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(YouTube) Video Shocking video of Super Mario Bros. theme song done entirely with Tesla coils   ( divider line
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8492 clicks; posted to Video » on 21 Jun 2007 at 2:04 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-21 01:20:39 AM  
That's pretty cool, but those coils got nothing on this bad boy. (pops)
2007-06-21 01:57:28 AM  
I am at a loss for nerds.

WORDS, I mean. Words.
2007-06-21 02:06:46 AM  
...Get the fark out.
2007-06-21 02:09:32 AM  
I misread that as Taser coils.

I was expecting to see some cops making some poor drunks dance.
2007-06-21 02:10:22 AM  
Is this for real?
2007-06-21 02:17:07 AM  
That was very cool. Good job subby, I'm glad I watched that
2007-06-21 02:25:18 AM  
Tesla did a cover of the Super Mario Brothers theme?
2007-06-21 02:47:18 AM  
Badafuco: Is this for real?

Sure. You just need to modulate the base frequency to generate the proper tones.
2007-06-21 02:57:05 AM  
Wow. That was annoying.
2007-06-21 03:52:49 AM  
Oh my God, does Jean Michelle Jarre know about this?
2007-06-21 05:59:10 AM  
That is, awesome. And no one would think this is cooler than Tesla himself.
2007-06-21 07:03:15 AM  
It works the best with the theme from "Beetlejuice".
2007-06-21 08:05:28 AM  
Complete list:

The Geek Group
2007-06-21 09:17:11 AM  
blarg... just listened to their Tetris music. It's like playing your gameboy in a room with a million pencil sharpeners running at once.
2007-06-21 09:19:48 AM  
2007-06-21 10:22:50 AM  
My ghosh these guys ARE geeks. They also have the Escape from New York theme.
2007-06-21 10:33:03 AM  
wow! those guys bought a one-way ticket to virginville.
2007-06-21 12:12:51 PM  
That... is pretty cool.
2007-06-21 01:32:59 PM  
I want to hear God of Thunder by Kiss played on those things.
2007-06-21 04:05:58 PM  
and here I thought that all Tesla coils did was make copies of Hugh Jackman
2007-06-21 04:39:26 PM  
the coils remind me of
2007-06-21 06:24:24 PM  
How shocking!

//got nuthin
2007-06-22 12:23:51 AM  
That was freakin awesome. I've got gull on geek-wood.
2007-06-22 04:14:25 PM  
Is this a good use of company time????


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2007-06-23 04:40:37 PM  
i like when people take the flash pictures of the ... shocky-deals

you know, because the light will reflect off the electricity
2007-06-25 03:33:03 AM  
I'm really sick of people thinking that knowing the ma rio theme makes you cult cool.
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