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9932 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Sep 2002 at 3:43 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-03 11:26:41 AM  
Did I miss something or is this just a link to some idiots posting comments?
2002-09-03 11:28:51 AM  
ok, i see the cartoon now
2002-09-03 11:40:19 AM  

Wil Wheaton by tms1791 [02/09/03 07:29]
I went to high school with him. I didn't know him well, and didn't want to - he was pretty full of himself...

Evil Laughing
2002-09-03 11:51:00 AM  
"Wait a minute, Egon, I thought you said crossing the MEMEs was a bad thing..."
2002-09-03 12:40:49 PM  
Wil who?
j/k Wil, we love ya man!
2002-09-03 12:44:10 PM  
Hey, I appreciate that you all support WW. He WAS great in Stand By Me. But let us all focus on America's best actor..... JEREMY PIVEN.
2002-09-03 12:54:47 PM  
hmm... I made it to the grocery store on Sunday, should I post a link about that as well?
2002-09-03 12:55:21 PM  
One day, sooner than any of us think, Wil Wheaton is going to be president of the United States.

you read it here first.
2002-09-03 03:47:19 PM  
Am I the only one that never considered UF funny? I'm technically minded, I understand all the jokes... it just never does anything for me.
2002-09-03 03:47:28 PM  
I am just a primitive cave-man, unfamiliar with your internet humor. Can you explain the joke in this strip? It frightens and confuses me.
2002-09-03 03:49:01 PM  
I also, could not fathom the 'humor' in this link. Will someone activate the filter by saying Boobies or something. hahahaha good one me.
2002-09-03 03:49:02 PM  
Its amazing how fark can make one famous. Next thing you know, Wil will be on TV!
2002-09-03 03:50:20 PM  
Zzeuss, yeah, UF was like something you ate just because you finished your steak and was still hungry. It tastes OK, but it takes up some more space in your stomach (time in your day).
2002-09-03 03:51:06 PM  
I think wil has been on tv before. COPS or something.
2002-09-03 03:52:10 PM  
Yeah, UF hasn't been funny in a long long time, and unlike all the other online comics I read, Illiad shows zero improvement in the art department over time.

A good way to read UF is to watch the "User Friendly was
last funny on" date over on
2002-09-03 03:52:16 PM  
will someone please tell me whay this has to do with Wil ??

/ i'm a farktard i guess ....sigh
2002-09-03 03:52:58 PM  
If will sees this thread, i have no idea who you are but i will fight you
2002-09-03 03:53:30 PM  
I just saw Wil in this bad cable crapper called "LifeStories: Families in Crisis". His episode was the one with the friend who tried to commit suicide. Wil, I know you are reading this. I think you're the greatest, and as I understand LifeStories had lots of upcoming stars like yourself in it.

It was still funny though.
2002-09-03 03:54:21 PM  
Zzeuss, UF is kind of hit'n'miss. It isn't funny all of the time, but for me it's like an inconsistant Dilbert. I really like it when they're "on".
2002-09-03 03:54:24 PM  
In other news, UserFriendly makes it to Fark. Why has KS not commented on this yet?
2002-09-03 03:54:53 PM  
Oh Oh Oh! I get it I get it! ".Org" because he thinks it's short for orgy! LOLZ1!1!

LOLZ was funny there because that's a computer-related joke too. Because computer "hackers" type LOLZ. I work for UF.
2002-09-03 03:55:21 PM  
Githerax - I miss Phil.
2002-09-03 03:56:07 PM  
Is this just an excuse to use the wil tag?
Is fark not being updated as often or is it just a long day?
2002-09-03 03:56:30 PM  
He was great in Wall Street. Or was it Jaws? I forget.
2002-09-03 03:57:14 PM  
Kennyc, allow me to direct your attention to the 'Friends' menu on your left. Please click on the '' link. It is the oracle of all wisdom and will answer your questions.
2002-09-03 04:00:07 PM  
Wil, I love you. This comic strip is triple-extra-lame, though.
2002-09-03 04:02:15 PM  
i just know i'm going to regret this but ...

why is Wil such a big thing here ??

and i know , i already said it ..i'm a farktard .

please be kind and just answer my query , please don't yell or cuss at me ( i'll cry ) and i still don't know what this link has to do with Wil ...gulp it comes ....
2002-09-03 04:02:35 PM  
Wil was in that Stephen King movie.....Christine was it? Creepshow? j/k.
2002-09-03 04:04:18 PM  
"Wil who?"
Are you kidding ? Hell, Wil is known worldwide !
2002-09-03 04:04:58 PM  

1.) Drew Curtis, the creator of, has been seen prowling pubs with Wil Wheaton. There's a rumor of a love-child.

2.) The last panel of the linked cartoon makes an arcane reference to Wil and the internet. It is for us to search our hearts to understand its significance.
2002-09-03 04:06:01 PM  
2002-09-03 04:08:11 PM  
I never thought User Friendly was funny at all, either. Same for Dilbert. I get the jokes, they're all just incredibly bland and have been done a thousand times before. The mere mentioning of popular ideas does not make a comic strip (haha microsoft sucks, haha quake rocks, haha let's drink a tub of jolt cola).
2002-09-03 04:08:43 PM  
Githerax .... you're my HERO . Thankyou for the info

maybe you should now be known as *Githerax the Great * ??

think about it :)
2002-09-03 04:08:47 PM  
I heard that Wil bought the second to last Camaro made for $70 thousand. Well, not really, but if he had bought the second to last Camaro made, it would've been a better link than this.
2002-09-03 04:09:12 PM  
is it just me or does Drew Curtis look like Cletus from the "Dukes of Hazzard"...hmmm.
2002-09-03 04:09:32 PM  
Githerax: Your Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer-speak was funnier than this comic. Come to think of it, "teh" is funnier than this comic. However, my cynicism is not funnier than this comic.
2002-09-03 04:10:50 PM  
User Friendly sucks. that's all I have to say.
2002-09-03 04:11:08 PM  
Too bad User Friendly SUCKS ASS
2002-09-03 04:11:10 PM  
Linux owns joo.


No, I'm farking serious.

I just installed Redhat 7.3 on my system, BIATCH, and you better watch the fark out, cause I've got GIGS of scripts ready to bash you non UF likin' d00dz.
2002-09-03 04:11:30 PM  
must be about time for boobies
2002-09-03 04:11:33 PM  
i see wil's name. i don't get the joke though. why would they reassign to wil wheaton? Maybe Wil can explain. Or maybe even he doesn't get the joke.
2002-09-03 04:11:58 PM  
Oh my god...Stongbad was actually funnier than this article.
2002-09-03 04:12:06 PM  
Mr_Crink: How many lame Tuesday links do you think we'd need to combine to form an ultra-mega happy fun lame link? The guy with cannabis in his underoos should be included....
2002-09-03 04:12:19 PM  
Maybe I'll go update my fark bio or something.
2002-09-03 04:12:38 PM  
Well, I hate to take the limelight away from Wil, but since you mention it, Neeky...

I have considered 'Githerax the Great', but I consider it cliched - it's so "ancient Greek", you know? I wanted to get something jazzy and modern you know, to show that I'm a with-it kind of guy, on the down-low and dope and stuff.

So I'm getting cards printed up with

-- Grandmaster Gith --

How's it sound?
2002-09-03 04:12:46 PM  
Userfriendly is all about guys and gals that picked up this "WEB" thing pretty quickly at the dawn of Al Gore's internet, back in 1998 or so, when they installed their first RedHat install and thus invented networking. Some of the really smart ones also work for ISPs, usually TIER TWO but once in a great while BILLING. Userfriendly thinks the Bay Area is the centeroftheuniverse, and knows all the cool people. Userfriendly has its finger on the pulse of the Tech Generation.
2002-09-03 04:17:15 PM  
** Grand master Gith ** I bow down to you ...i have seen the future and it is YOU ! your MY master anyway ...
slave neeky :p
2002-09-03 04:17:23 PM  
Ok, we've had a couple of comments about the Unfrozen Caveman thing, which was a character played by Phil Hartman. Since this thread is supposed to be about Wil Wheaton, let's try to link the two of them.

Who can find the shortest degree-of-separation between Phil Hartman and Wil Wheaton?
2002-09-03 04:17:44 PM  
It's crap like this that makes me hate UF:
""UF is terrible!" "It's not funny!" etc etc... I suppose that goes for the "average Joe" who can't comprehend the humour of UF."

I understand it, it's just NOT FUNNY. And BSD is a thousand times better than goddamned Linux.
2002-09-03 04:22:25 PM  
I still don't get it.

Should UF be slandering Windows or something?
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