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(AFP)   Nigerian school receives 300 laptop computers for its students. As soon as they get electricity, things are really going to start looking up   ( divider line
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2007-06-30 02:16:38 AM  
lol poor people
2007-06-30 02:16:41 AM  
Training them in email scams early now are they?

2007-06-30 02:16:58 AM  
Nigeria is even more corrupt than the United States, what do you expect?
2007-06-30 02:17:20 AM  
laptops work on batteries, moran

/wait, what?
2007-06-30 02:17:21 AM  
Why is Africa such a basket case?
2007-06-30 02:17:35 AM  
I thought that's what the crank was for.

2007-06-30 02:18:21 AM  
God, this could have come from the Onion.

Jesus, what a waste.

/Fark Africa anyway
2007-06-30 02:19:08 AM  
Well, kids, this is a tough one. We can post the "Niger, please" picture, we can go with e-mail scams, or we can just rip the entire continent. We will also accept AIDS jokes.
2007-06-30 02:19:43 AM  
Ndidi Nnoli-Edozien

That's all I wanted to say.
2007-06-30 02:21:39 AM  
Cart before horse once again. How are they accessing the internet anyways?
2007-06-30 02:21:54 AM  
Yeah. Scam victims paid for these laptops. They can teach the kids young how to phish, card, and scam.

/have no love for that country
2007-06-30 02:22:04 AM  
Glad you said it.
I sure can't.
2007-06-30 02:24:56 AM  
On the other hand, this means they haven't had to deal with nonstop coverage of Paris Hilton.
2007-06-30 02:25:21 AM  
Gold farmers!
2007-06-30 02:25:38 AM  
i think irony beats out sad on this one
2007-06-30 02:29:22 AM  
The liberal capitalistic side of me says, "Lets go there and bring them electricity!".
The Nick Berg in me says, "No".
2007-06-30 02:29:27 AM  

Why is Africa such a basket case?

2007-06-30 02:30:02 AM  
They have received 300 OLPC laptops? The ones which aren't even in beta2, let alone production, yet?
2007-06-30 02:30:14 AM  
jub0r: I thought that's what the crank was for.

Me to
2007-06-30 02:30:37 AM  
beirmaster: Cart before horse once again.

2007-06-30 02:31:04 AM  
for the record, i have no actual nick berg in me, so to speak.
2007-06-30 02:31:14 AM  
I'm guessing things will look up for them because they will be able to start the very first professional scamming school.
2007-06-30 02:32:37 AM
OLPC the crank is for power

//atleast I thought it was
2007-06-30 02:33:42 AM  
TFA is a M$ troll. If those are OLPC laptops, then the whole POINT is you don't need an electricity supply, or internet access, and you can use them out in the sun, and they are waterproof:

Sheesh. What some people will do to protect a profit margin.

2007-06-30 02:34:14 AM  
Give the Nigerians a break, there are decent people living in Nigeria. All three of them.
2007-06-30 02:34:38 AM  
Honestly, how is the prince of Nigeria supposed to let us know that if we send him 5k he will send us his personal fortune of well over 5 million??? Of COURSE they need computers!!!
2007-06-30 02:35:48 AM  
have them call me on my iphone.
2007-06-30 02:36:34 AM  
These laptops come with generators. Foot powered ones, the hand cranks were removed as they stressed the frame of the laptop too much.
2007-06-30 02:37:08 AM  
I think the dems and republicans could both get behind a preemptive strike against Nigeria. No oil. Just killing satisfaction like Stallone in Cobra.
2007-06-30 02:37:43 AM  
RIP, Mikey Adams WEEI
2007-06-30 02:38:33 AM  
Mikey Adams WEEI
English motherfarker, do you speak it?
2007-06-30 02:39:12 AM  
the crank was removed in favor of another electricity generating method, but I was under the impression that they hadn't yet come up with one.
2007-06-30 02:39:31 AM  
Uncle Karl: These laptops come with generators. Foot powered ones, the hand cranks were removed as they stressed the frame of the laptop too much.

I just seen the new one you're talking about
2007-06-30 02:39:40 AM  
OLPC the crank is for power
//atleast I thought it was

The crank was a very early design. Turns out the side of a laptop is a stupid place to put a crank. Now the laptops just accept almost any kind of DC power from about 5 to 20 volts at any range of fluctuating amps, so they can draw power from rip-cord handheld chargers (the default), car batteries, solar pannels, dodgy 3rd world electricity grids (via transformer), bicycle or animal powered generators, etc. etc. etc:

/mind you, the thought of an entire generation of computer trained Nigerians is a little scary, given what they have already achieved!!! :)
2007-06-30 02:39:52 AM  
Foot pedals, I think they demoed it already.
2007-06-30 02:42:02 AM  
Uncle Karl
These laptops come with generators. Foot powered ones, the hand cranks were removed as they stressed the frame of the laptop too much.

now that's a whole 'nother problem.
2007-06-30 02:42:31 AM  
Uncle Karl:

Mikey Adams WEEI
English motherfarker, do you speak it?

I noticed yesterday that he/she was continually posting links to the same porn site.

Uncle, since you're a beloved member of the site, let someone know.
2007-06-30 02:43:18 AM  
I meant Fark, Uncle Karl, not the porn site.
2007-06-30 02:43:20 AM  
But wouldn't it be difficult to crank a laptop to keep it powered and fap off to pron at the same time

fap crank fap crank fap crank fap fap doh!

/think of the children
//for they cannot power their laptops
2007-06-30 02:43:21 AM  
ok, my html is stupid. or farkode is. whatever. Bold escaped.
2007-06-30 02:43:36 AM  
Wild Bluebonnet
When did I become a beloved member?
2007-06-30 02:57:58 AM  
beirmaster: How are they accessing the internet anyways?

"We have been browsing the Internet and we are very happy", Juliet Onah, an excited primary six pupil, was quoted as saying.

I'm pretty sure Juliet does not know what the internet is.
2007-06-30 03:02:05 AM  
The school paid for the laptops with a check for $3000 over the sales price, then asked for the company to wire that excess money back to them.
2007-06-30 03:26:29 AM  
Let me just say I think Nigerians are a lot like Hitler.

//thread done
2007-06-30 03:28:41 AM  
Fap powered laptops?
2007-06-30 03:37:57 AM  
Not that you asked, but the whole concept of handing out free laptops (FOR TEH CHILDRUNN!!111!) is quixotic beyond belief.

I'm reminded of some old wisdom: "When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail."
2007-06-30 03:50:14 AM  
The scams on YOU Nigeria. Can't even put them on eBay if you tried.

Srsly, At some point given the 47 chains of command along the way, someone said, "dude, they don't have any electricity there". To wich the reply I'm guessing was "They will, soon. Don't worry about it, I have other things I need you to do right now".
2007-06-30 03:53:41 AM  
The laptops come with generators.
2007-06-30 03:58:36 AM  
Uncle Karl, you have actual photos of the machines? A little bitty lego-style crank isn't going to survive long with generation capacity about that of a flashlight you can shake. Maybe they have to shake the monitors as back up?

Hot desert sun and plastic? Yeah that'll last about 6 months. What language are the keyboards in and are they in the US layout?

/planning is a biatch for sure, but would have helped here
2007-06-30 04:01:25 AM  
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