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2556 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jul 2001 at 2:46 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-17 02:55:14 PM  
2001-07-17 02:58:50 PM  
3 links in two days? Damn, I feel like Timothy McVeigh or something. No, not meaning that I am going to set off a bomb, I meant... Err, nevermind.
2001-07-17 02:59:55 PM  
Explain to me how losing "Everyday Hotties" is cool.
2001-07-17 03:01:29 PM  
Hmmm... Cool could be defined as an absence of heat, and the "hotties" are gone, so... Wow, that was lame.
2001-07-17 03:02:06 PM  
Jiglet: Are you in PA too? Or were you just talking about another New Cumberland police department.
2001-07-17 03:07:44 PM  
I was reading his post from last night and found it very interesting and somewhat similar to what I went through with my website. Law enforcement really doesn't have a clue (hell, even the US Governement for that matter) as to what the Internet is and how it's just another extension of free speech.
2001-07-17 03:30:05 PM  
Ah, so we're going to fark this site too.
2001-07-17 04:30:28 PM  
God, this guy is an idiot.
2001-07-17 04:48:24 PM  
Crackfiend: Yeah, New Cumberland, near Harrisburg, I grew up there.
2001-07-17 04:49:09 PM  
I'm an idiot? Thanks, why do you say that?
2001-07-17 05:08:03 PM  
Love the hotties man. Maybe Drew can hook you up with some bandwidth...
2001-07-17 05:16:32 PM  
Wow, New Cumberland.... 26 years ago, The Great Mang was born in beautiful York, PA, home of the murderous mayor...
2001-07-17 06:34:53 PM  
Ah, I went to New Cumberland Middle School for about 2 days before the West Shore S.D. put me in the right school closer to home.
2001-07-18 08:50:28 AM  
Wow, what a small world... I useed to talk past New Cumberland Middle School everyday coming home from school (I went to St Theresas) I moved out here, to Philly, like 2 years ago. Ugh, worst thing that ever happened to me.
2001-07-18 10:52:55 AM  
07-17-01 04:48:24 PM Jiglet
Crackfiend: Yeah, New Cumberland, near Harrisburg, I grew up there.

aren't you still in highschool?
2001-07-18 05:42:24 PM  
yeah, going into my senior year, but, by "i grew up there", i meant that is where i lived since i can remember.
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