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2007-06-22 04:34:45 PM  
"What's in the bag?"

/who can guess this?
2007-06-22 04:34:54 PM  
Roxas is Sora's Nobody.
2007-06-22 04:35:02 PM  
They escape from the cops, only to crash the Charger into a train.
2007-06-22 04:35:54 PM  
/who can guess this?

2007-06-22 04:36:39 PM  
They do, in fact, show him the money
2007-06-22 04:37:18 PM  
Deckard is a replicant
2007-06-22 04:38:10 PM  
They escape from the cops, only to crash the Charger into a train.

one from the wayback machine... nice.
2007-06-22 04:38:36 PM  
wjllope 2007-06-22 04:17:46 PM
She couldn't have been in the shower, 'cause she just got a perm that day!

I am SOO pissed that I know what you are referencing.
2007-06-22 04:38:40 PM  
wjllope Alive
2007-06-22 04:38:49 PM  
I'm curious to see which spoiler gets the most repeats. It looks like "Deckard is a replicant" is the most repeated so far.
2007-06-22 04:38:50 PM  
They sell the condo. He finally gets his tour boat business going. She travels. They meet up by chance a few months later. It doesn't look like they're getting back together, though.
2007-06-22 04:39:24 PM  
Rhett tells Scarlet to fark off and then Tara burns to the ground. But don't worry, she'll never go hungry again.
2007-06-22 04:39:34 PM  
quietbs: /who can guess this?

2007-06-22 04:40:12 PM  
Pearl Harbor got bombed, the Arizona was destroyed and many men lost their lives.
2007-06-22 04:40:21 PM  
The Don Knotts character decides it's cool if his fat buddy marries his biatch wife - he remains a fish and "spawns" with the hot lil' grouper he met while destroying the Nazi U-boat.
2007-06-22 04:40:55 PM  
Colonel Kurtz. He dead
2007-06-22 04:41:01 PM  
IXI Jim IXI Seven?
2007-06-22 04:41:40 PM  
quietbs: /who can guess this?


that was a box.

second guess: gremlins 2.
2007-06-22 04:41:45 PM  
Derek and Hans stop Mugatu and "Matil" and Derek get married and have a baby.

2007-06-22 04:42:15 PM  
/That guy on the floor in Saw is really the bad guy
//The chick in Saw 2 is in on it the whole time, and the video is older events - Wahlberg's kid is in the safe
///The nurse is married to the guy going through the puzzles in Saw 3

you prick.

/hasen't seen the last two yet
2007-06-22 04:43:08 PM  
Marty goes back to the past, then future, then past again. Doc has a train and makes babies with the red headed woman from the old west. Then, everytings a o k
2007-06-22 04:43:14 PM  
Deanna crashes the ship... Twice
Connor kills the Kurgan and gets the prize
Doc dies in bed, Wyatt spends his life with the girl
Frank was too slow so Archy gets gunned down by Turks
Leonard Shelby lies to himself about John G.
Robert Angier is killing his own duplicates

\Enjoy :)
2007-06-22 04:43:41 PM  
Titus Pullo killed the president of the Guild of Millers.

/The Guild of Millers uses only the finest ingredients.
//True Roman bread for true Romans.
2007-06-22 04:44:04 PM  
Not Gremlins 2.

Hint: The bag is full of cash.
2007-06-22 04:44:29 PM  
dc-kid: /hasen't seen the last two yet


This thread has many spoilers.


//Shaggy from Scooby Doo is the killer in Scream
2007-06-22 04:44:52 PM  
Simon Birch?
2007-06-22 04:45:04 PM  
Gus dies and Woodrow carries his body back to Texas to bury him.
2007-06-22 04:45:21 PM  
George Reeves commits suicide. The Death of Superman is not a conspiracy.
2007-06-22 04:45:48 PM  
Run Lola Run.
2007-06-22 04:47:17 PM  
The sun kills Cassidy, then Herr Star kills Jesse, then Tulip kills Herr Star, then The Saint of Killers kills God. Cassidy and Jesse come back to life. Tulip takes Jesse back.

Shakespeare wrote The Tempest and A Midsummer Night's Dream for Dream in exchange for fame and literary talent.

Scott Ciencen is a total hack, which is all you really need to know about the Silent Hill comics.
2007-06-22 04:47:19 PM  
Rick double crosses Renault and makes Ilsa get on the plane to Lisbon.
2007-06-22 04:47:20 PM  
his head goes back and to the left
back and to the left...back and to the left...back and to the left...back and to the left...
2007-06-22 04:47:23 PM  
Yea, great twisty ending to a very trippy movie.
2007-06-22 04:47:41 PM  
Bill and Teds robotselves defeated the evil us's

2007-06-22 04:48:37 PM  
quietbs: Hint: The bag is full of cash.

8 Heads in a Duffel Bag?
2007-06-22 04:48:49 PM  
The detective is really the murderer in disguise.

Also, Waldo is in the bottom left hand of the page, behind the guy with the polka-dot shirt.
2007-06-22 04:49:05 PM  
He plucks his eyes out after seeing the face of God.
2007-06-22 04:49:25 PM  
Unicron's head orbits Cybertron.
2007-06-22 04:49:35 PM  
MisterRPG - Nice preacher reference. It's gonna be an HBO show!
2007-06-22 04:49:42 PM  
BMulligan - The Don Knotts character decides it's cool if his fat buddy marries his biatch wife - he remains a fish and "spawns" with the hot lil' grouper he met while destroying the Nazi U-boat.

I was going to spoil Mr. Limpit but couldn't remember enough about the movie to pull it off. Well done.
2007-06-22 04:49:46 PM  
Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen who is the brother of Emilio Estevez who was in the outsiders with Matt Dillon who was in Wild things with Denise Richards.
2007-06-22 04:49:55 PM  

I'd normally feel bad about giving away the ending to the Saw movies, but really, this thread has over 1000 posts of spoilers.

In case you didn't know, it turns out Elizabeth Hurley was a robot the whole time.

/Machine-gun jubblies? How did I miss those??!?
2007-06-22 04:50:07 PM  
It's a schooner.

/who's your favorite new kid?
2007-06-22 04:51:00 PM  
there was no real landing, it was staged
2007-06-22 04:51:13 PM  

Holy shiat, really? I'm getting me some HBO.
2007-06-22 04:51:14 PM  
Captain Culpepper takes the money and heads for Mexico.
2007-06-22 04:51:26 PM  
Mr Shoupe gets tenure and Kirstie Alley after most of the kids pass Summer School. The best score went to the black dude from the bathroom.
2007-06-22 04:51:48 PM  
dc-kid: there was no real landing, it was staged

quit giving away real life.
2007-06-22 04:51:50 PM  
God turns out to be a chick. Isn't that ironic?
2007-06-22 04:52:09 PM  
God would have no need for a starship.
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