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(Washington Post)   Famous Sept. 11 flag disappears   ( divider line
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9497 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Sep 2002 at 9:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-05 09:37:03 AM  
2002-09-05 09:40:55 AM  
You took the thought right outta my head, ElectroSnizzle.
2002-09-05 09:42:44 AM  
Me too. Whats Ebay again?
2002-09-05 09:43:54 AM  
2002-09-05 09:44:57 AM  
Ebay - the place to sell crap to morons.
2002-09-05 09:44:58 AM  
I bet it is with my missing socks.
2002-09-05 09:45:41 AM  
It's up to you, New York, NEW YORK!!!!!

Thank you, goodnight.
2002-09-05 09:49:12 AM  
Why would someone want to steal this flag? Big deal it's a flag it's not like it held some supernatural power like my guitar pick I got from Jerry Garcia.
2002-09-05 09:52:59 AM  
"Maybe the dingoes ate your flag"
2002-09-05 09:53:03 AM  
I sure hope that yachting couple knows what they're talking about. A lot of really upset people are going to get a lot more really upset.
2002-09-05 09:53:04 AM  
Youth culture stole it right after they killed my dog.
2002-09-05 09:54:08 AM  
this has hype written all over it magically reappear at the anniversary celebration..

2002-09-05 09:59:55 AM  
did anyone bother checking bruce springsteen's garage?
2002-09-05 10:00:29 AM  

Oh wait, our mistake...that is the flag! Sorry!
2002-09-05 10:02:08 AM  
In other news :

The original US flag crafted by Betsy Ross was noticed to be made of recycled Nylon and Polyester fibers yesterday.
"That's odd.", proclaims Chief Curator for the National Museum of American History.
2002-09-05 10:11:16 AM  
It will be found on September 11 morning.

I'm sure whoever won American Idol and will be singing the national anthem will show up at the place wearing it or something like that.
2002-09-05 10:12:50 AM  
I haqve it.

I drove to NY last week with my dog and my old lady and trunk full of guns in my rented Cavalier.

2002-09-05 10:13:42 AM  

I wanted to make the ebay joke...
2002-09-05 10:15:59 AM  
It's most likely that it disappeared on 9/11, and it has been a fake for the entire year.
2002-09-05 10:26:59 AM  
I really hope it is just misplaced. What kind of a$$ would STEAL an American flag?
2002-09-05 11:06:00 AM  
"I'm sure whoever won American Idol and will be singing the national anthem will show up at the place wearing it or something like that."

[off-topic post]

By the way-- it was Kelly. Thank the gods. I thought the little girls were gonna pull a teenybop thing and mass-vote the 'hottie guy' into first place.

That girl really deserved to win. Kudos to her. Beautiful, amazing voice.

[/off-topic post]
2002-09-05 11:06:21 AM  
FLA Chickie, the same type that gets emptional over a piece of cloth that does nothing. Did having flags inside the Towers prevent it from crashing. No? So who really cares about it's disappearance? Paying bills and enjoying life are much more important. That and beer.
2002-09-05 11:52:26 AM  
It's times like these that the true spirit of Americans, and especially New Yorkers comes out. Does my heart good.

Stolen. eBay? Maybe. Japanese collector? Maybe. Some underpaid swabbie asshole who thinks he might make a buck selling it to an old, tired-out, retired man who never served but thinks himself a great patriot, with too much money and no freakin' brains? Likely.
2002-09-05 12:06:52 PM  
It's probably a curtain separator in someone's GMC van now. Is this really important to anyone? It's a flag, folks, let it go.
2002-09-05 12:39:57 PM  
someone help me out, how is this wierd?

this is sad. yes, it is "just a flag" (hold on Marines) but it means it was stolen.......and *that* is sad.
2002-09-05 12:56:50 PM  
We don't need a flag to remember 9/11, its merely a symbol. I don't even need a flag to love my country. If all the American flags on earth were stolen we'll still remember 9/11 and I'll still love my country.
2002-09-05 12:58:59 PM  
Truthslayer: You forgot about boobies and weeners, they are important too... ;)
2002-09-05 01:31:41 PM  
FLA Chickie: I really hope it is just misplaced. What kind of a$$ would STEAL an American flag?

From the article:

The flag came from a yacht, the Star of America, that was in a Hudson River marina near the World Trade Center that day. Firefighter Dan McWilliams took it from the yacht and walked back to Ground Zero, where he and two colleagues, George Johnson and Bill Eisengrein, raised it on a slanted pole.

Sounds like the firemen stole it in the first place. The kind of ass that would risk his life for others!!!!

Seriously, who cares? It's just a symbol. Another flag is the same symbol. Screw it. I think the building site is plenty to remind people about what happened last year.
2002-09-05 01:41:27 PM  
I found it.

<​11095 7.html?treets=oma&tml=oma_12pm&ts=T&tmi=oma_12pm_688_12000109052002>

Sorry if that huge-assed URL gets farked up when this gets posted.
2002-09-05 01:56:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

That belongs in a museum!
2002-09-05 02:15:42 PM  
Maybe Bono has it.


2002-09-05 02:46:31 PM  
-the most important things in life \/ (supposed to be peace-cusre my lack of html skills)

Actually the best gifts in life are booze, money porn and more porn. When have you ever heard someone say that they had too much of either?

Anyone find that flag yet?
2002-09-05 03:22:40 PM  
Flag? What flag? Im still lookin at the porn.
2002-09-05 04:44:59 PM  
This always seemed shady to me. It seemed like that flag was everywhere at once--Afghanistan, the Olympics, the World Series, etc.

It's a flag. Big farking deal.
2002-09-05 09:01:20 PM  
so the flag was real after all then?

you'd think they'd want to hang to that. Like they did the declaration of independance and the Lincoln bedroom.

2002-09-05 10:27:50 PM  
Wait a minute, wait a minute....

THIS flag:

[image from too old to be available]

is NOT the same as THIS flag:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-06 12:28:45 AM  

"Symbols are for the simple-minded" -George Carlin
2002-09-07 12:52:09 AM  
Skull and Bones collects memorabilia.
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