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(Some Guy)   Student tries to climb garage, doo-dah, doo-dah. Several hours before he's found, oh, the doo-dah-day   ( divider line
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13446 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2002 at 5:13 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-06 11:35:47 AM  
Bad link. I had to take the /detail.htm off the end to access the article. Not that interesting anyway, imho.
2002-09-06 12:20:25 PM  
Darwin Award?
2002-09-06 01:15:12 PM hilarity ensue, or what?
2002-09-06 05:16:31 PM  
oooh...almost a good "doo dah"
2002-09-06 05:17:51 PM  

"Athens police said an Ohio University student trying to rappel down the wall of a six-story city parking garage fell about 65 feet when his rope broke. "

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can.

On the other hand, Ohio University students cannot do one damn single thing that a spider can.

2002-09-06 05:18:17 PM  
(continues singing)
Gonna rot all niiiiiight
Gonna rot all dayyyyy
Betcha bottom dollar the stench'll kill the dog
Oh da doo dah day

(cough! cough! damned karaoke machine!)
2002-09-06 05:18:28 PM  
Close, perhaps if you spelled several sev'ral, or something.
2002-09-06 05:18:34 PM  
Guys, if you can't even get the meter right, please do not do that kind of headline. It really distracts from the story. Find something funny to say.
2002-09-06 05:18:43 PM  
........thought it said "garbage" doo-dah.
2002-09-06 05:19:03 PM  
"Police said anyone caught doing it in the city could be charged with trespassing. Lanza has not been charged."

Well... he's got THAT going for him, at least...
2002-09-06 05:19:50 PM  
"Rappelling involves using a system of ropes to control a steep descent. Police said anyone caught doing it in the city could be charged with trespassing..."

Will they charge him with trespassing where he started from or where he landed?

2002-09-06 05:21:53 PM  
Help me! I've fallen, and I can't get up...

I can't believe no one had said it yet.
2002-09-06 05:24:54 PM  
Geez I thought parking was tough at UF.
2002-09-06 05:26:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-06 05:31:27 PM  
I love to read about retarded college students.
2002-09-06 05:31:32 PM  
Geez... What we a rapelling with? Twine? That rope doesn't just "break," unless you apply some kind of outside(knife/razorblade/very sharp rocks) force. Either that, or they left out the part about him being 600 lbs.
2002-09-06 05:31:45 PM  
"Athens police said an Ohio University student trying to rappel down the wall of a six-story city parking garage fell about 65 feet when his rope broke. "

Apparently this guy hasn't heard of a little thing called stairs.
2002-09-06 05:33:41 PM  
2002-09-06 05:36:03 PM  
Those crazy students!
Let's all pray they don't discover the transcendental joy of binge drinking!
2002-09-06 05:37:26 PM  
Garage? Around here we call 'em 'carholes'..
2002-09-06 05:37:29 PM  
Climbing, no. Rappelling, yes. OK, rappelling no, falling yes.

Whatever. This will all make sense later, I'm sure.
2002-09-06 05:38:58 PM  
Ha! We should be so lucky! When I were growin' up, we were too poor for carholes! A carhole would've been like a palace to us! We had to park our cars under a sheet o' cardboard at t'bottom of t'scrag pile.
And we were grateful for it, too!
2002-09-06 05:39:22 PM  
What an idiot. A certain Darwin Award candidate if he died.
2002-09-06 05:44:34 PM  
I will not post another comment on fools failing the darwin test because they are in college untill Algeria(sp?) shows up again. so there.
2002-09-06 05:45:42 PM  
anyone else get this banner on the page and find it more than a little amusing?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-06 05:46:29 PM  
he can still get an honorable mention.
2002-09-06 05:47:23 PM  
dammit, wrong still. Let me go back and try again. or not.
2002-09-06 05:49:50 PM  
no, no, that's the one, it just seems to only to repeat the animation twice. Oh well, I just liked the part where it says "Fall is here . . ."
2002-09-06 05:53:46 PM  
It pisses me off that I never got the privilege of a college education, and yet dumbASSEZ like this are going to be making more money than me someday.

Oh, well *flips burger*
2002-09-06 05:55:56 PM  
Fall didn't hurt him anyway... it was that sudden stop when he got to the ground. Call it 'rapid deceleration trauma' or maybe 'cement poisoning'
2002-09-06 05:59:07 PM  

Best Moe quote EVER!
2002-09-06 06:08:20 PM  
jus' another Greenpeace student tryin' to make a statment.... todays statment is splat!
2002-09-06 06:15:56 PM  
Lost his grip when bitten by a radioactive spider. Soon to reappear in leotards as Knucklehead Man.
2002-09-06 06:21:33 PM  
Ohio University, huh? Somehow this doesn't surprise me. That place isn't exactly known for its braintrust applicants.

The ROTC used to practice rappelling off of a building where I attended college, but it was with a bunch of people and it wasn't at 10:30 at night. What a maroon.
2002-09-06 06:31:27 PM  
We used to rappel off the side of our fraternity house- one
of the bros was a climber, so he taught us how to strap
ourselves up, climb straight up the rope, then rappel back
down- now THAT was fun! by the way, we used high-quality
climbing rope, strapping, and equipment specifically certified for that purpose. accept no substitutes.

just like skiing, if your first time out you take a lesson
from someone who knows what to do (more specifically what
NOT to do), you will save yourself a lot of physical grief
and quite likely prevent your own injury.

that said, Have fun!!
2002-09-06 07:01:38 PM  
my mom works in athens. I find it funny when people in athens havent even heard about this but 4303 people have read the article
2002-09-06 07:09:31 PM  
I love being a retarded college student! Oh, wait...
2002-09-06 07:40:27 PM  
Ha Ha!
2002-09-06 07:50:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not that I was at all a part of this, during the wee hours, while walking back to my friends' house in Burbank, CA, with about 10 Gin & Tonics in each one of us, while passing by the Rite Aid..

And it wasn't funny, either.... Especially when the photos came back and none of us had any recollection of the event. (which never happened)
2002-09-06 08:05:15 PM  
A dude at my college tried to mountain climb the freshman dorm building and fell like 50 feet and broke his back. The friggin' ding-a-ling.
2002-09-06 08:55:39 PM  
Dude! You're gettin' a Dell big metal plate in your head!
2002-09-06 09:12:37 PM  
You know, the doo-dah works if you pronounce several as "sev-ral" and hours ans "ors".... which I don't. I say "sev-er-al" and "ow-ours"
2002-09-06 10:40:23 PM  
Ya know, the whole Doh dah thing would work if you just replaced the word "Student" with "Camptown" and the word "tries" with "ladies"....

You headline and grammar/spelling geek farks need to go away.

(sorry. I feel better now).
2002-09-06 10:48:12 PM  
I read Fark, piss time away, doo-dah, doo-dah.
Then I biatch and moan about those who post lame ass shiat that doesn't fit the meter and rhyme and when I photoshop I write "It had to be done" and sometimes even "subtle" and once I even said "Fark has a boobie drought"...oh yeah and then there was the "what with the Cosmiverse thing...Is Carl Sagan blowing Drew or something?

"IRONIC....look it up in the dictionary you dumb asshat, thats not ironic. why do we even have an Ironic tag?...ARKIEBOY CHEATS!!! Fb? who the hell is Fb?

Oh the doo-dah daaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
2002-09-07 03:28:45 AM  
I also thought it said "garbage". Would have been a much funnier story, about a guy who tries to climb over a huge mound of garbage, but sinks in and isn't found for several hours..
2002-09-07 08:43:54 PM  
This is the first sylabically correct "Doo-Dah," in weeks. Congrats, but too bad the link didn't work.
2002-09-07 09:46:15 PM  
this do dah do dah crap really gets old and is not funny in the least
2002-09-08 01:59:01 AM  
Second doo-dah doesn't go doo-fus doo-fus
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