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(The Smoking Gun)   The Utah inmate arrested today for shooting a corrections officer is familiar to Farkers. The Smoking Gun was there   ( divider line
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2007-06-25 12:38:30 PM  
Typical Arbys patron
2007-06-25 12:39:38 PM  
Man, that guy will be hard to spot in a crowd. If only he had some distinguishing features.
2007-06-25 12:40:02 PM  
Baby photo:
2007-06-25 12:41:13 PM  
Could they just put this guy out of his misery?
2007-06-25 12:42:06 PM  
Well played, TIBT :-)
2007-06-25 12:42:34 PM  
I can read this guy like a book.

/the book is 'Mein Kampf'.
2007-06-25 12:43:00 PM  
The guy looks like the inside of a bathroom stall.
2007-06-25 12:43:30 PM  
More information and an updated photo of this scumbag available here. (pops)
2007-06-25 12:46:00 PM  
Wait til he meets his cell mate, LeRoy "Big Stick Daddy" Jones
2007-06-25 12:46:31 PM  
How the hell did that guy manage stay on the lam for two days?
2007-06-25 12:49:41 PM  
Jesus CHRIST, that freak needs to be put to death, NOW.
2007-06-25 12:54:01 PM  
Is it just me, or does the tattoo on his chin say "FUN"?
2007-06-25 12:54:44 PM  
How did he not 'resist arrest'? He needs a through beating.
2007-06-25 12:57:50 PM  
I say just take him out back and shoot him in the swastika.
2007-06-25 01:01:52 PM  

You weren't kidding about your spelling today ;)
2007-06-25 01:02:11 PM  
tnpir: Jesus CHRIST, that freak needs to be put to death, NOW.

Seriously, who listens to Hatebreed?
2007-06-25 01:10:59 PM  
I wonder how Jolene feels about this development.
2007-06-25 01:15:22 PM  
Under his left that a "STYX" tattoo?

Wow, just when you think he can't regret his choices any more.
2007-06-25 01:17:06 PM  
This Is Bold Text: Baby photo:


SchlingFo: I wonder how Jolene feels about this development.

I'd have hoped she'd have moved on by now. And would've had someone else in the pen mark out her name on his forehead.
2007-06-25 01:28:42 PM  
Nice head tattoo.

"Property Of Joline"?

Joline is a strange name for a man don't you think?
2007-06-25 01:30:20 PM  
RedMosquito You weren't kidding about your spelling today ;)

Damn, didn't even catch that. That's it, I need a spanking.
2007-06-25 01:31:49 PM  
he got caught in an Arby's

/Fark cliche's in 3...2...1
2007-06-25 01:40:02 PM  
How shocking. He looks like such a nice young man.
2007-06-25 01:45:43 PM  
ApocoLypstick That's it, I need a spanking.

Pardon me, I forgot something in my bunk.
2007-06-25 01:55:30 PM  
I did this last time this clown was in the news.....I don't remember why.
2007-06-25 01:58:53 PM  
More photos available here:
2007-06-25 01:59:11 PM  
His eyebrows say "skinhead", but the hair on his head says "not so much".
2007-06-25 02:03:29 PM  
The lovely Jolene and her hubby in happier times.
(I hope it works ImageShack is a bit quirky today)

I also found an interview with this woman of discriminating tastes.


The Case of the Woman behind the Tattoo
Monday, December 4th, 2006
I never forget a face.

That's certainly not an overstatement when it comes to Jolene Allgier's husband, Curtis. As many of you might recall, Curtis Allgier was once Utah's Public Enemy Number One. Surely, you remember him?

He was the 27-year-old Salt Lake City skinhead with his face nearly dipped in ink. His mug made the rounds of the internet like cheap meds spam. One of the most talked about of his facial tattoos was the promise of undying love branded across his forehead: Property of Jolene.

I caught up with Jolene the other day. Curtis - or Wood as she calls him - is in the midst of a five-year prison stretch now. She's waiting for him. He, she says, is worth the wait. She took a break from packing up some boxes for a move she was making to answer a few questions for Crime Rant readers.

Gregg: Were on pins and needles (no pun intended). Tell us more about your husband. What kind of a man is he?

Jolene: Wood is very athletic. Loves to go to the gym. He is an awesome artist! He can tattoo and draw. He sings extremely well and is very well educated. He is very patient and good with kids. He is such a romantic. He calls me and sings to me, writes beautiful poems. He sends me beautiful flowers, too. They're made of paper so they never die.

Gregg: Nice. But he's in prison, he really can't do much more than that.

Jolene: He is my greatest strength. My father passed away one month after we were married and he never left my side. He is constantly encouraging me everyday to be strong and never give up. I'm a better person because of him and that's why I get so upset when people judge from the tattoos.

Gregg: But the tattoos - and I have no problem with them, I have one, too - seem like self-mutilation in this case.

Jolene: He did not tattoo to self mutilate. He is very athletic and has an amazing body. It all comes down to opinion. He had the balls to put his beliefs on his entire body and that's more than I can say for anybody. People hide behind some fake bullshiat and pretend to be someone they're not.

Gregg: I see.

Jolene: He is who he is and he won't hide it or deny it. So you can hate on him and assume whatever. I have been down for him through think and thin and I earned my name on his forehead.

Gregg: But on his face, that's so extreme, doesn't he see that?

Jolene: Cutis and I have always been into tattoos. He always wanted to tattoo his face. I told him I would love him regardless and I do. He is a narcissist, so in his eyes he is fine contrary to other opinions.

Gregg: You just called him a narcissist. Has he always been that way?

Jolene: Yes, my sweetie has always been sure of himself. He says he's not conceited just confident. Although I have to agree with him, he is extremely good looking. His picture alone doesn't do him justice.

Gregg: Yes, but the tattoos are kind of scary, don't you agree?

Jolene: No. As woman, it is much easier to explain the intense aura this bad boy gives off when he walks into a room.

Gregg: I guess so. How about you? Any reciprocal ink?

Jolene: I do. Every single one of them says "Property of Wood". Curtis does not go by his birth name. I've always called him Wood.

Gregg: Thanks, and Jolene, you weren't named for that classic Dolly Parton song, were you?

Jolene: I was. My grandma came into the delivery room and yelled at my mother for naming me after a whore! Ha! Ha! My mom thinks my name is pretty and my grandma's a freak!
2007-06-25 02:30:48 PM  
Is that Amanda Rudder girl from the TSG links on this page missing?
2007-06-25 02:57:45 PM  
far out
2007-06-25 03:00:14 PM  
I can see a photoshop coming out of this mug shot...
2007-06-25 03:00:43 PM  
My GOSH that must've been painful.
2007-06-25 03:01:04 PM  
Jolene is the name of his cell mate's sack.
2007-06-25 03:01:48 PM  
He will be really popular in the "tattooed and horney" pod of prison.
2007-06-25 03:01:59 PM  
TIBT I chortled!

/then start coughing
///someone send me some soup, please.
2007-06-25 03:03:03 PM  
The nose tat manages to walk a fine tightrope between prosciutto and a Doc Marten boot.
2007-06-25 03:03:10 PM  
That interview is classic. This line made me laugh.

He sends me beautiful flowers, too. They're made of paper so they never die.

Gregg: Nice. But he's in prison, he really can't do much more than that.
2007-06-25 03:03:34 PM  
Anyone watch that Gangland: Aryan Brotherhood on the History Channel last night?
2007-06-25 03:04:26 PM  
This guy has "Chick Magnet" written all over him.
2007-06-25 03:05:05 PM  
My life is pretty sad, but upside what that clown has to look forward to, it's wonderful! I guess he was thinkin' Arby's....need a 'shopped logo over his head.
2007-06-25 03:05:16 PM  
Jolene is probably begging of them to please not take her man.
2007-06-25 03:05:34 PM  
TommyymmoT: He, she says, is worth the wait. ... I've always called him Wood.

That explains that.
2007-06-25 03:06:04 PM  
wow...just wow...

then if this guy ever does get out of jail, he would be the type to biatch that no one wants to give him a job and he cant rehabilitate himself...

then again, after shooting his parole officer, one can hope that the only job he will hold is making license plates.
2007-06-25 03:06:06 PM  
Needs more tats.
2007-06-25 03:06:30 PM  
This guy was on one of the History Channel's shows - The Secret History of Gangs. He gave a surprisingly calm and intelligent interview, not the raving looney you'd expect.
2007-06-25 03:07:15 PM  
Why do all high-speed chases end up at an Arby's? Why !?
2007-06-25 03:07:25 PM  
bobgilbert Whats sad is he could be a great looking guy without all the ink. I bet he wishes he waited until the removable ink hits the market.
2007-06-25 03:07:42 PM  
Rot in the PMITA Prison, you malignant fark
2007-06-25 03:08:18 PM  
Remember Kids: If you want to hide from the law some day in the future, shy away from face tats.
2007-06-25 03:08:20 PM  
berylman: Why do all high-speed chases end up at an Arby's? Why !?

Curly Fries..

mmm, curly fries....
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