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(Hull Daily Mail)   Couple order Big Macs but get wet rags, claim anti-gay discrimination   ( divider line
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15022 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Sep 2002 at 2:28 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-05 09:43:52 AM  
what rubbish... really...

This crap happens a;ll the time at McDonalds and not js to gay people. Someone thinks... "Hey, it's my last day. Why don't I put the dirty towel bag here instead of the food bagf... yea.. that'll be funny!"

2002-09-05 09:53:15 AM  
Probably would taste better than a Big Mac anyway...
2002-09-05 10:48:53 AM  
So every time a fast food resturant gets my order wrong they're actually calling me gay? I should sue for slander.
2002-09-05 11:02:48 AM  
"We weren't holding hands or anything, but we do look gay."

Comedy gold.
2002-09-05 12:42:23 PM  
I heard that McDonalds was also quite n.iggardly with the fries.
2002-09-05 02:33:52 PM  
Hull? Heh heh.
2002-09-05 02:33:56 PM  
The gay card has already been played today, Please try again.
No Purchase necessary void where prohibitted
2002-09-05 02:36:18 PM  
They went inside to complain and were given a refund and their original order, but remain angry.

I fail to see the issue here. They got their money back and what they ordered.
2002-09-05 02:36:44 PM  
That's what English lesbians look like? I thought it was two pale, skinny 13 year old boys!
2002-09-05 02:37:11 PM  

These guys need to chill out,instead of getting rags they're acting like they're on the rag.

That story was so ..... gay.

2002-09-05 02:38:48 PM  
farked? it won't come up!
2002-09-05 02:39:27 PM  
it's the new, healthier, high-fiber big mac
2002-09-05 02:41:09 PM  
Was it gay discrimination or anti-gay discrimination? Perhaps reverse anti-gay discrimination? They should have ordered the happy meal.
2002-09-05 02:43:14 PM  
Yeah you know, come to think of it, those dirty rags were probably far healthier than anything on the menu. Perhaps the employees were just trying to be nice....
2002-09-05 02:43:25 PM  
Les #1: Dude, we sued and only got 40 Billion Pounds instead of 80 Billion!

Les #2: Dude! It's because we were gay.

Les #1: Let's sue 'em!

And thus the cycle repeats.
2002-09-05 02:43:43 PM  
"But there is no other reason for someone to do it. Someone must have seen us through the window and known we were gay. We weren't holding hands or anything, but we do look gay."

WTF. This is nothing more than a cheap ploy to make money just like the hot coffee was. Making that statement "We Do look Gay" does NOTHING for gay rights. How DUMB is that?
2002-09-05 02:44:19 PM  
The manager was quoted as saying, "This was not a gay issue it was a two all beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun issue."
2002-09-05 02:44:36 PM  
"I'm still a bit bewildered about it, I don't know whether to be angry or upset," she said.

Here's a bit of advice from a "Super-sized Homosexual":

A 16 year old fast food worker pulling a dumb joke at the drive through is not specifically directed toward your sexual orientation:

Let it go. Lighten up. Get over yourselves.

Bah! (waves hand dismisively)
2002-09-05 02:44:46 PM  
Now if the rags smelled like fish, then I could see what they are complaining about.
2002-09-05 02:46:41 PM  
"The franchisee at St Andrew's Quay, George Michniewicz, is very concerned that two customers felt discriminated against when they visited his restaurant on Saturday night and is investigating the incident.

See, here is the other side of what I was saying in the n-word thread yesterday. In this case, the couple is obviously hypersensitive about their homosexuality, and deserve no slack. It is sad that they are going through life on a witch-hunt for gaybashers, and they should be pitied. But throw them out of the damn restaraunt. No soup for you.
2002-09-05 02:46:42 PM  
I guess I'm missing the connection. What do rags have to do with being gay? Maybe Skinink hit on it above..."ooh they gave me a rag...they think i'm on the rag...they think i'm a they think I'm gay"? What the hell. I'd be happier if they just gave me food that was cooked well. I think this is just a coincidence and a perfect opportunity for people to jump on the bandwagon. Mcd's was lousy in letting some guys get a bag of rags and they just happened to be gay. So what? Move on with your life and stop eating at McD's unless you are so insecure with your sexuality that you need to make sure everyone knows it. Hell...they were even painting themselves into a corner by saying they themselves "weren't holding hands...but look gay"...what the hell is that? I look gay but damnit, don't give me rags to eat! *sigh*
2002-09-05 02:47:17 PM  
McDonald's is affirmative action, equal opportunity. You will get strange things in your food products regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference.

But its good to see a strong activist group challenge the standards of a large company that markets their products as "food."
2002-09-05 02:48:26 PM  
Des McGrath: I have a gay mouth?

Jimmy Steinway: She's right, Des. Your mouth is pretty gay.

--The Last Days of Disco 1998
2002-09-05 02:49:15 PM  
sorry about missing the close bold :(
2002-09-05 02:49:58 PM  
All-beef patty?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-05 02:50:15 PM  
Let me get this right, if I go to McDonalds, order a Big Mac, stuff some rags in the bag, go inside and biatch about some kind of discrimination (obviously because I'm straight) I get the Big Mac for free.

The Perfect Crime!
2002-09-05 02:50:41 PM  
I'm still a bit bewildered about the point of this stupid article. I don't know whether to be angry or upset or mad or ticked off or spiteful or bitter irritated or some other synonymn of ANGRY!
2002-09-05 02:51:09 PM  
"But there is no other reason for someone to do it. Someone must have seen us through the window and known we were gay. We weren't holding hands or anything, but we do look gay."

w00t w00t!!

now, you mean to tell me there is NO other reason someone would play a practical joke on a customer of a fast food restaurant? huh, maybe if the person working the drive thru changed the little sticker on the bag to say "double-checked for gaiety."

i tire of this...
2002-09-05 02:52:33 PM  
They could've made the picture a little bigger. I can't even make fun of them properly with a picture like that.
2002-09-05 02:52:57 PM  
Alto_reed_on_a_tenor_sax : Maybe all-beef but her friend Marcia (remember the one who called pepermint patty "boss") is all rug muncher.
2002-09-05 02:53:57 PM  
Wow...hey here's a goldmine opportunity for someone. If you happen to be overweight...go to mcd's, order a meal, then yell at them for serving you the right food because they are discriminating against fat people! Demand even more free food to perpetuate the cycle.

"*cry* By giving me a Big Mac and cargo ship of french fries, they were discriminating against me because I happen to be overweight. I wasn't cramming a pizza down my throat, but I do look fat."
2002-09-05 02:54:16 PM  
Alto-Reed: You know she's gay...
2002-09-05 02:54:37 PM  
My girlfriend and I went to McDonald's last week. We were going through the drive-thru window. Well, they messed up our order and shorted us one of our orders of fries. Now, there is no other reason for someone to have done this. Someone must have seen us through the window and known we were straight. We weren't holding hands or anything, but we do look straight.
2002-09-05 02:57:29 PM  
I can't wait for it to be illegal for people to turn down ugly people for dates on acount of attractiveness discrimination.
2002-09-05 02:58:41 PM  
Lesbians... Of COURSE.

Ha ha, I kid, I kid.

But there is NO reason anyone should get worked up, even if it was 'cuz they were gay. They get a refund and their order.... If that were the case, I'd be a repeat customer. extra fries for being extra lispy that day?

If someone did that to me for being gay, I'd demand an additional apple pie, a shake, and one of those 50pc chicken mcnugget buckets for me and my friends.
2002-09-05 02:59:05 PM  
Aw man, every time I order the Wet-Rag Extra Value Meal all I get is food. *shrug*
2002-09-05 02:59:08 PM  
So...if I go through the drive-thru and don't get a bunch of rags...then are they saying I'm not gay enough to be gay? I'll sue them for reverse,, counter, er..Reverse-Counter Non-Discriminatory Gay Bashing
2002-09-05 02:59:09 PM  
"But there is no other reason for someone to do it. Someone must have seen us through the window and known we were gay. We weren't holding hands or anything, but we do look gay."

Once I ordered a double cheeseburger and got a regular cheeseburger. There was no reason for that. Someone must have seen me through the window and known I was white. I wasn't full of snow or anything, but I do look white. Clearly anti-white sentiments.

Sure lesbo kids.
2002-09-05 03:01:15 PM  
I went through a MacDonalds drive through and made my order and the IDIOT at the drive thru repeated it back to be wrong. So I clarified and he repeated it back to me wrong a second time. Then he repeated back to me WRONG A THIRD TIME!!! So finally on the fourth occasion he repeated it to me very very slowly in a sarcastic manner like I was a moron.

I think he was offended because I am intelligent and discrimated against me because I found a better career for myself other than MacDonalds worker.

So I drove by real slowly gave him the finger and yelled fark YOU. I know that wasn't very intelligent but DAMN that felt good. People work at MacD's because thats all they can do.
2002-09-05 03:01:56 PM  
"As a gay man and a gay journalist..."
2002-09-05 03:02:43 PM  
sorry about that...
2002-09-05 03:04:16 PM  
Wait! I just solved the mystery! I want the booby prize!

They gave me they think I'm a (rhymes with rag).

In other news, Wendy's will no longer server crackers with their chili to Europeans (or their descendants). No more wetnaps to Mexicans, etc.
2002-09-05 03:04:41 PM  
That reminds me of a great story about mouthy heterosexuals. When I was in college I went through the drive through of the local Burger King in a more rural Maryland town that I lived in with some flamboyant friends from out of town. Well the denziens of the Burger King thought it was hysterical and actually the whole staff pointed and made fun (in a really lame redneck way) of us. Including the manager in charge.

Well the really funny part was the owner of the Burger King sat on the county Human Rights Commission and I knew him well through some work that the college Gay and Lesbian student group were doing. So we called him at home and explained the situation to him. Everyone that was working during that shift from the manager on down were fired immediately. Now that was farking funny.
2002-09-05 03:04:41 PM  
I have read the article. The name "Freebody" is pretty amusing. Otherwise, there just isn't much to sink my teeth into. Oh, Irascible you look gay. Is that an inappropriate thing to say? And, these two girls look like teenage boys (at least in the microphoto). Why would a girl be attracted to a girl who looks like a guy? Why would a girl who was attracted to a girl, want the girl to look like a guy? This is all so confounding.

*winks at Sweater Girl* Thanks for your help the other night. That got a bit nasty, but we kicked their unpleasant asses, as usual.
2002-09-05 03:06:03 PM  
Jayhawk81, I used to wring a good deal of humor about the hot coffee incident. I'm not too far from where it happened in New Mexico, either. Then I decided to research it a bit.

The woman, who was 79 years old, asked McDonalds for $20,000 to settle the case. McDonalds said no.

The woman was found to be slightly responsible for spilling the coffee on herself and was given a reduced award of $160,000, plus punitive damages against McDonalds of 2.7 million. The jury later changed the punitive damages to $480,000. Half a million dollars for 8 days of medical care doesn't leave the woman with a whole lot -- especially when you realize that the court proved that McDonalds KNEW their coffee would seriously hurt anyone who tried to drink it immediately, and KNEW that their customers wanted coffee they could drink right away, and had data stretching back a decade proving that customers had, in the past, complained of third-degree burns due to McDonalds coffee.

It turns out that McDonalds would serve coffee at temperatures that were far too hot in containers that were far too flimsy. The coffee was so hot it was capable of destroying skin down to the muscle upon contact. They gave the woman (who was a passenger, and not a driver) third-degree burns over 6% of her body -- she needed eight days of hospitalization and skin grafts.

McDonalds coffee, at 180 degrees, was served 50+ degrees higher than house coffee or coffee sold in other restaurants -- and any food served over 140 degrees is
inediable because it will burn your mouth.

Just doing my bit to kill the myths.
2002-09-05 03:11:50 PM  
It's people like these who give the gay population a bad name. Holy fark, that story was ludacris.
2002-09-05 03:12:02 PM  
Sorry...guess my theory doesn't work since they are chicks :( Oh wait...they got RAGS to EAT...that would mean they are RAGMUNCHERS. Goes to show how far dropping out of school and working at McD's will get you in the humor department.
2002-09-05 03:12:27 PM  
"I'm still a bit bewildered about it, I don't know whether to be angry or upset," she said.

"I'm still a bit bewildered about it, I don't know whether to be a lesbo or a lesbian," the 12 yr old looking like a boy dyke said.

Angry or upset? Farking eat at Taco Bell then and be happy while holding hands.
2002-09-05 03:12:48 PM  

What you're saying is similar to a boggle I've always had...Why do some lesbians use dildos? A dildo is a penis substitute...why not just get the real thing? Now...I totally understand that a relationship goes way, way, way beyond sex...but WTF? I also think..this is gonna be horrible..SOME people are gay because they couldn't get laid. There I said it. Please don't hurt me.
2002-09-05 03:13:15 PM  
That reminds me of a great story about mouthy heterosexuals.
How sad for you that the only way for you to indentify yourself or others is through sexuality. You do more harm to your own cause than a room full of rednecks.
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