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(BBC)   Russians cook 100-metre kebab and 3-tonne potato salad   ( divider line
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2110 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Sep 2002 at 1:54 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-09-02 01:58:25 AM  

2002-09-02 01:58:45 AM  
2002-09-02 02:00:11 AM  
Well, SlayerSwine got beat by ZuesGod. Whodathunkit.

First one to start with the Russsia cliche gets a finger straight in the posterior.
2002-09-02 02:00:51 AM  
im so hungry, i coud eat atleast a ton
2002-09-02 02:01:32 AM  
Am I the only one that thinks these world's largest edible something records are farking stupid?
2002-09-02 02:03:13 AM  
This just isn't a threat without Slayerswine being first *crawls back into his hole*.
2002-09-02 02:03:39 AM  
No one can spell my goddamn name...
2002-09-02 02:04:35 AM  
my goddamn name

how's that?
2002-09-02 02:04:55 AM  
Hmmm.. I was under the impression there were poor/hungry people in Russia, guess I was wrong if they can do crap like this.
2002-09-02 02:08:41 AM  
In S0VIET_RUSSIA, meat skewers you.

*****RUNS FOR LIFE*******
2002-09-02 02:09:17 AM  
in commie china we skewer russin meats
2002-09-02 02:09:30 AM  
Yakov - whats up my brotha?
how quickly the tide turns my friend
2002-09-02 02:10:04 AM  
Hey, im steve case! Fark is now an AOL channel, so now all the cool AOL users can hop right on fark!! Its so easy!!

Oh boy...

Fark would be so much better if you could actually hear the people talking. You never know how someone could read your post and interpret it a different way. Also, voices add something to the way people say things.

Come to think of it, this applies to the internet too.

As a matter of fact, im pretty sure this was established like 5 minutes after the internet was born. But im high, so here we go.
2002-09-02 02:11:21 AM  
About half of Zimbabwe's 12 million residents are on the verge of famine because of drought and political mismanagement, according to the United Nations.

Bet the folks in Zimbabwe are really excited about this latest act of food jingoism.

Right on, Riceowl03.
2002-09-02 02:14:20 AM  
Steve Case Dude, had my speakers on high. Didn't hear anything.
2002-09-02 02:15:58 AM  
"Political mismanagement"- Is that what you call having a farking nutcase for a ruler Franksass? I guess I'll just start telling the smarmy Brits who keep ragging on us that we've been politically mismanaged.
2002-09-02 02:18:23 AM  
Steve Case - I have a text reader so I can assign whatever voice I think is suitable. For instance Sweater Girl has a seckzee breathy voice. You, on the other hand, sound like the crypt keeper on "Tales From the Crypt."
2002-09-02 02:31:19 AM  
Heh- my last post mentions our political mismanagement and the next link has Bush, oh the world is full of irony at 1:30 in the morning.
2002-09-02 02:32:57 AM  
AssHull, you seem to have a problem with SLAYERSWINE. That much is obvious. So... What don't you click here and drop him a line. His email is listed there. Or, are you going to just post in threads that he already posted in? Just a thought.
2002-09-02 02:34:53 AM  
Hey, I've got it, a new TV's called Survivor: The Hunger Wars. You take Anna Nicole, Oprah, Rosanne, any other fat TV stars, lock them in a room(warehouse) and offer them the 100-metre kebab and 3-tonne potato salad as reward. The catch is, they have to kill the other contestants. Who would win? Slayerswine is the mc and the audience gets to choose the weapons they use on each other. Sweater Girl can be our hostess, Andodbay our master of sharp killing thingees. Pick your player.
2002-09-02 02:44:20 AM  

Salad ingredients
940 kg potatoes
340 kg carrots
560 kg sausage
6,000 boiled eggs
310 kg pickled cucumbers
200 kg green peas
15 kg salt
500 kg mayonnaise

Get rid of the carrots, sausage, and green peas; add mustard, diced onions and green bell pepper, and sprinkle the top with paprika.
2002-09-02 02:59:52 AM  
I have two empty beer cans balanced on my mouse
I dare not move it
2002-09-02 08:32:31 AM  
*opens 4,000 gay porn popups on Envane's pc*
2002-09-02 10:55:00 AM  
That's a lot of metres and tonnes!
2002-09-02 11:19:55 AM  
A 100 metre kebab? I refer you, boys and girls, to the vaginal euphemism thread......
2002-09-02 11:44:03 PM  
Does that come with like a 125 litre bottle of coke to wash it down??
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