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(   Silly English k-nnnnnnniggets break into church and steal the Holy Grail   ( divider line
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12890 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jun 2007 at 1:49 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-19 11:28:16 AM  
Well, I'll ask heem but I don't theenk he'll be berry keen... he's already got one, you see.

/ All hail Guido Loimbaird!
2007-06-19 11:39:43 AM  
Oh, wicked, bad, naughty, evil Zoot!
2007-06-19 01:24:09 PM  
fetchez la vache.
2007-06-19 01:32:12 PM  
What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?
2007-06-19 01:51:08 PM  
satchel13: What... is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

African or European?
2007-06-19 01:53:17 PM  
I.... don't.... know... WAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
2007-06-19 01:53:21 PM  
Strange women lyin' in ponds distributin' swords is no basis for a system of government. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony.
2007-06-19 01:53:24 PM  
Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?
2007-06-19 01:54:14 PM  
Now we see the violence inherent in the system!
2007-06-19 01:54:40 PM  
I'm being oppressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!
2007-06-19 01:54:46 PM  
FTA: The chalice is plated in gold and depicts the stations of the cross. It is valued at $1,250

You have chosen...wisely.
2007-06-19 01:54:47 PM  
Come see the violence inherent in the system!

/Help, help I'm being repressed!
2007-06-19 01:54:47 PM  
Ugh, even if you don't believe in it, defiling and stealing crap from a church is low business. Would you steal a gold plated C-3PO from someone? Wait, don't answer that.

This reminds me of waaay back in high school when some kids had a beef with the school and crapped in the holy water font for the school chapel. We were decorating and I opened up the holy water to test for vampires, see the giant floating turd, and screamed, "HOLY SHIAT!"

The minister ended up accusing me because I was laughing so hard when I reported it to him.

/WTF is wrong with me?
2007-06-19 01:54:48 PM  
Help, help! I'm being oppressed!
2007-06-19 01:55:31 PM  

Curse my crappy typoes!
2007-06-19 01:56:31 PM  
"He must be a king."
"How do you know?"
"He hasn't got sh-t all over him."

2007-06-19 01:56:35 PM  
During the same night, the Northland Swim Club next door to the church was also broken into.

There, someone stole a bicycle and an mp3 player.

So look for someone riding a bike down the road listening to tunes and sipping pimp juice from a really shiny cup... got it.
2007-06-19 01:56:43 PM  
No, just looked it up. I was right the first time.

/just ignore me
//slinks away
2007-06-19 01:56:43 PM  

I do not get this at all. This, I do not get, at all.

niggets? k-nnnnnn niggets? Can't make this out.
2007-06-19 01:56:52 PM  
Hey, have you guys ever seen that Monty Python movie about some knights on a search for the Holy Grail?

2007-06-19 01:57:21 PM  
L.B. Jeffries

Well, I suppose it was a holy shiat. Isn't that how it works?
2007-06-19 01:57:41 PM  
torgo jr.
fetchez la vache.

2007-06-19 01:58:18 PM  
toothpastefordinner.comView Full Size
2007-06-19 02:00:18 PM  
Bloody peasant!

Oh, what a give away that was. Did you see him repressing me? You saw him, didn't you?
2007-06-19 02:02:05 PM  
, did you test for vampires on a regular basis? That seems like it would be a fun job to have.
2007-06-19 02:02:21 PM  
"The vessels that contain the bread and wine on the altar and are transformed into the body and blood of Christ are very sacred vessels,"

How creepy is this guy?
2007-06-19 02:02:29 PM  
2007-06-19 02:02:45 PM  
What the hell is a church doing with a cup worth $1,250?!?

Use a plastic one from a dollar store and do some "christian" work with the savings...

If it weren't for religion, society would be so much more advanced...
2007-06-19 02:03:36 PM  
L.B. Jeffries: We were decorating and I opened up the holy water to test for vampires,

Ah, yes, testing the holy water for vampires. good times.
2007-06-19 02:03:43 PM  
we demand a sacrifice,we want...

a shrubbery!

[image from too old to be available]
2007-06-19 02:03:47 PM  
Rats...foiled again by bold tags. That was meant to begin with L.B. Jeffries.

/No, I will not preview my posts first.
2007-06-19 02:03:50 PM  
I didn't know you were called "Den -

Oh I give up. I can't do it. I've been quoting this movie for a long time, and it's only ever branded me a geek.
2007-06-19 02:04:04 PM  
i103.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-06-19 02:05:30 PM  
know wat i mean say no more nudge, nudge
2007-06-19 02:06:05 PM  
i2.photobucket.comView Full Size
2007-06-19 02:06:12 PM  
...are very sacred vessels...

So sacred, you can order them from a catalogue, according to TFA.
2007-06-19 02:06:17 PM  
It could grip it by the husk.
2007-06-19 02:06:25 PM  
It's not a matter of where he grips it, it's a simple matter of weight ratio.
2007-06-19 02:07:09 PM  
torgo jr.: fetchez la vache.

2007-06-19 02:07:52 PM  
2007-06-19 02:07:59 PM  
holy crap Fawlty! - that was a total random luck!
2007-06-19 02:08:02 PM  
a 4oz bird could not carry a 1lb coconut.
2007-06-19 02:08:06 PM  
The church is asking that the thief return the chalice to "where it belongs". Does that mean he's supposed to pawn it and give the money to the poor?

After all, wouldn't Jesus be way happier with that outcome?
2007-06-19 02:08:12 PM  
MooseBayou: I do not get this at all. This, I do not get, at all.

niggets? k-nnnnnn niggets? Can't make this out.

knights = k-nnnnnnniggets! as said by a french taunter.
2007-06-19 02:08:24 PM  
We are no longer the knights who say Ni


We are now the knights who say Ecky-ecky-ecky-ecky-P'tang, Zzoo-Boing, gdgdbaaoizen.

2007-06-19 02:08:30 PM  

Is that the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, brother?
2007-06-19 02:10:16 PM  
Bravely bold Sir Robin rode forth from Camelot.
He was not afraid to die,
O brave Sir Robin.
He was not at all afraid to be killed in nasty ways,
Brave, brave, brave, brave Sir Robin!

He was not in the least bit scared to be mashed into a pulp,
Or to have his eyes gouged out and his elbows broken,
To have his kneecaps split and his body burned away
And his limbs all hacked and mangled, brave Sir Robin!

His head smashed in and his heart cut out
And his liver removed and his bowels unplugged
And his nostrils raped and his bottom burned off
And his pen--

Robin: That's... that's... er... enough music for now lads. Looks like there's dirty work afoot
2007-06-19 02:11:13 PM  
Wanted for questioning:
brianbaumley.comView Full Size
2007-06-19 02:11:21 PM  
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberries!
2007-06-19 02:11:42 PM  
You know what makes that really funny to me? In Old English the "K" in front of Knights WOULD have been pronounced. Therefore, the "K-Niggets!" is actually correct.

Also, the scene where the guy says "it's only a model" But it's NOT a model--they were filming at a real castle. It's awesome.
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