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3230 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2001 at 12:45 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-18 12:54:50 AM  
Where are the pic of the strippers?
2001-07-18 12:58:39 AM  
How is this
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-07-18 12:59:00 AM  
Can't he do anything and not have it reported?

"I got a scoop! Russell Crowe was as an Outback Steakhouse
eating steak!"
2001-07-18 12:59:20 AM  
Wait, Nicole Kidman is a stripper? Damn, I've got to get a bus ticket and go down to Scores!
2001-07-18 01:07:38 AM  
i don't care about russell crowe. if i wanted celebrity gossip, i'd be at a celebrity gossip site. who's with me? just because it has a stripper in it, doesn't mean i want to know about it. i mean, my girlfriend beat up a whore the other day, but that doesn't mean there should be a story about it on fark.
2001-07-18 01:08:47 AM  
I think my respect for him actually just went up a notch.
2001-07-18 01:31:43 AM  
who keeps posting these crappy articles? if i was so utterly pathetic that i actually wanted to know what famous people were doing 24 hours a day i'd buy a mind rotting tabloid comic and read it.
2001-07-18 01:43:22 AM  
Meat - I'd actually like to read about your girlfriend beating up the whore.
I'm sure big D would be happy to link to it.
2001-07-18 04:27:37 AM  
Shouldn't this be "obvious"?

Christ, if I was Russel Crowe, I'd be licking whipped cream off strippers all the time.
2001-07-18 06:11:28 AM  
What's this American obsession with whipped cream? I mean, oysters, champagne, OK... but whipped cream?
2001-07-18 07:12:14 AM  
You see... Everyday this man gives me one more reason to respect him!
2001-07-18 07:15:06 AM  
He sounds like a regular kind of guy. I wish he'd been in my squadron when I was in the Navy. I'll bet he would have been hell on wheels on liberty!

Licking cream off of strippers. Damn media arseholes. They just write about that shiat to make the rest of us jealous
2001-07-18 08:28:03 AM  
So in other words, Russell is just a guy? And this is news why???
2001-07-18 09:30:16 AM  
Damn, I lick whipped cream off of strippers all the time and I don't get in the papers! What do I have to do, make a movie or something???

Meat, I bet we'd all love to hear about your girlfriend's fight. Hoorah! I love cat fights!
2001-07-18 10:38:20 AM  
The breakfast of champions !!!
Maximus Bonerus !!!!!
2001-07-18 10:48:52 AM  
Kapital: If you looked like Russell Crowe, I'd let you.

Oh yeah I'm a chick, not a dude.
2001-07-18 10:50:39 AM  
some girls get all the luck. . .
2001-07-18 10:50:57 AM  
This would be so mildly interesting if it were "Stripper licks whipped cream off Russell Crowe"
2001-07-18 11:48:43 AM  
oh that lucky lucky stripper.....(sighs)...
2001-07-18 11:53:26 AM  
I would be eating all my meals off strippers.... If the wife wouldn't get so pissed about it I mean.
A couple small incidents and you're the bad guy all of a sudden. Sheesh...
I would like to keep the tounge in shape but Noooooo... A little work out and I am suddenly in the dog house...
2001-07-18 12:08:31 PM  
Meat: Do you have any pictures?
2001-07-18 12:58:19 PM  
Yeah, but don't forget what a humorless SOB he came off as during the oscars last year!
2001-07-18 01:01:32 PM  
If I had Russel's dinero, I'd retire and buy my own strip club. It's good to be the king.
2001-07-18 02:29:07 PM  
It wouldn't matter if I did look like Russel Crowe. (I'd rather not anyway.) I'd lick whipped cream off of strippers if they'd let me.

When I was a stripper we weren't allowed to play with whipped cream.
2001-07-18 02:30:32 PM  
shiit, I'm the one that put the cream on the stripper!!!word
2001-07-18 02:46:35 PM  
What a great name for a porn movie!
2001-07-18 03:14:06 PM  
Since when is this post worthy? It happens every day. I agree, leave the guy alone. Who cares if he went to Walgreens and bought a toothbrush? Do we need to know his every move?
2001-07-18 03:48:37 PM  
This reminds me, I haven't been to a club for a to come up with an excuse so I can ditch the wife and go have some fun.
2001-07-18 03:54:27 PM  
Could someone please explain the fascination with this guy ?? He's not good-looking or talented ... he's not even funny.
2001-07-18 04:29:49 PM  
This is really just sad. Crowe is supposed to be the epitome of male accomplishment...and he's just pathetic. A regular customer? Pity the famous who must live their lives under constant surveillance ... pity the men who fail at being respectable.
2001-07-18 06:29:43 PM  
Gee, look at me on my moral high-horse. It took me a long time to learn how to ride it. I'm not getting off of it for anyone.
2001-07-18 07:20:47 PM  
The remarkable thing about Crowe is, like Bruce Willis, there is nothing particularly remarkable about him. He is a regular guy, succeeding in a mileu that dosn't usually let regular guys succeed. This is reassuring to us average, work-a-day joes out here in the real world.

"This is a message to all the cute people in the world. If you are cute, if you are even beautiful, listen: there are more people like us ugly (motherfarkers) than you, so watch out..."
(Frank Zappa)
2001-07-18 11:24:05 PM  
Agree - Crowe is nothing spectacular, but when manages to secure roles that require strong character acting - like his oscar nominated performance in The Insider - he excels. However, Hugh Jackman on the other hand is an amazing character actor who is totally wasted in his recent roles - like Swordfish. Complete drivel. Get the movie "Erskineville Kings" if you want to see acting. Fantastic stuff.
2001-07-19 12:10:27 AM  
Nanoo: You mean, kind of like Ron Jeremy....

I thought the point of the story was that strippers are cool and that it is good to lick whipped cream off of them. What's all this talk about this Russel guy anyway, isn't he Bill Cosby's little brother or something....back to the task at hand. Are any of you farkers strippers?
2001-07-19 02:01:52 AM  
Without a pic of the stripper, this was a total waste.
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