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(Some Guy)   Are these the coolest car commercials ever?   ( divider line
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2202 clicks; posted to Geek » on 19 Jun 2007 at 8:40 AM (10 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2007-06-19 06:15:09 AM  
I still think the Honda Cog one is the best. Evar.
2007-06-19 07:19:52 AM  
I still think the (ca.1991) BMW commercial depicting a man gripping the steering wheel in a dealership and being transported into a thrilling driving experience is one of the best. He gets out of the car and approaches a hot salesgirl and reaches out... end.
2007-06-19 07:35:35 AM  
Trunk monkey!
2007-06-19 08:07:55 AM  
Not the Honda choir one - awful. But the C4 dancing one is great.
2007-06-19 08:55:10 AM  
I like a couple Mercedes spots: the one where an old Mercedes is about to get crushed and it's life flashes before it's "eyes". The one where you trvel thru time and people in the Benz plant all are singing "Falling in love again".

But the "best" commercials? I'd want to say the mini-movies for BMW starring Clive Owen as The Driver, each done by a different famous director.
2007-06-19 09:13:07 AM  
Any Pie Left: But the "best" commercials? I'd want to say the mini-movies for BMW starring Clive Owen as The Driver, each done by a different famous director.

Ooooh, good reference! But I'd say those were the best corporate wanks I've ever seen.
2007-06-19 09:22:06 AM  
This, bar none, is the coolest car commercial ever:

2007-06-19 09:32:34 AM  
You're all forgetting the Ford Europe Sport Ka spots.
2007-06-19 09:45:12 AM  
Cog is the best!

No car or indeed advert will ever come close to that 2 minute piece of perfection. No really...
2007-06-19 09:50:11 AM  
Steve_pss they aren't really ads, seeing as they were never ever shown
2007-06-19 09:50:42 AM  
Atvar: Trunk monkey!

Heh...I like that one...

i23.photobucket.comView Full Size

This was pretty funny back in the day...
2007-06-19 10:04:08 AM  
Trunkmonkey FTW!

The VW terrorist ad is really good, too.
2007-06-19 10:28:46 AM  
I was thinking this one.
2007-06-19 04:05:46 PM
I always thought these were incredible. They are real cars with real drivers. Impressive.
2007-06-19 05:53:02 PM  
stucka: The VW terrorist ad is really good, too.

Seconded. Was that an ad for a Polo?
2007-06-19 07:01:52 PM  
At Eastern Motors, you JOB is your CREDIT
2007-06-19 07:16:14 PM  
If my stunt cannot be done in a Fiat, my stunt cannot be done.
2007-06-20 05:06:05 PM  
Time to unpimp ze auto:

Oh, snap!
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