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(Local6)   Missing 200-pound pickle found on high school roof   ( divider line
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7213 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2002 at 3:28 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-02 02:06:05 PM  
Um....ok...stupid story.

2002-09-02 03:31:43 PM  
erm not strange... high schoolers... duh. anyways woop de doo.
2002-09-02 03:33:45 PM  
If a giant metal pickle is the biggest part of the store's image, there must be something wrong here. I generally pay more attention to the food part.
2002-09-02 03:33:49 PM  
Oh... THAAAAAAT'S where I left it. Thanks, guys!
2002-09-02 03:36:17 PM  
That SO sounds like something I'd do (or have done?) when I'm drunk. But, fortunately I wasn't in Aspen last night. Or was I???......
2002-09-02 03:38:08 PM  
When will High Schoolers learn that it's all about impaling a teacher's car on the flag pole?
2002-09-02 03:44:07 PM  
Wiggum: It must have been some punk kids.
Homer: Right... Punk kids
2002-09-02 03:44:33 PM  
i bet that pickle is worth more than the car it used to be attached to
2002-09-02 03:44:37 PM  
Nothing beats a 7ft penis strapped on the Sam Houston State statue...
2002-09-02 04:04:40 PM  
I hate pickles.
2002-09-02 04:05:54 PM  
"The eight-foot-long pickle was created by a local artist."

Zat's artiste, to you!

I really wanted to see a picture though. Sigh...
2002-09-02 04:12:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-02 04:13:48 PM  
Shucks...It's made of metal. And I was just about to send my husband out for a thousand gallons of ice-cream to go with it...

2002-09-02 04:18:21 PM  
Gerkin gone missing?
Oh, where could it be hiding?
It built nest on roof.
2002-09-02 04:18:47 PM  
That's one jolly cucumber!
2002-09-02 04:29:36 PM  
The things you can find on the roofs of high schools are astounding. Many a homeless person covered in his own urine can be found there.
2002-09-02 04:44:54 PM  
That pic is pretty funny. The only reason why I came into this thread in the first place. Pickles kick ass.
2002-09-02 04:59:22 PM  
Those silly little aliens. Probably thought it was one of their pods or something, or they got tired of making crop circles.
2002-09-02 05:14:29 PM  
Is that a pickle on your roof or are you just happy to see me?
2002-09-02 05:17:06 PM  
That is the worst pun in the history of puns.
2002-09-02 05:29:37 PM  
Biiiiiig pickle!
2002-09-02 06:01:33 PM  
Let's try an experiment. This article will be almost completly ignored, it seems... But what happens if we mention religion and creationism here? Will this turn into a huge debate, to a point where it says "lots" instead of a number? Let's try it...

When did God create the pickle? If god did not create the pickle, and man made the pickle out of a cucumber, does that prove evolution of the cucumber into a pickle? A cucumber and a pickle have completly different tastes. In fact, you can eat pickles with milk, but cucumbers with milk cause stomach problems! What do you say to that!? Where's your messiah now!?
2002-09-02 07:03:42 PM  
In high school we took the "Bob's Big Boy" statue and put him on the football field.
2002-09-02 08:23:30 PM  
A few years ago some people painted the "Big Boy" statue like a smerf...all blue and white.
2002-09-02 09:00:17 PM  
Why is a big steel pickle "worth $18,000???"
2002-09-02 09:05:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Anna Nicole, look down there - on the roof - it's your dildo!
2002-09-02 10:42:08 PM  
We threw an exercise bike into the city pool once. Then made a tearful confession. We were such pussies.
2002-09-03 12:01:07 AM  
how do you pickle a 200 pound cucumber?
2002-09-03 12:53:55 AM  
how do you pickle a 200 pound cucumber?

One thousand gallons of vinegar
Misc spices
One 200 pound cucumber
One Anna Nicole Smith, lucid and awake (rare, I know)

Hold fatty down, feeding her vinegar and misc spices.
Once properly soused, shove cucumber in her fat farking face. Finish off with the rest of the vinegar.
Beat the shiat out of her until everything is well mixed.

... Profit!
2002-09-03 02:26:46 AM  
The giant pickle was reported missing by this man...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-03 08:03:36 AM  
They find Ann Coulter anywhere nearby?
2002-09-03 12:44:32 PM  
I didnt read the article. Was it still in the cheerleader?
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