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(ABC News)   UFO seen over New Jersey   ( divider line
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2001-07-17 03:10:42 PM  
Not surprising, boobies!
2001-07-17 03:14:42 PM  
Why would aliens look at New Jersey? Its filthy!
2001-07-17 03:14:47 PM  
UFO seen over New Jersey, but when they saw Newark, they left in a hurry
2001-07-17 03:19:48 PM  
My father was at a leadership training camp... this was 5-10 years back. Anyways, there were a number of military personel there as well. In their spare time, they spent most of the time chatting. At one point, the conversation turned to UFOs. Someone mentioned a massive sighting in... I believe it was Arizona. One of the military people grinned slightly, and when asked why, he replied, "... that was one of ours." :)

Seriously, what better way to test the visibility/audibility of a new aircraft than to fly over a major city, at as low of an altitude as you're allowed to, and see how many UFO reports are made that night?

-= rei =-
2001-07-17 03:23:33 PM  
tastes like chicken
2001-07-17 03:27:02 PM  
Maybe the Jersey UFO was Big Pussy. They're gonna bring him back for the fall season.
2001-07-17 03:30:22 PM  
End of the article. "We witnessed some sort of miracle."

Man, if a few flashing lights is all you need to become a believer...

(ACtually, this may explain scientology.)
2001-07-17 03:44:30 PM  
And the report was made by two stoned boys by the names of Jey and Silent Bob...
2001-07-17 03:44:37 PM  
Lies!!! It was probably all of the smog over this state. That or they are drinking from the Passaic river again.
2001-07-17 03:55:15 PM  
"Strange Lights over New Jersey" Isn't that the name of a song? Or is it "Strange Odor from New Jersey".
2001-07-17 03:58:50 PM  
Has anybody ever really thought how farking scary it would really be to see a life form? I mean, I honestly wonder if I wouldn't have a heart attack. You can believe all you want that they exist, but when you really see one, how freaking scary is that? I hope to never really see an alien in my life time unless it is in the last few years of my life.
2001-07-17 03:59:16 PM  
What kind of state would name themselves after a cow?
2001-07-17 03:59:46 PM  
Oops, first sentence, life form = alien life form
2001-07-17 04:28:10 PM  
I'll believe this when I believe that those are really Belinda Carlisle's boobies.
2001-07-17 04:31:19 PM  
President Bush uses this sighting as an excuse to divert trillions of dollars of funding to God to prevent further alien encroachments.
2001-07-17 04:34:15 PM  
HEY! No more New Jersey bashing, or I'll have to get farking rude with you all!!!

We have guns,
2001-07-17 04:48:35 PM  
That is the first wave.. You can tell because they always fly in V formation.
2001-07-17 04:53:09 PM  
Nkoskia: if you have a heart attack, there is a good chance that if you see one, thoose are the last years of your life.
2001-07-17 04:55:48 PM  
Its amazing the reaction you get with a few helium ballons and glow sticks.
2001-07-17 05:07:26 PM  
Alright, alright....let's give New Jersey a break. Time to rip on Texas and Arkansas.
2001-07-17 05:14:18 PM  
Oh, that was me and my synchronized flying flashlight brigade. We were practicing, as you can tell we needed a lot of it.
2001-07-17 05:14:41 PM  
Horsefly: A buddy and I discussed doing exactly that a while back. We even had an optimal release location planned out. Anyone know if there are any laws specifically prohibiting such behavior? We figured on "littering" or "public nuisance" misdemeanors, but were unsure if The Man would find something more serious to tack on.
2001-07-17 05:27:21 PM  
Hmmm... summer, slow moving light formations. This happened near Roanoke VA in 88 or 89. After 2 weeks of this crap the TN Air Guard admitted that they were doing mid-air refueling exercises in the area during that time frame. That picture is exactly what the films from that "incident" looked like.

Yes I love the fact that people see UFOs near experimental military bases and never figure out that they are unidentified, but only to the general public.
2001-07-17 05:31:16 PM  
Everyone repeat after me.... Swamp gas .... Now move along. There's nothing to see here.
2001-07-17 05:35:12 PM  
On the video, why did they interview Linda Tripp?? I mean sha....
2001-07-17 05:35:45 PM  
fark it, that's it. I'm out of here. It's over.
2001-07-17 05:45:27 PM  
I doubt these were UFOs ar a 'miracle'. Probably just millitaryu tests, some kind of light refrackting off the atmosphere, or some other natural phenomenon.
2001-07-17 06:00:38 PM  
Those weren't strange lights, those were stars. There was a brownout in the area and enough streetlights and neon went out to actually see the sky.

Now stare into this red flashy thing....
2001-07-17 06:02:03 PM  
wait, isn't that the same picture they saw when UFO's were spotted in like the Carolinas or something. Looks too damned familar.
2001-07-17 06:12:18 PM  
Sharv: If you got caught you could probably get charged with causing a navigational hazard or something, some people have no sense of humor. Me and a friend still plan on trying it someday though.
2001-07-17 06:22:43 PM  
Is it just me, or did their photographic evidence look a lot like a screen capture taken from an Atari 2600?
2001-07-17 08:19:18 PM  
Obviously a French recononnaissance mission ...
2001-07-17 08:46:06 PM  
UFO? no

They were dry cleaner bags tied to candles. Candles heat air into bags and they float away. Its the oldest trick in the book.

Im in NJ
2001-07-17 08:59:54 PM  
At this very moment, somewhere over New Jersey, Chandra Levy is experiencing one hell of an anal probe.
2001-07-17 09:28:03 PM  
That's not a moon, it's a space station.
2001-07-18 12:32:10 AM  
I doubt these were UFOs ar a 'miracle'. Probably just millitaryu tests, some kind of light refrackting off the atmosphere, or some other natural phenomenon.

Maybe they're *just* UFOs. The U stands for unidentified. I think transaction psychology has proven we don't all see the same thing (think 4 people witnessing a car accident) and anamolous phenomenon could very well be something other than the standard assumptions. Considering we have little info at hand the intelligent choice would be to still consider it a mystery until there are more facts.
2001-07-18 12:42:03 AM  
2001-07-18 02:25:14 AM  
That's a ten yard penalty, Barfly.

Scatpack: Hang strips of foil from the bottom and release them upwind of a military base. (Ah, the San Diego days.)
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