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(ESPN)   Kentucky humiliates Louisville in football   ( divider line
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2002-09-02 09:44:04 AM  
Who cares?

Go Cincinnati!
2002-09-02 09:44:12 AM  
2002-09-02 09:53:58 AM  
All I have to say is...GO STEELERS!
2002-09-02 09:56:18 AM  
One thing i have to mention to people who actually watched the game, it was pretty funny how Dave Ragone from UofL was getting the crap knocked out oh him. You could tell it was taking a major toll.
2002-09-02 10:17:35 AM  
It's got to suck for UofL. They keep raising tuition, spending millions on sports programs (not acadamia) and still, half their student population roots for their rival team, and drive their cars onto campus with UK bumper stickers.
2002-09-02 10:24:43 AM  
Machtyn: That's not true. I lived on campus for 3 years and I only ever saw one UK bumper sticker. And I've never seen a UofL student root for UK. Of course, I'm on the engineering side of campus, and by-and-large we don't care and just make fun of UK's crappy engineering department. :)

By the way, it's 'academia'.
2002-09-02 10:27:02 AM  
A five point humiliation?
2002-09-02 10:48:13 AM  
For the Bluegrass rivalry, that's enough for a humiliation. Especially when UK was unranked, and UL was ranked 18th.
2002-09-02 10:51:50 AM  
Derk I'm afraid you didn't look hard enough... although I usually parked over on the other side of the tracks and was able to walk past many cars on the way to the Speed building.

And, so? my spelling of academia is a little farked ;)
2002-09-02 11:07:34 AM  
This story was not "amusing."
2002-09-02 11:15:13 AM  
But remember, UK is still on probation. And all they got for their cheating were consecutive 3-8 seasons! ;)

Shawn Pickrell
2002-09-02 11:48:15 AM  
How is it possible to humiliate Louisville in football?
2002-09-02 11:50:07 AM  
Please stop posting sports results unless it is the finals of something or Anna Kournikova related.
2002-09-02 12:06:06 PM  
well, it's a good thing that i don't go to UofL or care about football. otherwise i might have given a fark.

i agree with Hoyab. that is all.
2002-09-02 12:11:03 PM  
Yes, humiliation. When your team went 2-9 last year, lost a bunch of players to transfer and the draft because of probation, and can stick it to your biggest rival on their home field after they've been pushing BCS and Ragone for Heisman down your throat all summer long, it's humiliation.
2002-09-02 12:14:34 PM  
We do not have a "crappy" engineering department.
2002-09-02 12:24:26 PM  
The obvious answer is this.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-09-02 12:43:01 PM  
Hey Frankee

I just saw on my satelittle that Cincy and TCU play later today on Fox Sports SW. Hope it is a good game.
2002-09-02 12:46:23 PM  
Seriously...a five point humiliation? Did anyone really watch that game?

I was there. The only humiliation was that Ragone could barely complete a pass in the first half. That game was much closer than it is pointed out to be. Geez, I don't want to talk about it.
2002-09-02 01:22:37 PM  
Still sore, WierdC? I can't blame you. Losing to Kentucky, by five points or forty, is humiliating. Especially when you and all your fans have been running your mouths about how much better your team is than the rest of your conference, and how you're going make a run for the BCS, and how you're going to knock off Florida State.

Ragone did a hell of a job to even be able to stand after that beating he took. If any UofmanyL's fan is badmouthing him, they deserve to be shot. The offensive line was pathetic, and his receivers failed him, too. In the rare event his line gave him time to complete a pass, his receivers couldn't get open.
2002-09-02 02:27:18 PM  
It is total humiliation for the Looserville fans. Their fans have been so smug in their belief that they would win this one by at least 30 points, then go undefeated and win the national championship then Ragone would win the Heisman that even a close victory would have been embarrassing. And these fans weren't just woofing, they BELIEVED it.

They could have lost to any other team on their schedule and not blink, but a loss to Kentucky, first game, at home in front of their biggest crowd ever... well... I heard they are having to drag the Ohio River under the bridges for bodies, ducking falling ones at the same time.

Ragone is probably still in bed today, unable to even roll over. I've never seen a quarterback take such a beating. He's got some big cajones... I'll give him that.
2002-09-02 04:54:14 PM  
Yeah, I'm a UK fan but Ragone deserves respect for enduring the beating UK dished out to him. His offensive line pretty much sucked all night.
2002-09-02 06:56:21 PM  
you still can not spell sUcK without UK. I hope every annoying UK fan in the world is at Rupp area the day it blows up. I would be happy as hell. GO CARDS!!!! and yes I am proud to say GO DUKE!!!!
2002-09-02 09:02:33 PM  
Actually, what I find more humiliating than the UK bumper stickers are the students in class with UK tee-shirts on. In every class, I've seen at least one.
2002-09-02 11:49:59 PM  
Heh. I regularly wear my UAB or WKU hat to class.

I dislike the University of Louisville and I'm a full time student. Administrative reasons.
2002-09-03 12:56:09 AM  
As an alumnus of both fine universities, I feel compelled to say "GO BIG BLUE!!"

Really too bad for Dave Ragone. He played a hell of a game. Perhaps the O-line will develop over the season. John L. looked like he was about to chew nails throughout...

Oh yes, and Poopgod, you can just BITE ME! DUKE SUCKS you Christian Laettner worshipping piece of Batboy dung!
2002-09-03 12:33:23 PM  
All you UK fans can go and brush your tooth and watch your team lose the rest of your games. And then comes basketball season..... that will be interesing...
2002-09-03 02:51:46 PM  
Reminder: Tubby beat Coach K. Tubby beat Pitino.
2002-09-03 06:34:17 PM  
The only reason Tubby beat Pitino is because Pitino was working with Denny's recurits AND Tubby has some of Pitino's influence on his recruits. It wont happen this year and if it does I will EAT all can post it on here too I will EAT CROW in front of everyone in the SAC and you can take pictures and post it everywhere and photoshop it if you like...anyone want to take my challenge!

PS... AugustWest do you want a crying towel because DUKE is a better school all around. Kentucky fans are shiatty. If God made a team,(in a sUcKs fans mind) sUcKs can beat then no matter what by like a 1000 points. Duke doesn't threaten the academic staff in front of AN ENTIRE CLASROOM when one of their dumbass basketball players cant add 2+2 like another school I wont mention by name but I will say a Chirstian did slay the cats one year ;).
2002-09-03 07:02:45 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2002-09-03 07:06:49 PM  
Eat that UK
2002-09-04 06:23:17 AM  
Blah Blah Blah .....

Looks like the lamers, fags and brown nosers are out in full force today. You can't spell dUKe without UK, you hard-ons. Ragone is a pussy, UofL sucks ass and always will, Duke will become the shiatty team they were in the 60's and 70's, UK will win 5 games in football this year, we'll crush UofLoserville in basketball once again and send you home from Freedom Hall crying and scratching your heads and Duke still sucks. As for Mike, why don't you eat my balls then kiss my ass, ya Duke loving pig raper.
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