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(ABC News)   ABC gets a jump on the 9/11 scaremongering   ( divider line
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2002-09-03 09:11:22 PM  
In other news, ABC gives the terrorists more ideas.
2002-09-03 09:50:06 PM  
Could they re-broadcast the info on how to make a dirty bomb. For, you know, educational reasons.
2002-09-03 10:07:12 PM  
"General, what is the most damaging thing that you could tell the terrorists right now?"
2002-09-03 10:08:10 PM  
If I were a terrorist, which I'm not, I'd totally do something on like October 3rd or something... right after everyone cooled down and realized nothing was going to happen...
2002-09-03 10:08:27 PM  
"Planes Have Potential to be Damaging"

perhaps an "understatement" tag is more appropriate.
2002-09-03 10:10:08 PM  
Media can truly Suck.
2002-09-03 10:10:23 PM  
I think we're finally getting to the point where we know that stolen airplanes are a serious problem in this country

um... yeah?
2002-09-03 10:10:58 PM  
Planes take off in sky
and never land safely again
damn bad in-flight meals
2002-09-03 10:11:33 PM  
Wonder what the stats are for pre-911 small plane theft?
2002-09-03 10:12:39 PM  
Oh please. All that "you're giving the terrorists information" is pure hokum. They've thought of it, we can be sure.

Now, the dirty bomb or the e-bomb, that's a somewhat different story.
2002-09-03 10:13:54 PM  
7 planes stolen this year is a big deal eh? 42 were stolen in 1998. How is that not better?
2002-09-03 10:14:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Seriously, news is the worst thing to happen to a)The Military and b)Homeland Security

Why don't they just show us the steps to hijacking a plane?
2002-09-03 10:14:47 PM  
i can't do haiku
i have syllable-blindness
how many was that ?

in other news ... bad stuff sometimes happens, but not often enough for the meeja
2002-09-03 10:15:05 PM  
I can't help but think something will be tried on the 11th, even though I knew for sure they would do something on the 4th of July and it never materialized. (I know, I know, run on sentence.... back off..)
2002-09-03 10:15:27 PM  
7???? BIG DEAL!. "In 1980, during the heyday of marijuana and cocaine smuggling by air, 241 U.S. registered planes were stolen.
2002-09-03 10:16:44 PM  
If you want to be safe from terrorist attacks, go work for ABC news. They seem to have a good thing going.
2002-09-03 10:16:53 PM  
"They killed Killer B!"
2002-09-03 10:17:04 PM  
We're not scaremongering, this is really happening.
Take the money and run, take the money and run.
2002-09-03 10:18:11 PM  
"So generally there's nobody here between dark and about 7 a.m." "You basically pick a lock to get into the plane, hotwire it and start it up and away you go,"
Let us HELP you kill's how!
2002-09-03 10:18:22 PM  
Will those cement pots
really prevent a car bomb
from doing damage?
2002-09-03 10:18:34 PM  
Dude, where's my plane?
Where's your plane, dude?
2002-09-03 10:19:42 PM  
Yes we need to do something about these planes now that every cargo truck in America has been fitted with surveillance cameras and we've put all diesel fuel and nitrogen fertilizer under lock and key.
2002-09-03 10:20:21 PM  
Yeah, I can see the terrorists now:
"We hijacked 4 commercial airliners and all we had to do was read ABC and they could of given us the idea to steal a lttile Cessna? Boy do we look stupid"
Grow up.
2002-09-03 10:20:50 PM  
How sick are the next two weeks going to be? TV stations tripping over themselves trying to be 'sincere'. Bunch of pukes. How'd they like people dancing on the graves of their loved ones? I hate TV.
2002-09-03 10:22:05 PM  
We should take this very seriously! After all, remember all the lives that were lost when a single-engine Cessna was stolen in Florida and flown into a bank!
2002-09-03 10:22:31 PM  
"of" and "lttile" are terrorist speak.
2002-09-03 10:26:37 PM  
One of my favorite quotes ...
"I once saw a photograph of a large herd of wild elephants in Central Africa seeing an airplane for the first time, and all in a state of wild collective terror... As, however, there were no journalists among them, the terror died down when the airplane was out of sight." ~ Bertrand Russell
2002-09-03 10:28:28 PM  
Isn't John McClure (name from story) the same name for Bruce Willis' character in Die Hard?
2002-09-03 10:28:50 PM  
John McClane, I think.
2002-09-03 10:29:27 PM  
McClane? McClain?
2002-09-03 10:29:36 PM  
ssshhh ! i'm busy 'remembering' ...
2002-09-03 10:30:07 PM  
Isn't John McClure (name from story) the same name for Bruce Willis' character in Die Hard?

2002-09-03 10:31:09 PM  
Wldncrzy 14 You are correct his character was John McClane
2002-09-03 10:32:03 PM  
did anyone see that story on how terrorists may steal all the lawnmowers and people will die cause they get lost in their yard when the grass gets long ? no ?
2002-09-03 10:32:07 PM  
"We woke up a little after 3 (p.m.), we threw up," recalled McClure, "and I thought, 'Dude, where's my plane?'".

I may be paraphrasing.
2002-09-03 10:33:16 PM  
If that isn't enough, planes are used for wardriving by those interesting in information security.

I'm sure all the retired Air Force Captains I know who happen to enjoy flying are watching this news with bewilderment.
2002-09-03 10:33:21 PM  
A little off topic but...why did they yank Dr. Geoffrey's thingy?
2002-09-03 10:34:17 PM  
Crazy kids and their cherry bombs.
2002-09-03 10:34:51 PM  
you're thinking of Troy McClure from the Simpsons (voiced by Phil Hartman)
2002-09-03 10:35:13 PM  
You're thinking of Tony McClure, the infomercial guy on the Simpsons.

I think that's his name.
2002-09-03 10:35:42 PM  
Americans need a big cup full of "get over it." You know what? What happened was horrible....really, really horrible. But shiat happens. We all need to take a deep breath and focus on things we really can making porn interruptions mandatory on all religious programming stations. You know...the important things in life.

2002-09-03 10:35:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-03 10:36:37 PM  
09-03-02 10:22:05 PM JoelKatz
We should take this very seriously! After all, remember all the lives that were lost when a single-engine Cessna was stolen in Florida and flown into a bank!

Please Read:

There were no lives gone but the dumbass.
2002-09-03 10:36:40 PM  
Hi ! I'm John McClure - you may remember me from 'They're Going to Steal Our Planes and Kill Us All' and 'Slappy the Stupid Dolphin'
2002-09-03 10:36:50 PM  
I think the media is trying harder to find ways for the terrorists to invoke terror then the terrorists.
2002-09-03 10:36:53 PM  
For Raginghobo

Who's in bunker, who's in bunker?
Women and children first
2002-09-03 10:37:25 PM  
"You may know me as..."
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-03 10:38:20 PM  
MacPhistoGDS : wid you ... v.v. bad thing happened, never forget, also don't let it take over your life.
2002-09-03 10:38:33 PM  
Yeah, plenty of construction vehicles are stolen every year too. Does that mean that 'terrorists' are building some kind of super-weapon?

2002-09-03 10:39:28 PM  
09-03-02 10:36:37 PM Kelbel - i didnt write the comment you quote but i think you may have failed to miss a bit of /sarcasm.
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