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53733 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Jun 2007 at 11:49 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-26 09:41:52 AM
2007-06-26 09:48:43 AM  
Another high tech solution to a low tech problem.
2007-06-26 09:59:01 AM  
28 miles? phht
2007-06-26 10:13:31 AM
2007-06-26 10:43:14 AM  

2007-06-26 11:01:27 AM  
basemetal: Another high tech solution to a low tech problem

Hey...government contractors need to get paid, too!

We've already contracted for virtual fencing that was over budget, over deadline, doesn't work, and is not getting fixed. I wonder which company got this sham project?
2007-06-26 11:33:15 AM  
Penn & Teller had a great show on the fence. The had a group of Mexicans build a section of the fence to the specifications of the real thing, and then they had them try to get past it.

It took about 3 minutes, max.

Building it took longer, of course, but between going under, going over, and going through the fence, the three teams of Mexicans made it with little effort.

This is a total waste of money and time. Maybe this one is more high tech, but it will still be busted easily by people who are determined.
2007-06-26 11:44:46 AM
2007-06-26 11:52:24 AM  
Thanks, Diogenes - I fixed my language now.

/Osmosis, amoeba
2007-06-26 11:52:30 AM  
A series of cameras watching the borders?

Yeah, they did that in Texas too. It was good for watching them cross the border, but not much else. Certainly didn't stop any crossings
2007-06-26 11:52:32 AM  
Jesus, just sell hunting permits, no fence and you make a profit. The only problem is finding a mexidermist..
2007-06-26 11:52:50 AM  
Finally, a virtual fence for all the virtual Mexicans that keep trying to come to the US.
2007-06-26 11:53:15 AM  
FEH! I thought this was a useless load of crap when I heard about it on NPR a week ago.
2007-06-26 11:53:41 AM  
I call your fence, and raise you BEARS
2007-06-26 11:54:06 AM  
Wait a virtual fence? So we're going to try and keep a bunch of illegals out with a firewall?
2007-06-26 11:54:12 AM  
Why not just put a bunch of webcams up and let all the minute men watch them for free?
2007-06-26 11:54:15 AM  
i see what you did there.

/cue pic
2007-06-26 11:54:21 AM  
motion-activated machine guns and minefields. problem solved.
2007-06-26 11:54:37 AM  
I just have to applaud subby for not only finding an ASCII fence character but putting exactly 28 of them in the headline. That's attention to detail.
2007-06-26 11:54:46 AM  
i'm assuming it will be too expensive, due to the high costs involved in obtaining a million of those electroshock doggy collars?
2007-06-26 11:55:08 AM  
Yes, because when someone wants to jump the border, they're going to pick the stretch of land with 100 foot monitoring towers.

/a fence doesn't do squat when the gate's unlocked
2007-06-26 11:55:15 AM  
WTF is so damn hard about building a farking fence
2007-06-26 11:55:47 AM  
These fences aren't designed to keep every single potential border crosser out. It is just another roadblock in the way that combined with other measures, makes it harder for the average guy to get over.

Its not meant or designed to be the final measure of border protection.
2007-06-26 11:56:45 AM  
You're doing one heck of a job there George.... er strawman (whichever applies)
2007-06-26 11:57:17 AM  
So we can now see that they are crossing the border but don't have a chance in hell of having the personnel to actually stop them. Have we decided to just try and keep a count now? Maybe bill Mexico anually for them?
2007-06-26 11:57:27 AM  
Don't forget that each post should have a laser attached to strike down anyone trying to cross the line.
2007-06-26 11:57:33 AM  
...Sonic deadlock is up. Prisoner restraint collars armed. Perimeter
deactivated. Perimeter deactivated. Perimeter deactivated. Perimeter
2007-06-26 11:57:58 AM  
Germany not impressed
2007-06-26 11:58:03 AM  
HOw farking ridiculous.
2007-06-26 11:58:28 AM  
I want a high tech, high resolution monitoring system for the girl down the hallway in the miniskirt. I swear, I can't work under these conditions.
2007-06-26 11:59:20 AM  
ahwahoo2006: Like the ones in Aliens. That might work. The problem and solution are so similar it might actually work
2007-06-26 11:59:38 AM  
oh just shoot them like their own government does to those that try to cross into mexico from their southern border. A lot less will try if they know they are going to be shot at.
2007-06-26 11:59:44 AM  
sleeps in trees [TotalFark]
Hopefully this will end the influx of those iceback Canadians that keep sneaking over the border.

Yes, Canadians come seeking free health care and other social programs.

/It reminds me of the Daily Show when they had the guy on who actually sits on a lawn chair and "guards" the Canadian border with a shotgun
2007-06-26 12:00:00 PM  
Then they will just crawl under the fence, we will just call them Scratchbacks
2007-06-26 12:00:35 PM

Not impressed.
2007-06-26 12:00:42 PM  
Looks like croquet to me.
2007-06-26 12:02:10 PM  
Then they will just crawl under the fence, we will just call them Scratchbacks

Because they are called "wetbacks" because they sneak into the country through the desert?
2007-06-26 12:02:45 PM  
ElPres: I laughed so hard I sneezed.
2007-06-26 12:02:45 PM  
You know they could always use the technology that area 51 uses. A moth can't even fart without them knowing about it...

I think gun turrets armed with tazers and manned by online gamers would be a fun way to prevent illegals. Have it so you can shoot an email to the border patrol if you tag one. Hell, I'd pay money to zap an illegal.

As for the waters off our coast, what about those radio control boats they have at theme parks? You know, drop in a quarter and chase rafts...

/ok, so maybe the boats would be a little slow
//still like the Tazer version of whack a mole.
2007-06-26 12:02:50 PM  
lilplatinum: Jesus, just sell hunting permits, no fence and you make a profit. The only problem is finding a mexidermist..

Laugh, but spend enough time in a border state and you'll get a bunch of well armed hicks agreeing with you. What's more American that shooting brown people?

/shooting brown people and making a reality tv show about it
2007-06-26 12:02:52 PM  
"The information is to flow over a high-speed wireless network into laptops in dozens of Border Patrol vehicles that, IN THEORY, would respond quicker and more efficiently to breaches than they do now."

That or they can walk around it to a different point of entry, use a coyote drug tunnel, or grab the whole family and sprint en masse on over, or do so on a US holiday, or early morning during shift change, or

Methinks the Bush admin is greasing some GOP fundraiser with classic pork barrel with a side of fearmongering and salad.

/"glitches with the radar and cameras have forced the project to miss its June 13 starting date"
//"SBInet runs risk of not delivering promised capabilities and benefits on time and within budget."
///NO shiat!
2007-06-26 12:03:01 PM  
FTFA: Rather than develop new technology, Boeing took existing cameras, sensors, radar and other equipment and bundled them into a system that although not technologically novel is unlike anything the Border Patrol now uses.

I'm picturing Duck Tape.
2007-06-26 12:04:48 PM  

Laugh, but spend enough time in a border state and you'll get a bunch of well armed hicks agreeing with you. What's more American that shooting brown people?

/shooting brown people and making a reality tv show about it

Well the governer of one prominent border state did star in Running Man.
2007-06-26 12:04:55 PM  
Hang on Voltaire - imagine that you own a few hundred acres right on the Rio Grande, your family has owned it for over 200 years. You enjoy the view of your river from your hacienda, and you like to go down to the river to fish from time to time, swim, cool off a bit. Then the Feds come along and built a g_damned 20 foot high fence that now prevents you from enjoying the view of the river, to swim, to fish in a river that you have lived next to for your whole life. Would you perhaps be a bit annoyed at said fence?

I like how you are constantly taking anti-government, but at the same time pro-fence stance - a bit of hypocrisy there son.
2007-06-26 12:05:01 PM  
Feh, build all the fences you want. Just wait till Senor Trebuchet arrives at the border!
2007-06-26 12:05:54 PM  
Another waste of time and money.

Just put one of these in a bunker every 300 yards or so.

Problem solved...
2007-06-26 12:06:55 PM  
fatal_exception: I'm picturing Duck Tape.

Yeah, but they awarded a $400 million contract to SAIC to develop it!

/not really
//wouldn't be surprised though
///virtual fences do not work in meatspace
2007-06-26 12:06:57 PM  
SBInet? SKInet?


2007-06-26 12:07:57 PM  

/barbed wire fence
2007-06-26 12:07:58 PM  
We should dig a long canal and fill it with sharks (with lasers?) or some such thing. I'm sure it could be built cheaply, what with the abundant sub-minimum wage laborers available in the area...
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