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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Teen drinking study concludes Australia one of the few countries where binge drinking is acceptable   ( divider line
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2002-09-04 10:47:18 AM  
Mmmm, binge drinking! Puke and putty-tats...
2002-09-04 10:47:20 AM  
Hah, as if it isn't acceptable in the US.
2002-09-04 10:47:25 AM  
oh i dont know, i found it pretty "accepted" when i was in high school and college
2002-09-04 10:47:40 AM  
Binge drinking statistics are skewed...Knocking back a six-pack is binge drinking? Hardly...
2002-09-04 10:48:13 AM  
Don't I know it.
2002-09-04 10:48:21 AM  
Who cares if it's acceptable?
2002-09-04 10:48:59 AM  
knocking back a six-pack ON YOUR WAY THE PARTY - that's binge drinking.
2002-09-04 10:49:05 AM  
In Europe, parents raised their children to use alcohol appropriately
yes my parents thought me to drink it.
2002-09-04 10:49:24 AM  
"Acceptable" is Austrailian for "Encouraged", mate. Can't wait to go in 3 weeks!
2002-09-04 10:49:54 AM  
phew. glad it is acceptable. was about to put the glass down.

I'll still trade with anyone who wants to live here tho. aus sarks.
2002-09-04 10:50:49 AM  
Farked? Already?
2002-09-04 10:51:20 AM  
What kind of alcohol is "binge"? Some crazy Austrailian beer?
2002-09-04 10:51:48 AM  
Why do you think australia sucks, Snuff3r?
2002-09-04 10:52:13 AM  
They make this out to be a new thing...

I was a binge drinker growing up as were all of my friends. We got it out of our systems early. Better to binge drink when you have no real responsibility...
2002-09-04 10:52:35 AM  

A six-pack of Foster's oil cans, that is.
2002-09-04 10:52:36 AM  
Is it really a binge if you do it every week for three days in a row?
2002-09-04 10:54:31 AM  
I thought it was a requirement here.
2002-09-04 10:56:50 AM  
A true anecdote:
I went a friend's wedding about a year ago. One of the guests, a friend of mine for many years, attended. This fellow drinks beer constantly. At the end of the reception, during which many sundry and various types of alcohol were drunk, this guy staggers to his car. An older matron apparently sees this and yells out to him, "are you all right?" To which he replied, "Yeah, I have a twelve-pack in the car..."

Now, THAT's binge drinking...
2002-09-04 10:57:53 AM  
Some totally unrelated hilarity for my Fellow-Farkers

Go here

Click on the Real Audio icon on the upper left of the center frame

" Recordings for Someone
January 11, 2002
Episode 203"

Advance your audio player to minute 38:40

"The Little Mermaid" story by Ira Glass of NPR's "This American Life"

2002-09-04 10:58:50 AM  
I would kill everyone in this room for a drop of sweet beer.

-- Homer Simpson
2002-09-04 10:59:40 AM  
All right, brain, I don't like you and you don't like me, so let's just do this and I'll get back to killing you with beer.

-- Homer Simpson
2002-09-04 11:00:23 AM  
I was thinking about binging a bit, but then I thought, I should 'get in a meeting' and 'call my sponsor' and 'work my steps' and 'get 90 in 90' and 'life gets better then it gets real' and then do the whole lot over and over again to where I'm just some whirling dirvish of over zealous higher-power spouting freak.

1.) Surrender my brain, become someone else and loathe every day - and then someday die.

- or -

2.) Be comfortable & happy being who I am, exersise control - but don't beat myself up about it when I fail - and then someday die

Tough choice. NOT...
2002-09-04 11:00:24 AM  
I can tell you from personal experience that Melbourne, Australia is an excellent place to go for a good time. Bars at nearly every intersection, tons of nightclubs, an 18+ drinking age, and crazy drunk girls all over the place.

Best part of it all: The exchange rate.
2002-09-04 11:01:01 AM  
Obvious, obvious, obvious.
2002-09-04 11:05:26 AM  
Seriously, it's not like it's anything new. Guys have been drinking hard long before they had that little piece of plastic to prove they were old enough to buy. The only reason it's a big deal now is because PC idiots are choosing to make it a big deal.

So what if your kid drinks. Let them have a good time. They'll be a better adjusted person for it. Better than sitting around listening to EMO and playing dungeons and dragons.
2002-09-04 11:07:07 AM  
is a 750ml bottle of Dewars a day at the lake binge drinking?
2002-09-04 11:07:44 AM  
HeatMiser: "It's a deal!"
2002-09-04 11:09:14 AM  
I am Jack's complete lack of suprise.
2002-09-04 11:10:56 AM  
can someone please explain to me what the hell bump is talking about?
2002-09-04 11:11:03 AM  
Yeah, Riddil, there is a point to that. The very idea that "any risk is too much risk" has slowly expanded to encompass more and more of life. Every breath that you take increases your risk of inhaling radioactive daughters of radon. And the alternative to that?
2002-09-04 11:11:43 AM  
Purge baby! PURGE! bbbbbbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!
2002-09-04 11:11:46 AM  
Hey, notice that these people consider 10 drinks at a time binge drinking. I think that's a lot better definition than those temperance assholes in the US use that count it as 5 for guys and 4 for girls.
2002-09-04 11:12:31 AM  
Dewars-rocks: "is a 750ml bottle of Dewars a day at the lake binge drinking?"

As long as you're at the lake, you're fine.
2002-09-04 11:19:03 AM  
"Mr Dillon said he had known young binge drinkers to choke on their vomit and die, and to suffer alcoholic toxic poisoning which could also kill them."

What about all the rock stars that die this way, huh? Doesn't anybody care about them?
2002-09-04 11:25:46 AM  
Cormee, bump is saying that he would rather over indulge occassionally and feel no remorse as opposed to living a lie and denying himself a pleasure.
2002-09-04 11:30:43 AM  
Did they not study Scotland or England then?
2002-09-04 11:31:10 AM  
Kaka - it took 5 minutes to find what you were talking about - its at 48:40, not 38:40 by the way - and it sucked ass.

Ergo, you suck ass
2002-09-04 11:31:15 AM  
From my travels I have found that native English speakers drink way more than other cultures.

In Europe, people will go out all night but may only have 2,3 or 4 drinks an evening. Westerners i find, tend to get rat assed and don't stop until they have a) run out of money, b) fall over.
2002-09-04 11:34:50 AM  
Dewers-rocks: You should be drinking single malt - Glenlivet, if you need a recommendation.
2002-09-04 11:36:33 AM  
OUCH! Harsh Conradknight.

2002-09-04 11:37:53 AM  
Conversation between marge and bartender from the episode where Bart makes a prank call to Australia in 5... 4... 3.... 2... 1...
2002-09-04 11:42:36 AM  
Five Dollars!?!? Getouttahere...
2002-09-04 11:43:26 AM  
Riddil, try binge drinking WHILE playing Dungeons and Dragons, it's ten times more interesting than it was before.

And yeah, this is pretty true. Australia is pretty relaxed on everything here, people are generally too worried about the heroin problem to worry about a few ratfaced teenagers falling arse over teakettle in the streets(ie. me).

Incidentally, I've heard American beer is pissweak, anyone want to enlighten me?
2002-09-04 11:48:30 AM  
El Cerdo Loco
Incidentally, I've heard American beer is pissweak, anyone want to enlighten me?
Well, there is this Monty Python joke: American beer is like having sex in a canoe, it's farking close to water.

The presidents of Corono, Budweiser and Guiness go into a bar. The first two each order the beer their own companies produce, but the president of Guiness orders a Coke. The presidents of Corona and Bud seem surprised, but the president of Guiness replies:
-"What?! If you are not going to drink beer, I'm not going either!


Thank you, thank you, tip your waitress, try the veal...
2002-09-04 11:55:25 AM  
I'm a little offended at the "30 drinks per week" statistic. I may only drink 28 beers per week, but they're each 32 ounces. Doesn't that deserve the same amount of credit? And some of those drinks might be Zima or Wine Coolers, which certainly shouldn't count as full drinks.
2002-09-04 11:57:47 AM  
The problem is that reporters write these binge-drinking stories. And what where reporters in high school and college? I don't know, because I never knew any, nor does anyone I know. I can therefore conclude that they were super dorks that never went out and partied or did anything social. Thus they have a very skewed view of drinking. I have no evidence whatsoever to support my theory, but I contend it is the right one.
2002-09-04 12:05:56 PM  
what where

what were

what ever
2002-09-04 12:07:35 PM  
ha love it. thanks
2002-09-04 12:07:53 PM  
Binge drinking.....

Australian for lunch!
2002-09-04 12:09:16 PM  
Looks like the Salvation Army is skewing it's press releases to draw in the upscale affluent crowd. Yay prohibition!

Donate to the SA to fund studies slanted toward getting bigger donations? No thanks.

Not anymore.
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