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(Telegraph)   Obituary of the year: "Immendorff was discovered naked having his nipples licked by a retinue of seven young filles de joie, while 11 grams of cocaine lay ready for consumption on a Versace ashtray"   ( divider line
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25053 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Jun 2007 at 9:52 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-20 08:23:10 AM  
Man oh man! What a guy!
2007-06-20 08:27:03 AM  
That is how I want to go.

This guy pulled an Entwistle.
2007-06-20 08:28:18 AM  
Around here, we call that "Tuesday".
2007-06-20 08:29:33 AM  
mmmm 7
2007-06-20 08:31:01 AM  
I didn't know Versace made ashtrays.
2007-06-20 08:32:59 AM  
Hmm, that's one way to go out.
2007-06-20 08:33:49 AM  
The poster boy for Hookers and Blow.

Good night artsyman.
2007-06-20 08:35:23 AM  
FTA: Caught in a £1,100-a-night suite at the Steigenberger Park Hotel, Dusseldorf, with seven naked young call-girls and several lines of cocaine, Immendorff was being hustled away by police while still more prostitutes were arriving.

As well as the drugs found on the scene, a further 10 grams of cocaine were found at Immendorff's atelier nearby.

At his trial the following year, Immendorff admitted cocaine possession, and having organised 27 similar orgies between February 2001 and the date of his arrest. In the light of his confession and his terminal illness, he was put on probation and heavily fined.
2007-06-20 08:37:16 AM  
What a way to go!
2007-06-20 08:39:40 AM  
He named his final work of art after this very incident: "The Aristocrats".
2007-06-20 08:43:25 AM  
O, the joy that is the Telegraph obituary section. Best obits on the planet, bar none. Suck it, New York Times.
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2007-06-20 09:04:53 AM  
That might beat the MIT grad who was found dead in bondage gear in his drug lab dungeon a year or two ago.
2007-06-20 09:07:08 AM  
did anthony burgess write this obit?
2007-06-20 09:19:41 AM  
ZAZ: That might beat the MIT grad who was found dead in bondage gear in his drug lab dungeon a year or two ago.

Was there any sign of forced entry?
2007-06-20 09:27:19 AM  
FlashHarry: did anthony burgess write this obit?

No, but he would have if he could have just gotten off his catamite and quit biatching at the Archbishop.
2007-06-20 09:56:03 AM  
i bet les filles were of the azn persuasion

/ azn chix are like that
2007-06-20 09:59:32 AM  
Cum as you go ...
2007-06-20 09:59:34 AM  
2007-06-20 10:00:46 AM  
The nipple licking by a retinue of seven fillies (neigh!) took place in 2003, according to tfa.
/destroying farkers fantasies of dying whilst being licked by 7 julia roberts wannabees.
2007-06-20 10:01:49 AM  
Immendorff studied in Dusseldorf under Joseph Beuys, the influential modern artist whose principal media were animal fat and felt, before being expelled for Maoist activism.

Wasnt that an SNL skit??
2007-06-20 10:02:16 AM  
I can't beleive 11 grams of blow was just sitting there on the table, and didn't disappear before the cops showed up!
2007-06-20 10:02:49 AM  
Both ends? What a player!

/Probably obscure.
//10 points to whoever gets the ref.
2007-06-20 10:02:57 AM  
That was the most interesting obituary I have ever read.
The only thing I want to know is why the man has always get in the way of all the fun.
Seriously, the guy had Lou Gehrig's disease, let him enjoy his hookers and blow.
2007-06-20 10:04:03 AM  
Notwithstanding his exotic private life - he had also been a luminary of Dusseldorf's sadomasochistic scene

How can you be a luminary of S & M?
2007-06-20 10:04:09 AM  
That's pretty amazing. Some guys have "performance" issues (i.e., me) when doing that much cocaine.
2007-06-20 10:04:24 AM  
Seven, that's right Farkers!
[image from too old to be available]
2007-06-20 10:04:31 AM  
drugs are bad mmmmmmmmkay!
2007-06-20 10:05:18 AM  
This makes me tear up a little because my grandpa went the same way.
2007-06-20 10:05:39 AM  
I didn't know Versace made ashtrays.

They certainly don't make flak jackets.
2007-06-20 10:06:03 AM  
Jörg Immendorff married, in 2000, Oda Jaune, a former student more than 30 years his junior

The wife in question...

[image from too old to be available]

What a life.
2007-06-20 10:06:48 AM  
We should all be so lucky.
2007-06-20 10:06:53 AM  
upload.wikimedia.orgView Full Size
2007-06-20 10:09:16 AM  
duesseldorf-blog.deView Full Size
2007-06-20 10:10:47 AM  
Ok, all you farkers out there, let's assume the following:

1. You get a diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's disease which you know will progressively leave you with less and less physical functionality until it eventually kills you.

2. You're rich.

3. You're single.

What would you do with your money EXCEPT arrange coke orgies with a bunch of good looking high dollar hookers at every opportunity that presented itself? Seriously, you aren't taking that money with you, under the circumstances why not try to get the 20 years of sex in that this disease will soon deprive you of, while you've got the chance?
2007-06-20 10:11:52 AM  
This man is dead because of his decadent lifestyle. I think we should all take this as a warning concerning the wages of sin.

All of you who hold him in such high esteem are probably living lives that will lead you straight to the infernos of hell.

I will pray for him, and for you.
2007-06-20 10:13:26 AM  
live right, eat healthy, excercise daily, die anyway
2007-06-20 10:14:06 AM  
Well at least he went happy.
2007-06-20 10:15:08 AM  
FistFark: I will pray for him, and for you.

Thanks! Man, I was worried for a second. Now I don't have to do it for myself.

This guy lived his life to the fullest.

/FistFark? Really?
2007-06-20 10:15:56 AM  

If you're praying for us, won't that keep us all from fire and brimstone?
2007-06-20 10:17:30 AM  
This man is dead because of his decadent lifestyle

Mother Teresa is dead because of her austere lifestyle.
2007-06-20 10:17:49 AM  

I didn't know Versace made ashtrays.

Versace Ashtray (Pops)
2007-06-20 10:19:18 AM  
Doesn't the obit imply that he died due to his having Lou Gehrig's disease? I don't want to spoil your delusions- er... dreams of dying like a pimp, I'm just saying.
2007-06-20 10:19:54 AM  
This dude had seven nipples!? Damn, I thought I was cool with three!
2007-06-20 10:20:41 AM  
Is nobody grossed out about the licking of 57 year old man nipples?

/I am
2007-06-20 10:20:57 AM  
xarlos: Versace Ashtray (Pops)

Not bad. A good deep bowl with a handsome glass etching on the bottom; very neo-deco. Would look great on a black-mirrored table next to a white Italian soft-leather couch.

But it can't beat the style of:
newdeco.comView Full Size
2007-06-20 10:27:06 AM  
Huh, not only does Versace make ashrtrays, but there are so many rich cokeheads buying them that they are sold out!
2007-06-20 10:28:07 AM  
This man is dead because of his decadent lifestyle. I think we should all take this as a warning concerning the wages of sin.

All of you who hold him in such high esteem are probably living lives that will lead you straight to the infernos of hell.

I will pray for him, and for you.

with a name like FistFark, i'll assume your post is intended to be humorous. but just in case it isn't: fark you.
2007-06-20 10:30:05 AM  
What a terribly written obituary!

The writer references Immendorff failing health in paragraph 10, "his increasing physical frailty" in paragraph 11, "his terminal illness" in paragraph 16, and only finally get around to mentioning he had ALS in paragraph 22...but they never actually say what the cause of death was.

We can assume it was his ALS, but maybe he died from massive heart failure from attempting to beat his 2003 record of seven filles de joie (ain't French a grand language?) and only 11 grams of coke.

Hey, Telegraph people: never leave your readers to assume anything!
2007-06-20 10:31:08 AM  
DOes this mean that the hookers were licking the nipples of a dead man?
2007-06-20 10:35:11 AM  
Begging your pardon, folks, but:

" 2003, the central figure in a sex scandal involving prostitutes and cocaine-fuelled orgies at a luxury hotel. In what became known as the Orgy of the Year, Immendorff was discovered..."

Doesn't this imply that the aforementioned nipple licking took place in 2003, rather than at the time of his death? I would think, also, that by the time authorities are "discovering" one's remains, anyone who had been licking one's nipples at the time of death would have long since ceased.
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