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2135 clicks; posted to Video » on 29 Jun 2007 at 5:51 PM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-29 03:33:57 PM  
Good for the Wednesday afternoon depression. Watched it weekly for a long time.
2007-06-29 03:39:05 PM  
A repo man spends his life getting into tense situations.
2007-06-29 03:40:32 PM  
I was just thinking about a plate of shrimp.
2007-06-29 03:41:24 PM  
Let's go do some crimes!
2007-06-29 03:42:32 PM  
littletreesracing.comView Full Size

Find one in every car.

You'll see.
2007-06-29 03:52:00 PM  
i blame society
2007-06-29 03:54:18 PM  
Guy Innagorillasuit: Let's go do some crimes!

Yeah! Let's go get sushi and not pay.
2007-06-29 03:56:05 PM  
Good soundtrack.
2007-06-29 03:56:26 PM  
This trailer has no Harry Dean Stanton. WTF?
2007-06-29 03:57:15 PM  
rodeofrog: Good soundtrack.

Ahem, great soundtrack.
2007-06-29 04:12:34 PM  
Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole...
2007-06-29 04:49:48 PM  
John Wayne was a fag.
2007-06-29 05:08:21 PM  
I went to his house to put in some 2-way mirrors, and he answered the door in a dress.
2007-06-29 05:09:38 PM  
I can't be the only one who thought this movie really sucked.
2007-06-29 06:03:43 PM  
clancifer: I can't be the only one who thought this movie really sucked.

Sorry, but you are in fact the only one who thinks this. Sucks to be you, eh?
2007-06-29 06:22:53 PM  
What's in the trunk?
2007-06-29 06:27:11 PM  

The same thing that's in the briefcase in 'Pulp Fiction'???

/I am so talkin' shiat
2007-06-29 06:28:17 PM  
What's in the trunk?

My sister... we had this argument....
2007-06-29 06:33:23 PM  
yo, clancy

If you really thought 'Repo Man' sucked, what movies do you like?

/not being a dick, just wondering
2007-06-29 06:57:48 PM  
Only an asshole gets killed for a car.

/ to quote from another one of my favorites: clancy, your taste is in your ass
2007-06-29 07:52:34 PM  
Hey kid wanna make 10 bucks...

I can't believe I used to like these guys....

Repo mans got all night, every night....

Infinitely quoteable.

Fantastic film, mind you any film with Harry Dean Stanton is pretty much OK. Mike Nesmith of the Monkees is responsible for it, which I find rather surprising. If you haven't seen it, you should
2007-06-29 08:35:43 PM  
I LOVED this movie.
2007-06-29 08:54:47 PM  
I remember watching Repo Man for the first time at around 3 in the morning during a 'movie-thon' at University. They showed Eraserhead just before, during which I had about 8 beers. Repo Man seemed like a feel-good family flick in comparison, but still a nice mindfark.
2007-06-29 09:59:20 PM  
Plate of shrimp?
2007-06-29 10:48:36 PM  
The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.
2007-06-29 10:56:30 PM  
clancifer: I can't be the only one who thought this movie really sucked.

you are not alone my friend. when i saw it i was unfamiliar with 80s punk culture. it blew. the closer affinity i have with punk, the better this movie gets.

...but outside of that subculture i don't recall the film having much merit at all. i liked the generic product placement and that's about it the first time i saw it.
2007-06-30 12:01:56 AM  
All I wanted was a pepsi.
2007-06-30 12:17:51 AM  
fark you, queer!
2007-06-30 12:45:30 AM  
Any worthless sack of humanity that thinks this movie "sucks"
must f**ing die now.

You don't GET IT.
You won't GET IT.
You can't GET IT.

You have NOTHING to offer the human race.

I have known some awful goddamned mediocre losers in my time and even THEY F**ING LOVED THIS FILM!

yeah...yeah...I'm an asshole.
I will go to my grave with a beer in one hand and truth in the other.
2007-06-30 01:00:29 AM  
But what about our relationship...

I'll die on my feet before I live on my knees....

Otto parts...

Haven't watched it 15 yrs. but remember way too many lines. Now I kinda feel like the Zappa fans that can recite all his lyrics.

Actually, haven't watched any film for a good long time, any of you Repo Man fans got any recommends.
2007-06-30 01:07:17 AM  
img242.imageshack.usView Full Size

/ it's a streetlamp.
2007-06-30 01:12:39 AM  
New Age Redneck:

Actually, haven't watched any film for a good long time, any of you Repo Man fans got any recommends.

Good luck finding it, but if you can, check out Liquid Sky. Early 80's bizarritae that makes Repo Man look like something you'd see in Reader's Digest.
2007-06-30 01:45:48 AM  
Good call with LIQUID SKY maxheck.

One problem maybe,

I'll wager New Age Redneck has already seen that one.

I recommend a recent film called THE CHUMSCRUBBER.
Very odd with a kinda suspended reality thing.

Also,I adore this film called NOWHERE directed by Gregg Araki.
Yeah...yeah,Araki is the guy that makes all those films that the hip goth and emo kids like but this movie is truly extraordinary.

It is disturbing and funny but it actually has an almost "epic" look to it in the way it is photograhed.
In many ways it is alot like Fellini SATYRICON meets David Lynch.
2007-06-30 02:19:09 AM  
there are torrents for liquid sky
2007-06-30 02:20:12 AM  
(takes note of craigdamage's recommends)

Another nice piece of surreality: Naked Lunch. Partially the William Burroughs book, but mostly a sort of biography of Burroughs himself. And it's by Cronenberg.

/ just got a copy of The Holy Mountain, will toddle off and watch that now.
2007-06-30 02:58:24 AM  
"Repo man's ALWAYS intense!"

/only line I remember
//I'm 23
2007-06-30 09:25:21 AM  
Hell, I STILL check every car I pass for the little trees.
2007-06-30 11:58:21 AM  

Thanks for the suggestions.
2007-06-30 12:54:13 PM  
2007-06-30 02:37:58 PM  
Oh, yeah, you're farkin' A we ripped your car, asshole. You want to know who told us where it was? Your god-damned brother.

/goes to get a can of food
2007-06-30 04:06:08 PM  
John Wayne was a fag

2007-06-30 06:28:05 PM  
One of my favorite moments from Repo Man was the montage of the crazy guy driving the UFO car on the freeway.. he's changing lanes to the right with his left blinker on.

Or was it going left with the right blinker??? either way, it was a subtle bit of hilarity.
2007-06-30 07:46:05 PM  
Ah Repo man...

"Yah see that kid. Ordinary farkin people. I hate em."

And hells yes... Liquid Sky!

"You need a ride up town? No mom, Im headed downtown..."

And Holy Mountain!

"Zoom back camera"

(not to mention the spanish conquest of the aztecs reinacted in scale with lizards and toads in little constumes)

City of Lost Children anyone?

/loves you guys...
2007-06-30 10:26:04 PM  

Thanks... I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything.

/very funny
2007-06-30 11:01:32 PM  
Ever feel as if your mind had begun to erode?....Ever been to Utah?

Ray-de-ation, you hear the most outrageous lies about it.
2007-07-01 12:45:16 AM  
Is he as good as he was in La ley de Herodes?
/si no la viste, andate a verla
2007-07-01 03:53:18 PM  
"Put it on a plate son, you'll enjoy it more"

I love this movie
2007-07-03 10:45:33 AM  
Someone piss on the floor again?

The tree in my car is definitely an homage to Repo Man. It's been there so long that the elastic has stretched out to a foot long.

And yes the soundtrack is awesome.
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