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(Some Guy)   India won't take WTC scrap metal - it's got evil spirits   ( divider line
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5975 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Sep 2002 at 3:33 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-06 03:41:35 PM  
"We can't take scrap steel because it may pollute ... but we can let cows walk all over the place and piss & dump whereever they want and it's not a health problem ..."
2002-09-06 03:41:36 PM  
At least my people are making sense...

"Scary spirits...OOOOH!"

2002-09-06 03:45:59 PM  
I thought that it was amusing that the banner ad directly next to an article on pollution was from Shell Oil.
2002-09-06 03:46:25 PM  
ive never understood anything anyone has ever talked about?
2002-09-06 03:49:19 PM  
Selling it as scrap is silly. They could make far more selling is as some uber-patriotic commemorative medallions with American flags and "Never Forget" or something on them.
2002-09-06 03:49:52 PM  
What about the smell? Ya know what I mean...
2002-09-06 03:51:11 PM  
"The wreckage might contribute to pollution."

Asshat tree-huggers. I thought they were concerned with overpopulation.

I'd like to see them point to a more overly-populated country than India or China. You'd think they'd be happy with a little thinning of the gene pool.
2002-09-06 03:56:27 PM  
Pot calling kettle black. Isn't India the country which has a horrible sewage problem, caused by ..... the citizens of India ? Please, if you are ready to nuke another nation, and risk being nuked yourself, what difference would the scrap make, really ?
2002-09-06 04:01:22 PM  
hey, Ironbar, what happened to the Iron bar thread?
2002-09-06 04:02:45 PM  
The article is about India refusing scrap metal over concerns about toxins in the metal. What's this about 'spirits'?
2002-09-06 04:05:23 PM  
Use it to build the largest Quickie MArt on top of a mountain like in the Simpsons
2002-09-06 04:09:16 PM  
"The money is better here," says the former rickshaw puller. "I have no regrets." But he worries his children are doomed to the same fate.

"I am a parent. Which parent doesn't have good expectations for his children? But what can we do? There is no other way."

Uhhhhhh, maybe DON'T HAVE CHILDREN???
2002-09-06 04:18:53 PM  
"We get sick, but we are poor, so what does it matter?"

Cry me a Farking river.

Irony: A country that starves to death while worshipping a major food source.
2002-09-06 04:22:07 PM  
I can't believe the idiotic comments poted. Yes, it is an overpopulated country. That doesn't mean they should take metal that might contain toxins. They have to start somewhere.
2002-09-06 04:22:14 PM  
Cloudmister: well said, bro

*ahem* back to my farking: no YOU'VE got evil spirits!
2002-09-06 04:22:45 PM  
"Critics say India has become the developed world's dumping ground, rapidly poisoning itself and its 1 billion-plus people with toxins from both the waste and the pollution from the sometimes dangerous methods used to recycle it."

I salute you India for doing something to trim down the world's overpopulation problem, to which you are the biggest contributer! Cheers!
2002-09-06 04:25:24 PM  
Maybe the evil spirits attract... THE MONKEY MAN!
2002-09-06 04:31:34 PM  
BTW Cloudmister: I stopped reading your post as soon as I hit the Christian perspective part, and it didn't help that you had to post a goddamned 1000 word essay. Please try to be concise and to the point(yes i know that's redundant) just for my sake. I'd appreciate it. :)
2002-09-06 04:35:20 PM  
Irony: A country that starves to death while worshipping a major food source.

thats hilarious!!
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-06 04:39:47 PM  
"Kabadiwallahs are India's army of worker ants - men, women, and children who stream out of their cardboard slums each dawn to scour the gutters and streets for useful trash, from foil medicine packets to rags, plastic bags, glass, and iron."

[image from too old to be available]

Sounds not unlike the Indian IT army in their cardboard cubicles...

What if an Indian ever made it as a sports star? He'd need two jerseys to fit his last name...
2002-09-06 04:49:24 PM  
Please stop feeding peanuts to my god.
2002-09-06 04:54:52 PM  
I don't know...regardless of the country and regardless of the fact that the steel will be re-melted...

I have to say that I don't really want a 2004 Jeep made out of steel that had aerosol people on it...
2002-09-06 04:56:29 PM  
Hey, Cloudmister: Fark off already!!

[image from too old to be available]

From the archives of The Onion, "Ant Farm Teaches Children About Toil, Death".
2002-09-06 04:58:50 PM  
TPerrin: Thanks. My comparative religion professor didn't think so though.
2002-09-06 04:58:54 PM  
The 2004 Jeep is made of people! Argh!!!
2002-09-06 05:03:33 PM  

Why don't starving Indians take baths? Because they keep sliding down the drain.

How many Indians can you fit in a phone booth? All of them.

So what if they're Ethiopian jokes. Insert the name of any starving nation and it works fine.
2002-09-06 05:18:26 PM  
Kpar90: Obviously your comparative religion professor doesn't have the sense of humor you do.
2002-09-06 05:23:05 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-06 05:23:22 PM  
Dev2r: Not many people do.

Cloudmister: You can thank God for that.
2002-09-06 05:25:52 PM  
CloudyHead, is it part of your loving God-mode worldview to annoy the schitte out of people ? Get a phuquing life.
2002-09-06 05:29:23 PM  
Am I the only one who finds it weird that it's more economical to ship 70,000 tons of steel half way around the world to get recycled. Why couldn't they resmelt it in North America?

It's steel, which if you believe the comercials on TV that the steel companies (and government) are paying big bucks for, is easily recycliable.
2002-09-06 05:31:49 PM  
Myrv: Because of union labor and the EPA. Plus, foreign steel companies are subsidized.
2002-09-06 05:43:26 PM  

They ship all this stuff to the third world in order to sidestep US environmental laws and aquire the cheap labor. This stuff has to have some pretty nasty pollutants mixed in. Oherwise, they would make a killing in this countryselling 9/11 commerative scrap. Also, I don't think we are just talking steel here but also a lot of other items mixed in with the rubble from the WTC.
2002-09-06 05:59:17 PM  
Why can't we send it over there anyway? Then we tell Pakistan that "Oh! Watch out!! India is lobbing a nuke over!" Then watch Pakistan blow India and all its population/environmental problems AND our nasty WTC scrap metal to kingdom come!
Pop some popcorn, grab a beer and watch the pretty fireworks!
2002-09-06 06:02:14 PM  
and yes I do realize that nuclear war would cause world-wide environmental problems far greater than what India is dealing was just a joke...sad that you even have to point that out on fark anymore...
2002-09-06 07:00:41 PM  
"The people who created the waste should pay for the waste," says Greenpeace head G. Ananthapadmanabhan. "There really is no money in the system for state of the art [technology]."

Number one: I wanna know just how in the HELL to pronounce that name, or if I should just say 'gesundheit" and move on.
Number two: To: Osama Bin Laden
From: India
Re: 70,000 tons of WTC rubble

Dear Mr. Bin Laden,
Please note that your account with us seriously past due, and we hereby request remittance of, say....your ass nailed to the wall. We would then consider your debt to humanity and the recycling industry paid in full.
2002-09-06 07:11:28 PM  
yup, gotta watch out for those spirits
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-06 07:30:54 PM  
Odd this story...

About 70,000 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center was shipped to India before it was stopped by objections from environmentalists and unions, says Greenpeace India. Greenpeace says the scrap is contaminated by asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, PCBs, plastics, and the lead, mercury, and other contaminants in the computers and fittings inside the twin towers destroyed on Sept. 11 last year.

A preliminary study in India found no toxins, but Greenpeace and other environmental groups question the study's accuracy.

I just saw a news item last week about this WTC steel for India. They were melting it down to make bicycles for the guys! They even had to observe a minute of silence before accepting the steel fom the American ships...

Perhaps its the Muslim community that has the "problem" and not the Hindus hmmmm?
2002-09-06 07:38:18 PM  
Greenpeace, for its part, wants the industry turned around, with waste-producers paying for disposal to make better and safer methods economical.

"The people who created the waste should pay for the waste," says Greenpeace head G. Ananthapadmanabhan.

So who's supposed to pay for the disposal of the WTC scrap metal? Is that part of the lawsuit against Saudi Arabia?

I'd send the bill to Mohammed Atta, but I don't think I'll be allowed to cross the River Styx. If any of you farkers are planning to go to hell for a distasteful photoshop anytime soon, could you try to get ahold of him? Greenpeace thanks you.
2002-09-06 08:25:44 PM  
This posting i do not like, it very derrogatorism to my people.
would ou like a slurpee?
2002-09-06 09:02:27 PM  
send piece of the wtc to me
2002-09-06 09:12:11 PM  
Um, everyone talking about getting rid of the scrap as commemorative stuff: We're talking 70,000 TONS of scrap. 140,000,000 pounds. Like, every person in the united states would have to buy a half pound...
2002-09-06 11:52:25 PM  
Scrap from WTC was in India within 10 days!///
2002-09-07 09:08:41 AM  
Can't they, like, wash it off?
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