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(YouTube)   The Fark Caturday thread. Let me show it to you. (Link haz a flavor)   ( divider line
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11948 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Jun 2007 at 9:48 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-23 10:51:35 AM
2007-06-23 10:52:29 AM
2007-06-23 10:54:23 AM
2007-06-23 10:54:49 AM  
Disgruntled Goat ...we're going to continue to be inundated with these stupid cat-speak headlines.

Inundated? Dude, that's funny! I don't know how many links ya got over there in Total Fark land, but i see like a hundred of em here here on the main page, right? One of them is a cat thread. I think they're sort of amusing for awhile.

Hey, check this out. Know what I do when i get tired of them? I put my mouse cursor on a different link and then click that!

/yes i do
//cuz i'm innovative like that :)
2007-06-23 10:55:06 AM
2007-06-23 10:58:05 AM
2007-06-23 10:59:05 AM
2007-06-23 10:59:19 AM  
JonneyButthole: Needs to be banned for that post!

2007-06-23 11:00:35 AM

Happy Caturday!
2007-06-23 11:02:03 AM  
Hey whiners, fark off. For serious.


2007-06-23 11:03:47 AM  
Everything and anything about Fark is wonderfully entertaining and educational. Even the people that whine like little biatches over greenlights or snark are precious little babies that make me want to eat them all up! Thank you Fark!

2007-06-23 11:04:41 AM
How now?
2007-06-23 11:07:29 AM

My cat. Not fond of being picked up.
2007-06-23 11:09:54 AM
my cat Rockit when he was a baby LOLcat
2007-06-23 11:09:55 AM
2007-06-23 11:10:47 AM  
2007-06-23 11:11:57 AM
2007-06-23 11:13:05 AM

/lolcats dont get out much
//yay caterday
2007-06-23 11:13:18 AM
2007-06-23 11:16:24 AM  
I love Caturday.
2007-06-23 11:18:18 AM
2007-06-23 11:19:46 AM
2007-06-23 11:20:14 AM  
Local kitty(s) is not happy about photos.
Something about 3 to 27 kitties all in one package thats past due that makes for one unhappy kittymommy.
/kitty has flavor this moment
//better than me having flavor a while back
//watch out, its tasted human blood
/just can't figure out why she's paranoid this time
2007-06-23 11:20:45 AM

I think a Fark moderator should call the police on DIA's behalf.

Obviously somebody has broken into his house and is now holding a gun to his head FORCING him to look at this thread.

If help doesn't arrive soon, the assailant may force him to say something nice about universal health care.
2007-06-23 11:21:07 AM
2007-06-23 11:21:32 AM  
I can't speak for everyone but I know my beef is that we didn't always get repeats within the same day, dead web memes, slideshows engineered to get the max amount of ad impressions and political threads designed just to start flamewars.

i.e., This place used to be funny. Now I never visit from home and even at work it's getting boring. Speaking of work... I should GBTW myself.

Enjoy your Chuck Norris jokes.
2007-06-23 11:21:59 AM
2007-06-23 11:24:39 AM

/loldogs need love too
2007-06-23 11:25:46 AM
2007-06-23 11:27:47 AM
2007-06-23 11:28:20 AM
/local kitty still can't type
2007-06-23 11:28:26 AM
2007-06-23 11:30:08 AM
2007-06-23 11:31:25 AM  

All good things come to an end.
2007-06-23 11:32:50 AM  
The following video (pops) contains cats, and many other animals as well, one of them might be yours.
2007-06-23 11:33:25 AM  
Hey inkdrinker:
2007-06-23 11:38:08 AM
2007-06-23 11:42:34 AM  
Heres my goofy cat
2007-06-23 11:42:57 AM
can someone post the 'charles nooo get out of my head charles!'
2007-06-23 11:43:13 AM  
Antifeds: Heres my goofy cat

Invisible cat?
2007-06-23 11:44:02 AM
/First Caturday post!
2007-06-23 11:45:25 AM
2007-06-23 11:46:57 AM  
i'm not sure if it is because i am a day drinker or not, but i must say, Catymogo1 the pommel horse pic made me lol.
2007-06-23 11:48:24 AM
2007-06-23 11:48:59 AM  
ah ha here we go
2007-06-23 11:50:25 AM

lolcats always cheer me up. :)
2007-06-23 11:51:08 AM  
Dancin_In_Anson: A thousand is just farking pathetic.

That goes for all of the farkers who frequent cat threads, complaining, as well.
2007-06-23 11:55:12 AM

Remember lolpresidents? That was fun.
2007-06-23 11:57:10 AM
2007-06-23 11:58:48 AM
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