The Man" here, you can't honestly think this guy's problems are all based on racism can you? I mean the guy has an IQ of a shoe, beats women and is generally an ass.

>Michael Jackson,

He's a super-freak. 'Nuf said.

>R. Kelly, Nate Newton, etc.)


>But to try and destroy the legacy of Biggie when he's

Biggie is a 'tard. None of his peers has done anything to help African Americans, if anything they are probably stooges for "The Man"'s plan to keep poor people obessed with drugs and violence (to keep them occupied and out of politics/business.)

>Why, oh why, is AmeriKKKa so afraid of blacks

Oh yeah, the "Great Melting Pot" is so white elitist.

Not only does America tolerate racial differences/diversity as well as other countries do, it also brings it to a fault of tolerating retards and sue-happy whiners.

BTW, "The Man" keeps everybody down, including "European-Americans", so stop whining, it makes you look like a wuss. ;)
2002-09-06 01:08:42 PM  
I think US Special Forces should be used to train gangs on urban tactics. Maybe if these morons were taught how to actually shoot a gun correctly there wouldn't be so many innocents hit. Drive-bys are so stupid. Waste of ammo, and life. Maybe the city could donate a big, walled field, and they can just shoot it oout, paint-ball style.

At least with the old Mafia, when they wanted to whack someone, that's who they whacked (along with wife and children, if need be), not some 6 year old on a tricycle.

Feh. Use the Middle East solution. Build a big wall, dump in the guns, and when they either learn to get along or kill themselves, we can start over.
2002-09-06 01:08:44 PM  
Uh, OJ DIDN'T do it. No one ever mentions the evidence that suggests that it was actually a murder/suicide, stemming from Nicole snubbing Goldman.
2002-09-06 01:13:43 PM  
TLBreer---that's right keep saying that to yourself
2002-09-06 01:15:50 PM  
TLBreer What in the name of all that's holy are you talking about? Evidence shwed, if I recall correctly, that Goldman died first. So you're saying Nicole did it becasue she snubbed Goldman? Interesting.

Lay off the crackpipe, dude.
2002-09-06 01:16:22 PM  
haiku rapper:

word to your mother,
check it out your son is dead,
new record goes gold.

*snaps fingers*
2002-09-06 01:16:29 PM  
Fark all these gun-toting, hip-gangsta wannabes.
2002-09-06 01:16:53 PM  
Who cares about this crap anyway?
2002-09-06 01:17:29 PM  
I wonder if he'll ever find "the killers". That crazy OJ!
2002-09-06 01:17:57 PM  
When a lowlife shoot a lowlife coming through the hood...
2002-09-06 01:18:09 PM  
TLBreer: That's because there was no evidence suggesting that. The fact that a defense lawyer says "I DO POSITIVITILY THINK THAT IT WAS A MURDER SUICIDE!" does not make it evidence.

the man bringing the black man down (OJ, Tyson, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Nate Newton, etc.)

OJ - Did it. It was the "MAN" afraid of the "MOB RULE" mentality of rioters that let him off the hook. See LA Riots. and then see: How many more times Rodney King has been arrested since, and LET GO because they're afraid of riots.

Mike Tyson: Raised by a little old white lady. Yep, she was in on it to keep him down. She took the little monster in.

Michael Jackson: Yep. THE MAN made him become a freak like the rest of his family excluding Tito!

R. Kelly. - Yes, the MAN set up the video camera to capture him having sex with a 14 year old girl. Yes Statutory RAPE is LEGAL as long as no one finds out. So WHY OH WHY LORDY did the MAN set up that camera?! Forget the fact that he still had SEX WITH A 14 YEAR OLD GIRL. Something that most people stop doing when they turn 17. Did you seem to forget that he was married to Alliayah when she was 15, and he was in hist late 20s.

Nate Newton: Who?
2002-09-06 01:20:26 PM  
It's bad enough when The Man tries to tear down black men every time they taste some success (OJ, Tyson, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Nate Newton, etc.)

Nate Newton? Nate Newton?!?! Dude was in not one, but two vans full of weed transporting it back to Dallas. Next you're gonna tell me is that it was for an eye condition.
2002-09-06 01:21:21 PM  
I think nate newton is the guy who had that video with the other guy that was on a movie soundtrack that was really popular....uhhh i guess that doesn't say much.

Nate Dogg i think? Fark what was that song called....
2002-09-06 01:22:13 PM  
Since when did suicide victims dismember themselves with knives? I mean, Nicole was slashed apart like sushi. Doesn't seem like the best way to off yourself.

Oh yeah, and Michael Jackson molested little children, same with R Kelly, and R Kelly actually pissed in a little girl's mouth too. We've got him on videotape doing it. Mike Tyson raped a black woman. OJ killed his wife and a restaurant waiter.

Who the fark is Nate Newton?
2002-09-06 01:22:38 PM  
TLBreer--the problem TLBreer is that the average black person looks up these goobers and stands behind them for no good reason
2002-09-06 01:22:54 PM  
Or maybe he was that drug dealing football player, i don't remember
2002-09-06 01:23:09 PM  
Tre: Regulators. With Warren G.
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