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11704 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Sep 2002 at 7:49 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-08-31 03:40:18 PM  
Not weird, but illuminating:

"eminem lyrycs"
2002-08-31 04:32:41 PM  
one nite stand (of wolves and sheeps)
2002-08-31 04:40:37 PM  
"quaker parakeet"
2002-08-31 04:51:25 PM  
billirubin itching
2002-08-31 04:51:30 PM  
"long unknown vowels poster"
2002-08-31 04:53:26 PM  
"how to make ejaculations last longer'


"billirubin itching"
2002-08-31 04:53:44 PM  
idol semen
pain right side
teen gyno pics
2002-08-31 05:02:48 PM  
2002-08-31 05:04:22 PM  
medacation without a presription
2002-08-31 05:08:29 PM  
I'm not sure why I found this amusing:

"Christian Chatrooms"
then 5 lines down
"Free Christian Chatrooms"
2002-08-31 05:09:36 PM  
"spiral that makes you see funny"
2002-08-31 05:11:15 PM  
4 distinct misspellings of 'bouncing bombs'.
2002-08-31 05:17:24 PM  
The Fark link is for the filtered MetaSpy. They also have MetaSpy Exposed, which is the same thing except it doesn't filter out swear words and adult content. (May not be safe for work?)
2002-08-31 05:22:30 PM  

Rat [TotalFark]
2002-08-31 05:29:45 PM

ok, WHY?
2002-08-31 06:02:44 PM  
"Jobs for thirteen year olds"

2002-08-31 06:05:50 PM  
Bare Feet Toes
modular homes from Quebec Canada
yugoslavian skiis
industrial hydrogen peroxide purchase
turkey holiday villas
2002-08-31 06:11:00 PM  
lil romero
ebonics translatore
groin kick pic
oh danny boy
free black girls
nut kick pic
Curve Chastity Device
learn the hussle
ball kick pic
Oh yeah, and about every 12th search is 'food'
2002-08-31 06:19:47 PM  
'kc kasum'
2002-08-31 06:20:07 PM  
Canibalism Pictures

Little girls feet
2002-08-31 06:24:10 PM  
"Confederate diserters" & "whites pages"

"see boobes" & "jacking off"

"Pus Color"

"Diaper Pictures"

"razor burn chest"

"free maried but flirtting"

"village people lyrics"

"after school panties" doomed.
2002-08-31 06:53:31 PM  
"discount retro furniture"
"bubble bobble nostalgie"
"greek radios"

And one more that is so good that it gets a separate entry.
2002-08-31 06:54:08 PM  
"Diagrams Of How To Put On A Traditional Kilt"

Worth it? I think so!
2002-08-31 07:00:36 PM  

Okay, thanks for telling me about this.. I'm going to have to use this image somewhere:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-08-31 07:26:41 PM  
+"Drew Curtis presents Drew Curtis'" +"underwear sale" +eBay
2002-08-31 07:55:04 PM  
Batchild: pubichair

The Pubi-Chair? Wow. That some kinda orthopedic thing? Does Bob Dole use one?

This is the guy I wanna keep an eye on: "how to make atom bomb".
2002-08-31 08:22:00 PM  
God, I don't understand how people who can't spell even get by on the web.

"ten hotest careers"
"hot wife voyour"
2002-08-31 09:03:17 PM  
Three seperate searches for a 1973 Dodge Charger.
2002-08-31 09:32:16 PM  
That was interesting until I saw 'Castrate Tool.'

I'm outta' there.
2002-08-31 09:45:56 PM  

hackers programas
2002-08-31 10:48:32 PM  
skin tingling
"nude family pictures"
I dropped the ball
spock is gay
photographs of genital herpes
kiddie sized urinals
2002-08-31 10:49:29 PM
party games
pranks to do on people

2002-08-31 10:51:39 PM  
chinese wife with penis
2002-08-31 11:15:36 PM  
how to subduce a women
"o j simpson's big dick"
marlboro cigarettes smoking children
2002-09-01 12:01:39 AM  
Ah, the art of subduction

"Mrs're trying to subduce me.."
2002-09-01 12:03:50 AM  
13+ boys + pics + naked

I don't know which is scarier, the pedophilia or the fact that 'food' is searched A MILLION FARKING TIMES!

2002-09-01 12:10:27 AM  

"I want to be sub-duuuced..."

/Leon Redbone

2002-09-01 12:28:32 AM  


"Anthrax Vaccine"

I see something fishy.
2002-09-01 01:06:21 AM  
"how to cure blue balls"
2002-09-01 02:57:57 AM  
whip em out wednesday
2002-09-01 03:42:27 AM  
For some reason, after refreshing the uncensored version of the link for a few minutes, I get the impression that there is a large collection of people out there that like looking at pictures of underage, vinyl wrapped, pierced, submissive sheep.
2002-09-01 04:56:31 AM  
I'm sorry - the following is the most depraved search that I've seen:

"rich little"
2002-09-01 07:17:53 AM  
The interthing makes you stupid:

2002-09-01 07:51:13 AM  
after watching food go by dozens of times finally there is

earth food

I think we are about to be invaded
2002-09-01 07:57:48 AM  
I know where to find White Widow.
2002-09-01 07:58:39 AM  
hudsheads up display
2002-09-01 07:59:54 AM  
"Ask Jebus"
2002-09-01 08:01:12 AM  
"painting baby feces"
2002-09-01 08:04:02 AM  
Why aren't mods posting my srticles and stopping the repeats?
2002-09-01 08:04:25 AM  
"drew curtis likes goats"
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