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(Some Guy)   Introducing the patron saint of hemmoroids..   ( divider line
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5613 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2002 at 3:33 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-02 03:35:50 PM  
How many patron saints does that make now - 6,500?
2002-09-02 03:37:10 PM  
I don't get it....Too many stoopid links on fark lately...

2002-09-02 03:39:10 PM  
SyNNeR: And a lack of SLAYERSWINE posting the Weeners. Something is rotten on!
2002-09-02 03:40:06 PM  
syphilis and venereal disease? Gee they make one of these St. thingy's for everything...

"I hereby declare Drew the Patron St. of FARK." - Internet God
2002-09-02 03:41:12 PM  
Slayer likes to post himself on weeners? whoooaaaa
2002-09-02 03:41:55 PM  
Slow news day.
2002-09-02 03:41:57 PM  
Maybe the crappy links are a result of SLayerswine posting the weeners? Who knows.

2002-09-02 03:42:44 PM  
He's apparently the patron saint of these two guys too

[image from too old to be available]

Oh wait... nevermind.
2002-09-02 03:47:48 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-02 03:52:29 PM  
Does Fark have a patron saint?
2002-09-02 03:56:53 PM  
Yes. Beer.
2002-09-02 03:58:22 PM  
But is there a patron saint for buggered altar boys?
2002-09-02 03:59:14 PM  
Who is the patron saint of misspelled words?

Saint Knotsea?
2002-09-02 04:01:57 PM  
Oh, Lord. You're so BIG. So awfully huge. We're all really impressed down here, I can tell you!
2002-09-02 04:04:40 PM  
notice that along with being the patron saint of syphillis and hemorroids, he is also the patron saint of Taxi Drivers
2002-09-02 04:05:00 PM  
Praise Allah.
2002-09-02 04:10:10 PM  
The catholic church should give monotheism a try.

2002-09-02 04:11:25 PM  
I lists hemorrhoids and piles. What is the difference?

I'd never heard of "fistula" before I read this article.
2002-09-02 04:12:32 PM  
2002-09-02 04:20:13 PM  
I have a biatch of a hangnail on my left big toe. Which patron saint takes care of that now?
2002-09-02 04:20:51 PM  
Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
2002-09-02 04:26:01 PM  
What's the difference between a Cab Driver and a Taxi Driver?

(no punchline, just a question)
2002-09-02 04:28:12 PM  
Uh... nationality?

I got nothin'
2002-09-02 04:28:12 PM  

09-02-02 04:10:10 PM FifthColumn
The catholic church should give monotheism a try.

Brutal. I like it.
2002-09-02 04:28:35 PM  
stop this ride, i wanna get off......
2002-09-02 04:31:04 PM  
I think religion is funnier than a barrel full of sea monkeys, ESPECIALLY Christianity. They have like 3 billion patron saints, which collectively are worth less than a single vaccination or educational textbook. What, was the patron saint of hemmroids (sp, sorry) invented to give those who don't have access to adequate medical treatment hope of a cure? Pathetic.

Science > religion, always.
2002-09-02 04:33:03 PM  
Well, let's go to the trusty GID for this one:

Cab Driver
[image from too old to be available]

Taxi Driver
[image from too old to be available]

Um, okay. I guess that, um, sums it up. Thanks for listening.
2002-09-02 04:34:31 PM  
Thank you Alto, I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.
2002-09-02 04:36:30 PM  
I hope to one day become a cab driver.
2002-09-02 04:39:04 PM  
GID? Whatever. I hate myself and want to die.
2002-09-02 04:42:06 PM  
GIS for hemorrhoids:
[image from too old to be available]
GIS for piles:
[image from too old to be available]

I'm so confused now.
2002-09-02 04:50:28 PM  
Vejita1975: That's "Catholicism". Wrong "C" word. Ya "C"howderhead.

Why do we never give sufficient credit to the patron saint of nasal congestion, Phlegmicus?
2002-09-02 04:53:22 PM  
I personally like to go with Saint Dymphna, patron saint of the nervously afflicted. This is a real saint. are all the others. Nevermind.
2002-09-02 05:20:21 PM  
There's a patron saint for everything.

Is there a cure for everything?

Religion - 1
Science - 0
2002-09-02 06:10:04 PM  
I've got nothin funny to say.

But I don't think this guy is too happy being the saint of taxi drivers and venereal diseases. I mean, he healed people and performed a miracle. That's what Jesus did, and he gets a whole religion. This guy gets hemorrhoids.
2002-09-02 06:11:11 PM  
Alto_reed_on_a_tenor_sax, I belive you seek the Apostle Peter or even Servatus.

Man, I must be bored to take the time to look that up..back to getting drunk!
2002-09-02 06:27:08 PM  
1. You say you have nothin funny to say.
2. You say something funny.
3. Do you know who is the patron saint of LIARS?!!
2002-09-02 06:45:30 PM  
I think the parton saint of hemorrhoid treatment should be Preparation H Raymond!
2002-09-02 06:47:11 PM  
If anyone could find a picture of him, that would be great. I had no luck finding one.
2002-09-02 06:54:30 PM  
In the catholic religion you only have to have five miracles under your belt and you can become a saint. And three of those can be card tricks....lowers the bar a bit
2002-09-02 08:13:59 PM  
i've never had a hemorroid before. Are they are painful as the commercials make them out to be?
2002-09-02 08:17:23 PM  
And three of those can be card tricks....lowers the bar a bit

I almost pissed my pants at this.
2002-09-02 08:27:21 PM  
Does this mean that David Blaine is a saint now?
2002-09-02 08:47:00 PM  
No,David Blaine is still a haemorrhoid.
2002-09-02 08:53:59 PM  
So who's the patron saint of a55holes? St. Fi-arker, I presume.
2002-09-02 09:34:10 PM  
Let me guess...Clint Eastwood is the patron saint of squints and grimaces.
2002-09-02 09:34:36 PM  
2002-09-02 09:55:44 PM  
Dammit I was gonna post a pic of Preparation H Raymond but I can't find one :(
2002-09-02 10:09:25 PM  
Andonbray: I have a fistula. Actually, I have 2 or 3. They're not fun. Pray you don't get one. That is all.
2002-09-02 10:33:17 PM

Closest you'll get to Fark's patron saint.
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