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(Washington Post)   Why rock groups don't smile   ( divider line
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4164 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jul 2001 at 8:29 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-07-16 08:44:45 AM  
I think it is because many of these bands suck, and their facial expressions reflect the laborious difficulty of actually trying to play an instrument.
2001-07-16 08:54:14 AM  
They do all look like they are trying to pass a condom full of heroin, don't they?
2001-07-16 09:07:41 AM  
So if normal photographers try to get people to smile for photos with jokes and suchlike, do the photographers for these guys try different methods?
"Ok, lets see some frowns! Picture me beating your child with a crowbar... Great! Hold that face!"
2001-07-16 09:41:25 AM  
I now have the answer to the question of life. Can we go on?
2001-07-16 11:06:33 AM  
I dunno Ethyachk... "Picture me beating your child with a crowbar" makes me smile, I think I'll test it next time I take some pictures.
2001-07-16 11:59:01 AM  
I love teeny "cool" - especially the gangsta styal - no sense of irony at all.
2001-07-16 12:28:15 PM  
oh.. and i thought it was teh aids!
2001-07-16 01:09:29 PM  
Holy jesus this article is incredibly annoying to read and is heniously long laf.
2001-07-16 01:41:07 PM  
Next time my band puts out a local cd, im going to convince everyone to smile. Should give people the creeps.
2001-07-16 01:48:19 PM  
This article is completely ridiculous and yet another example of a totally clueless mainstream media attempting to let people know what being in a 'rock band' is all about.

Being in a rock band is all about moving big heavy boxes from one end of town to another.

Unless you are big enough that it makes sense to have people do this for you.

Some bands just wouldn't look right if they were smiling, while some it works perfectly for (Aphex Twin anyone?)

I personally prefer the smirk for my band, it conveys our attitude well.

But c'mon now, if those pierced and tattoeed Jim Rose Sideshow rejects were smiling does pretty for the camera, does that mean that a soccer mom is going to pass up N'Suck for their cd when buying for her 12 year old daughter?

give me a break.

should have been tagged [image from too old to be available]
2001-07-16 02:03:36 PM  
Not speking for your band Replicator, but a band showing attitude on a picture does not convey to me that they know how to play or write music. I agree with the first two posts. Takes more than piercings and a blank stare to play music and know how not to get farked in the bum by execs.
2001-07-16 02:31:35 PM  
"Being in a rock band is all about moving big heavy boxes from one end of town to another."

That is exactly what being in a rock band is all about.

That and competing with the noise in a crowded bar, getting more applause for asinine cover songs than your own originals forged by blood sweat and tears. And fending off drunken floozies who happen to like your pretty guitar (Ibanez Jem), and getting feedback at the most inopportune times, and haggling with the barkeep over just how much you should be paid, and keeping the same energy after 3 and a half hours and all you wanna do is fall asleep, and of course there's that moron who wants to hear "Freebird", and those wasted chix who wanna hear something by Alanis, and that drunken psycho who thinks she can walk up on stage and start singing, blah blah blah.

Other than that, it's really a lot of fun!

Keep on smilin'! :-)
2001-07-16 02:35:48 PM  
Anybody else think that article was way too long?
2001-07-16 03:23:05 PM  
The real reason they don't smile is because they are so hung over from the previous nights drinking and shooting up, that they barely have enough energy to stand up. Any left over energy, after standing up, is used to put on sunglasses to hide the bloodshot eyes.
2001-07-16 03:50:16 PM  
my band eats burritos then we open our beany mouths at the camera
2001-07-16 03:55:36 PM  

Spacegoat: Your post hit the nail on the head and made my day. It's precisely because I got tired of moving big heavy boxes from one end of town to another that I started spending more time in the studio and allowed my ambitions of being a performer to wane a bit.

You forgot the part about how you often spend 3-5 hours of hauling and setting up just to play an hour set that ends up being a twenty minute set because of the inevitable scheduling problems. I can also really feel for all those bands who have made it pretty big by local band standards (some radio airplay, gigs at some of the biggest clubs in down), but yet still have to play half their shows at places like Joe's Family Pasta Restaurant, out in the suburbs.

But like you said, other than that, it can be a lot of fun! (Though in my experiences, there were never enough drunken floozies for my tastes)

2001-07-16 03:56:55 PM  
Ooops, that should read "clubs in town", not "in down"...
2001-07-16 06:04:55 PM  
I'm really sad that ska was only popular for like three minutes mainstream. They actually looked like they were having fun. I think some bands give the blank stares because they are pretentious or pretending to be deeper than they really are.
2001-07-16 06:36:19 PM  
That was a complete waste of 5 minutes of my life.
2001-07-16 08:22:49 PM  
Gosh. I rather enjoyed the article. Of course, I find the irony of the "We're different, so we're all going to look the same" attitude somewhat enjoyable.

On a side note, I prefer happy bands. Life is strenuous enough as is -- I never understood why people want to further depress things by listening to soul-drowning tunes in their freetime.
2001-07-16 08:58:14 PM  

My band is fun. We smile and have a good time. It's a lot more fun than being morbidly self obsessed and forcing people in a bar to listen to that crap.
2001-07-16 10:58:30 PM  
The band is just fantastic,
that is really what I think...
Oh by the way, which one's Pink?
2001-07-17 12:00:38 AM  
There are some good theories about non-smiling bands here. Now maybe someone can tell me why every single picture in IEEE journals features a wincing researcher. Probably because they're in academia. Nevermind.
2001-07-17 12:43:54 AM  
One of these days I'm gonna tear you into little pieces.
2001-07-17 01:14:34 PM  
The burrito makes me smile also.
And I rock the hardest. Like Foghat.
2001-07-17 11:21:01 PM  
I write music, and I smile.
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